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In an age of radical innovation, transforming societies, and globalized relationships, our opportunity to unlock human potential has never been more salient. While a variety of approaches have shown promise in this area, achieving this goal at scale has been hampered by thinking and designs that position learning as a process of knowledge transmission and content acquisition. Clearly content has a significant role in increase people potential, but many designs treat context acquisition as necessary and sufficient, neglecting meaningful engagement with one’s life possibilities as an integral part of the learning process. Instead, herein I posit that relevance, use, and ecosystem empowerment are treated as necessary considerations if not the core focus of any innovation designed to unlock human potential. From this anchoring belief, here it is argued that educational designers need to reposition educational innovations less as interventions designed to fix deficient humans, and more as invitations intended to recruit the learner in leveraging that which is being learned to accomplish goals that are important to them.

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