Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education, College of Education and Human Services, are collected here.


Submissions from 2021


Developing a Practical Application of the Isometric Squat and Surface Electromyography, David Phillips, Angelic Rose Del Vecchio, Kevin Carroll, and Evan L. Matthews (2021)

Submissions from 2019


Altered Baroreflex Sensitivity in Young Women with a Family History of Hypertension, Evan Matthews, Kelly N. Sebzda, and Megan M. Wenner (2019)


Force Perception At the Shoulder After a Unilateral Suprascapular Nerve Block, David Phillips, Peter Kosek, and Andrew Karduna (2019)

Apocynin and Tempol Ameliorate Dietary Sodium-Induced Declines and Cutaneous Microvascular Function in Salt-Resistant Humans, Meghan G. Ramick, Michael S. Brian, Evan Matthews, Jordan C. Patik, Douglas R. Seals, Shannon L. Lennon, William B. Farquhar, and David G. Edwards (2019)

Single-Support Stance and VR Implementation as Visual Perturbation In Human Balance Assessment, Markus Santoso and David Phillips (2019)

Submissions from 2018

The Influence of Acute Elevations In Plasma Osmolality and Serum Sodium On Sympathetic Outflow and Blood Pressure Responses To Exercise, Michael S. Brian, Evan Matthews, Joseph C. Watso, Matthew C. Babcock, Megan M. Wenner, William C. Rose, Sean D. Stocker, and William B. Farquhar (2018)

Cardiorespiratory Fitness and the Relationship Between Body Fat and Resting Testosterone in Men, Peter Hosick, Evan Matthews, and Steven Leigh (2018)

No Relationship Between Joint Position Sense and Force Sense At the Shoulder, David Phillips and Andrew Karduna (2018)

The Contribution of the Supraspinatus Muscle At Sub-Maximal Contractions, David Phillips, Peter Kosek, and Andrew Karduna (2018)

Effect of Postural Control Position and Blood- Sampling Arm Position On Change In Plasma Volume From Supine Rest Through a Cycling Bout, William Sullivan and Michele Fisher (2018)

An Investigation Into Force Sense at the Shoulder, Katya Trousset, David Phillips, and Andrew Karduna (2018)

Submissions from 2017

Dietary Sodium and Nocturnal Blood Pressure Dipping In Normotensive Men and Women, M. S. Brian, A. Dalpiaz, Evan Matthews, S. Lennon-Edwards, D. G. Edwards, and W. B. Farquhar (2017)

Mice With Hyperbilirubinemia Due To Gilbert’s Syndrome Polymorphism Are Resistant To Hepatic Steatosis By Decreased Serine 73 Phosphorylation of Pparα, Terry D. Hinds, Peter Hosick, Shujuan Chen, Robert H. Tukey, Michael W. Hankins, Andrea Nestor-Kalinoski, and David E. Stec (2017)


Sex-Dependent Effects of HO-1 Deletion from Adipocytes in Mice, Peter A. Hosick, Mary Frances Weeks, Michael W. Hankins, Kyle H. Moore, and David E. Stec (2017)

Sex-Dependent Effects of HO-1 Deletion From Adipocytes In Mice, Peter Hosick, Mary Frances Weeks, Michael W. Hankins, Kyle H. Moore, and David E. Stec (2017)

Blood Pressure Responses to Dietary Sodium Association with Autonomic Cardiovascular Function in Normotensive Adults, Evan Matthews, Michael S. Brian, David G. Edwards, Sean D. Stocker, Megan M. Wenner, and William B. Farquhar (2017)

Rapid Onset Pressor Response to Exercise In Young Women With a Family History of Hypertension, Evan Matthews, Jody L. Greaney, and Megan M. Wenner (2017)

Deltoid Electromyography Is Reliable During Submaximal Isometric Ramp Contractions, David Phillips and Andrew Karduna (2017)

The Effect of a Backpack Hip Strap On Energy Expenditure While Walking, Jamie Pigman, William Sullivan, Steven Leigh, and Peter Hosick (2017)

Training State Affects Plasma Volume Response To Work At Similar Relative Intensities, William Sullivan, Tina M. Manos, and Bernard Gutin (2017)

Submissions from 2016

Biliverdin Reductase a Attenuates Hepatic Steatosis By Inhibition of Glycogen Synthase Kinase (GSK) 3β Phosphorylation Of Serine 73 Of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR) Α, Terry D. Hinds, Katherine A. Burns, Peter Hosick, Lucien McBeth, Andrea Nestor-Kalinoski, Heather A. Drummond, Abdulhadi A. Alamodi, Michael W. Hankins, John P. Vanden Heuvel, and David E. Stec (2016)

Chronic Treatment With a Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecule Reverses Dietary Induced Obesity In Mice, Peter Hosick, Abdulhadi A. AlAmodi, Michael W. Hankins, and David E. Stec (2016)

Peripheral Venous Distension Elicits a Blood Pressure Raising Reflex In Young and Middle-Aged Adults, Evan Matthews, Michael S. Brian, Dana E. Coyle, David G. Edwards, Sean D. Stocker, Megan M. Wenner, and William B. Farquhar (2016)

The Relationship of Practice, Attitude, and Perception of Competence In Middle School Physical Education, Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher, Jennifer Rasmussen, and Stephen Silverman (2016)

Submissions from 2015

Sympathetic Reactivity In Young Women With a Family History of Hypertension, Jody L. Greaney, Evan Matthews, and Megan M. Wenner (2015)

High Dietary Sodium Reduces Brachial Artery Flow-Mediated Dilation In Humans With Salt-Sensitive and Salt-Resistant Blood Pressure, Evan Matthews, Michael S. Brian, Meghan G. Ramick, Shannon Lennon-Edwards, David G. Edwards, and William B. Farquhar (2015)

Biliverdin Reductase Isozymes In Metabolism, Luke O'Brien, Peter Hosick, Kezia John, David E. Stec, and Terry D. Hinds (2015)

Effect of Traditional Vs. Modified Bent-Knee Sit-Up On Abdominal and Hip Flexor Muscle Electromyographic Activity, William Sullivan, Fredrick Gardin, Christopher R. Bellon, and Steven Leigh (2015)

Submissions from 2014


Diagnostic Problem Solving in Male Collegiate Athletic Trainers, Frederick A. Gardin and James M. Mensch (2014)

Exaggerated Exercise Pressor Reflex In Adults With Moderately Elevated Systolic Blood Pressure Role of Purinergic Receptors, Jody L. Greaney, Evan Matthews, Mary E. Boggs, David G. Edwards, Randall L. Duncan, and William B. Farquhar (2014)

Inhalation of Carbon Monoxide Is Ineffective as a Long-Term Therapy To Reduce Obesity In Mice Fed a High Fat Diet, Peter Hosick, Elhaitham K. Ahmed, Monette U. Gousset, Joey P. Granger, and David E. Stec (2014)

Chronic Carbon Monoxide Treatment Attenuates Development of Obesity and Remodels Adipocytes In Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet, Peter Hosick, A. A. Alamodi, M. V. Storm, M. U. Gousset, B. E. Pruett, W. Gray, J. Stout, and D. E. Stec (2014)

Salt Loading Has a More Deleterious Effect On Flow-Mediated Dilation In Salt-Resistant Men Than Women, S. Lennon-Edwards, M. G. Ramick, Evan Matthews, M. S. Brian, W. B. Farquhar, and D. G. Edwards (2014)

What Would Yogi Do? : Guidelines for Athletes, Coaches, and Parents Who Love Sports, a Hall of Famer's Legacy, John D. McCarthy (2014)

Heme Oxygenase-1 Promotes Migration and Β-Epithelial Na+ Channel Expression In Cytotrophoblasts and Ischemic Placentas, Junie P. Warrington, Kayla Coleman, Courtney Skaggs, Peter Hosick, Eric M. George, David E. Stec, Michael J. Ryan, Joey P. Granger, and Heather A. Drummond (2014)

Submissions from 2013

Navicular Drop Before and After Fatigue of the Ankle Invertor Muscles, Fredrick Gardin, David Middlemas, Jennifer L. Williams, Steven Leigh, Robert Horn, and Monique Mokha (2013)

Heme Oxygenase Inhibition Increases Blood Pressure In Pregnant Rats, Eric M. George, Peter Hosick, David E. Stec, and Joey P. Granger (2013)

Resting IL-6 and TNF-Α Level In Children of Different Weight and Fitness Status, Peter Hosick, Robert McMurray, A. Hackney, Claudio Battaglini, Terry Combs, and Joanne Harrell (2013)

Effect of Resveratrol and Quercetin Supplementation On Redox Status and Inflammation After Exercise, Lisa S. McAnulty, Lindsey E. Miller, Peter Hosick, Alan C. Utter, John C. Quindry, and Steven R. McAnulty (2013)

Submissions from 2012

Meeting the Physical Education Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Melissa G.F. Alexander and Susan M. Schwager (2012)

Differences In the GH-IGF-I Axis In Children of Different Weight and Fitness Status, Peter Hosick, Robert G. McMurray, A. C. Hackney, Claudio L. Battaglini, Terry P. Combs, and Joanne S. Harrell (2012)


Heme Oxygenase, a Novel Target for the Treatment of Hypertension and Obesity?, Peter Hosick and David E. Stec (2012)

Cardiac Output Dependency on Exercising Muscle Mass, Evan Matthews, Timothy R. McConnell, Eric S. Rawson, and Joseph L. Andreacci (2012)

Evaluation of Arrhythmia Scoring Systems and Exercise-Induced Cardio Protection, Lindsey E. Miller, Peter Hosick, Jenna Wrieden, Emily Hoyt, and John C. Quindry (2012)

Staying Connected, David Phillips (2012)

Bilirubin, Renal Hemodynamics, and Blood Pressure, David E. Stec, Peter Hosick, and Joey P. Granger (2012)

Submissions from 2011

Developing the Social Skills of Young Adult Special Olympics Athletes, Melissa Alexander, Ashley Smeltzer, Gail M. Dummer, and Stephen J. Denton (2011)

The Relationship Between Motor Skill Proficiency and Body Mass Index In Preschool Children, Samuel W. Logan, Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher, Christopher Modlesky, and Nancy Getchell (2011)

The Interaction of Obesity and Puberty On Substrate Utilization During Exercise: A Gender Comparison, Robert G. McMurray and Peter Hosick (2011)

Importance of Proper Scaling of Aerobic Power When Relating to Cardiometabolic Risk Factors In Children, Robert G. McMurray, Peter Hosick, and Anna Bugge (2011)

Submissions from 2010

Core Temperature Influences On the Relationship Between Exercise-Induced Leukocytosis and Cortisol Or TNF-Α, Erica S. Cooper, Mark P. Berry, Robert G. McMurray, Peter Hosick, and Anthony C. Hackney (2010)

Relationship Between Change In Core Temperature and Change In Cortisol and Tnfα During Exercise, Peter Hosick, Mark P. Berry, Robert G. McMurray, Erica S. Cooper, and A. C. Hackney (2010)

The Relationships Between Leptin and Measures of Fitness and Fatness Are Dependent Upon Obesity Status In Youth, Peter Hosick, Robert G. McMurray, and Dan M. Cooper (2010)

Mitochondrial KATP Channel Inhibition Blunts Arrhythmia Protection In Ischemic Exercised Hearts, John C. Quindry, Lindsey Schreiber, Peter Hosick, Jenna Wrieden, J. Megan Irwin, and Emily Hoyt (2010)

Perception of Competence In Middle School Physical Education: Instrument Development and Validation, Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher and Stephen Silvermanv (2010)

Changes In Plasma Potassium During Graded Aerobic Exercise and Two Hours of Recovery, Matthew S. Tenan, Robert G. McMurray, Peter Hosick, and Anthony C. Hackney (2010)

Submissions from 2009

The Transformation of Leisure, Susana Juniu (2009)

Lipopolysaccharide Inhibition of Glucose Production Through the Toll-Like Receptor-4, Myeloid Differentiation Factor 88, and Nuclear Factor Κb Pathway, Carl F. Raetzsch, Natasha L. Brooks, J. Mc Kee Alderman, Kelli S. Moore, Peter Hosick, Simon Klebanov, Shizuo Akira, James E. Bear, Albert S. Baldwin, Nigel Mackman, and Terry P. Combs (2009)

Submissions from 2008

The Effect of Resistance Exercise On Humoral Markers of Oxidative Stress, Matthew B. Hudson, Peter Hosick, Grant O. McCaulley, Lindsey Schrieber, Jenna Wrieden, Steven R. Mcanulty, N. Travis Triplett, Jeffrey M. Mcbride, and John C. Quindry (2008)

The Accuracy of Subacromial Corticosteroid Injections: A Comparison of Multiple Methods, Michael N. Kang, Louis Rizio, Michael Prybicien, David Middlemas, and Marcia F. Blacksin (2008)

Chronic Quercetin Ingestion and Exercise-Induced Oxidative Damage and Inflammation, Steven R. McAnulty, Lisa S. McAnulty, David C. Nieman, John C. Quindry, Peter Hosick, Matthew H. Hudson, Laura Still, Dru A. Henson, Ginger L. Milne, Jason D. Morrow, Charles L. Dumke, Alan C. Utter, Nan T. Triplett, and Adrianna Dibarnardi (2008)

Oral Quercetin Supplementation and Blood Oxidative Capacity in Response To Ultramarathon Competition, John C. Quindry, Steven R. McAnulty, Matthew B. Hudson, Peter Hosick, Charles Dumke, Lisa S. McAnulty, Dru Henson, Jason D. Morrow, and David Nieman (2008)

Development and Validation of Physical Education Perception of Competence Survey, Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher and Stephen J. SilvermanF (2008)

Submissions from 2007

Utilizing Web-Based Technology to Track Athletic Training Proficiencies, Marsha Grant-Ford (2007)

The Efficacy of Demonstrations In Teaching Children An Unfamiliar Movement Skill: The Effects of Object-Orientated Actions and Point-Light Demonstrations, Spencer Hayes, Nicola Hodges, Mark Scott, Robert Horn, and A. Mark Williams (2007)

Demonstration as a Rate Enhancer To Changes In Coordination During Early Skill Acquisition, Robert Horn, A. Mark Williams, Spencer Hayes, Nicola Hodges, and Mark Scott (2007)


What's In a Grade: Faculty Responsibility for Grade Inflation, Tamerah Hunt and Fredrick Gardin (2007)

Effect of Pharmacological Lowering of Plasma Urate On Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress, S. R. McAnulty, Peter Hosick, L. S. McAnulty, J. C. Quindry, L. Still, M. B. Hudson, A. N. Dibarnardi, G. L. Milne, J. D. Morrow, and M. D. Austin (2007)

Submissions from 2006

Scaling a Motor Skill Through Observation and Practice, Spencer J. Hayes, Nicola J. Hodges, Mark A. Scott, Robert Horn, and A. Mark Williams (2006)

End-Point Trajectory Matching as a Method for Teaching Kicking Skills, Nicola J. Hodges, Spencer J. Hayes, Daniel L. Eaves, Robert Horn, and A. Mark Williams (2006)

Use of Technology for Constructivist Learning In a Performance Assessment Class, Susana Juniu (2006)

Submissions from 2005

The Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching On Shoulder Range of Motion In Overhand Athletes, P. V. DeCicco and Michele Fisher (2005)

Changes In Coordination, Control and Outcome as a Result of Extended Practice On a Novel Motor Skill, Nicola J. Hodges, Spencer Hayes, Robert Horn, and A. Mark Williams (2005)

Visual Search and Coordination Changes In Response To Video and Point-Light Demonstrations Without KR, Robert Horn, A. Mark Williams, Mark A. Scott, and Nicola J. Hodges (2005)

Submissions from 2003

Effect of a Prophylactic Brace On Wrist and Ulnocarpal Joint Biomechanics In a Cadaveric Model, Marsha Grant-Ford, Michael R. Sitler, Scott H. Kozin, Mary F. Barbe, and Ann E. Barr (2003)

Gender and Interest-Based Motivation In Learning Dance, Bo Shen, Ang Chen, Hope Tolley, and Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher (2003)

Submissions from 2002

Learning From Demonstrations: The Role of Visual Search During Observational Learning from Video and Point-Light Models, Robert Horn, A. Mark Williams, and Mark A. Scott (2002)

Perception of Leisure In Latino Women Immigrants, Susana Juniu (2002)

Submissions from 2001

The Effect of Resistance Exercise On Recovery Blood Pressure In Normotensive and Borderline Hypertensive Women, Michele Fisher (2001)

Problems In Researching: Leisure and Women Global Considerations, Susana Juniu and Karla Henderson (2001)


Predicting Performance On the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification Examination From Grade Point Average and Number of Clinical Hours, David Middlemas, James M. Manning, Linda M. Gazzillo, and John Young (2001)

Submissions from 2000

Downshifting: Regaining the Essence of Leisure, Susana Juniu (2000)

The Impact of Immigration Leisure Experience In the Lives of South American Immigrants, Susana Juniu (2000)

Submissions from 1999

The Effect of Submaximal Exercise On Recovery Hemodynamics and Thermoregulation in Men and Women, Michele Fisher, Vincent Paolone, John Rosene, Daniel Drury, Alison Van Dyke, and Daniel Moroney (1999)

Submissions from 1997

Exposure of Athletic Trainers To Potentially Infectious Bodily Fluids In the High School Setting, David Middlemas, K. Brian Jessee, Diane K. Mulder, and Robb S. Rehberg (1997)

Submissions from 1996

Leisure Or Work? Amateur and Professional Musicians' Perception of Rehearsal and Performance, Susana Juniu, Ted Tedrick, and Rosangela Boyd (1996)

Submissions from 1995

Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Health Promotion Program In a College Setting, Shirley P. Fisher and Michele Fisher (1995)