Submissions from 2018


Urban Re-Greening: A Case Study in Multi-Trophic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in a Post-Industrial Landscape, Frank Gallagher, Nina M. Goodey, Diane Hagmann, Jay Prakash Singh, Claus Holzapfel, Megan Litwhiler, and Jennifer Adams Krumins (2018)


Expression, Purification, and Inhibition Profile of Dihydrofolate Reductase from the Filarial Nematode Wuchereria Bancrofti, Andrew M. Tobias, Dea Toska, Keith Lange, Tyler Eck, Rohit Bhat, Cheryl A. Janson, David P. Rotella, Ueli Gubler, and Nina M. Goodey (2018)

Submissions from 2015

Successful Drug Discovery, János Fischer and David P. Rotella (2015)

Submissions from 2006


Coordinated Effects of Distal Mutations on Environmentally Coupled Tunneling in Dihydrofolate Reductase, Lin Wang, Nina M. Goodey, Stephen J. Benkovic, and Amnon Kohen (2006)