Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Science and Mathematics, are collected here.


Submissions from 2011

Human P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Inhibitor Drugs Inhibit Plasmodium Falciparum Replication, Michael J. Brumlik, Standwell Nkhoma, Mark J. Kious, George R. Thompson, Thomas F. Patterson, John Siekierka, Tim J.C. Anderson, and Tyler J. Curiel (2011)

A Parameter-Free Density Functional that Works for Noncovalent Interactions, Hendrik Eshuis and Filipp Furche (2011)

Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption/ Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Jinshan Gao, David J. Borton, Benjamin C. Owen, Zhicheng Jin, Matt Hurt, Lucas M. Amundson, Jeremy T. Madden, Kuangnan Qian, and Hilkka I. Kenttämaa (2011)

Development of a Fluorescently Labeled Thermostable DHFR for Studying Conformational Changes Associated with Inhibitor Binding, Nina Goodey, M. T. Alapa, Diane F. Hagmann, S. G. Korunow, A. K. Mauro, K. S. Kwon, and S. M. Hall (2011)

The Synthesis and Cyclic Voltammetry of Select Ferrocene Piano-Stool Isocyanide Complexes, Brian Humphrey, Raidiri E. Castilo, Amy H. Vega, Argelia Feliciano, and Marjorie E. Squires (2011)

Laboratory Analysis of Vitamin C in Vegetables Served in Eldercare Facilities and Evaluation of Related Public Nutrient Database Information, David Konas, Charles Feldman, Bhavna Anand, Jacqueline Piemonte, Cynthia Garay, Elizabeth Silverthorne, and Shahla M. Wunderlich (2011)

Catalytic Contributions from Remote Regions of Enzyme Structure, Jeeyeon Lee and Nina Goodey (2011)

Carbon-Nanofiber-Based Nanocomposite Membrane As a Highly Stable Solid-State Junction for Reference Electrodes, Glen O'Neil, Raluca Buiculescu, Samuel P. Kounaves, and Nikos A. Chaniotakis (2011)

Carbon Disulfide Reagent Allows the Characterization of Nonpolar Analytes by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Benjamin C. Owen, Jinshan Gao, David J. Borton, Lucas M. Amundson, Enada F. Archibold, Xiaoli Tan, Khalid Azyat, Rik Tykwinski, Murray Gray, and Hilkka I. Kenttämaa (2011)

The Role of a Brugia Malayi P38 MAP Kinase Ortholog (Bm-MPK1) in Parasite Anti-Oxidative Stress Responses, Akruti Patel, Agnieszka Nawrocka Chojnowski, Katie Gaskill, William De Martini, Ronald L. Goldberg, and John Siekierka (2011)

Determining Nanocapillary Geometry from Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Using a Variable Topology Network Circuit Model, Michael J. Vitarelli, Shaurya Prakash, and David Talaga (2011)

Evidence from Thermodynamics that DNA Photolyase Recognizes a Solvent-Exposed CPD Lesion, Thomas J. Wilson, Matthew A. Crystal, Meredith C. Rohrbaugh, Kathleen P. Sokolowsky, and Yvonne Gindt (2011)

Evidence for Concerted Electron Proton Transfer in Charge Recombination Between FADH- and 306Trp• in Escherichia Coli Photolyase, Agnieszka A. Zieba, Caroline Richardson, Carlos Lucero, Senghane D. Dieng, Yvonne Gindt, and Johannes Schelvis (2011)

Submissions from 2010

A 1,1′-Ferrocenyl Phosphine-Borane: Synthesis, Structure and Evaluation in Rh-Catalyzed Hydroformylation, Magnus Bebbington, Sébastien Bontemps, Ghenwa Bouhadir, Martin J. Hanton, Robert P. Tooze, Hendrick Van Rensburg, and Didier Bourissou (2010)

WS-50030 [7-{4-[3-(1H-Inden-3-Yl)Propyl]Piperazin-1-Yl}-1,3-Benzoxazol- 2(3H)-One]a Novel Dopamine D2 Receptor Partial Agonist/Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor with Preclinical Antipsychotic-Like and Antidepressant-Like Activity, Julie Adams Brennan, Radka Graf, Steven M. Grauer, Rachel L. Navarra, Claudine M. Pulicicchio, Zoë A. Hughes, Qian Lin, Caitlin Wantuch, Sharon Rosenzweig-Lipson, Farhana Pruthi, Margaret Lai, Deborah Smith, Wouter Goutier, Martina Van De Neut, Albert J. Robichaud, David Rotella, Rolf W. Feenstra, Chris Kruse, Pierre Broqua, Chad E. Beyer, Andrew C. McCreary, Mark H. Pausch, and Karen L. Marquis (2010)

Analysis of Measured and Calculated Raman Spectra of Indole, 3-Methylindole, and Tryptophan On the Basis of Observed and Predicted Isotope Shifts, Senghane D. Dieng and Johannes Schelvis (2010)

Fast Computation of Molecular Random Phase Approximation Correlation Energies using Resolution of the Identity and Imaginary Frequency Integration, Hendrik Eshuis, Julian Yarkony, and Filipp Furche (2010)

Role of Small Oligomers on the Amyloidogenic Aggregation Free-Energy Landscape, Xianglan He, Jason T. Giurleo, and David Talaga (2010)


Highly Sensitive and Selective Dopamine Biosensor Fabricated with Silanized Graphene, Shifeng Hou, Marc Kasner, Shujun Su, Krutika Patel, and Robert Cuellari (2010)

Formation of Highly Stable Dispersions of Silane-Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide, Shifeng Hou, Shujun Su, Marc Kasner, Pratik Shah, Krutika Patel, and Clemonne John Madarang (2010)

The Distribution of DNA Translocation Times in Solid-State Nanopores, Jiali Li and David Talaga (2010)

Apicomplexa, Trypanosoma and Parasitic Nematode Protein Kinases As Antiparasitic Therapeutic Targets, Fina Liotta and John Siekierka (2010)

In Vitro Formation of Amyloid from Α-Synuclein is Dominated by Reactions at Hydrophobic Interfaces, Jeremy Pronchik, Xianglan He, Jason T. Giurleo, and David Talaga (2010)

Peroxisomal Plant 3-Ketoacyl-CoA Thiolase Structure and Activity are Regulated by a Sensitive Redox Switch, Valerie E. Pye, Caspar E. Christensen, Jim Dyer, Susan Arent, and Anette Henriksen (2010)

Spectroscopic and Thermodynamic Comparisons of Escherichia Coli DNA Photolyase and Vibrio Cholerae Cryptochrome 1, Kathleen Sokolowsky, Maire Newton, Carlos Lucero, Bradley Wertheim, Jaryd Freedman, Frank Cortazar, Jennifer Czochor, Johannes Schelvis, and Yvonne Gindt (2010)

How Penetrable Are Thioalkyl Self-Assembled Monolayers?, Carla Waring, P. A J Bagot, Magnus Bebbington, Minna T. Räisänen, Manfred Buck, Matthew L. Costen, and Kenneth G. McKendrick (2010)

Potent Dihydroquinolinone Dopamine D2 Partial Agonist/Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors for the Treatment of Schizophrenia, Yinfa Yan, Ping Zhou, David Rotella, Rolf Feenstra, Chris G. Kruse, Jan Hendrik Reinders, Martina van der Neut, Margaret Lai, Jean Zhang, Dianne M. Kowal, Tikva Carrick, Karen L. Marquis, Mark H. Pausch, and Albert J. Robichaud (2010)

Submissions from 2009

Dielectric Response of Tantalum Oxide Subject to Induced Ion Bombardment During Oblique Sputter Deposition, S. C. Barron, M. M. Noginov, D. Werder, Lynn Schneemeyer, and R. B. Van Dover (2009)

Stabilised Phosphazides, Magnus Bebbington and Didier Bourissou (2009)

Cloning, Expression and Purification of an Acetoacetyl Coa Thiolase from Sunflower Cotyledon, Jim Dyer, Anthony Maina, Iris D. Gomez, Melissa Cadet, Silke Oeljeklaus, and Anke C. Schiedel (2009)

The Influence of Initial Conditions On Charge Transfer Dynamics, Hendrik Eshuis and Troy Van Voorhis (2009)

Tetrahydrocarbazole-Based Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor/Dopamine D2 Partial Agonists for the Potential Treatment of Schizophrenia, David Rotella, Geraldine R. McFarlane, Alexander Greenfield, Cristina Grosanu, Albert J. Robichaud, Rajiah Aldrin Denny, Rolf W. Feenstra, Sara Núñez-García, Jan Hendrik Reinders, Martina van der Neut, Andrew McCreary, Chris G. Kruse, Kelly Sullivan, Farhana Pruthi, Margaret Lai, Jean Zhang, Dianne M. Kowal, Tikva Carrick, Steven M. Grauer, Rachel L. Navarra, Radka Graf, Julie Brennan, Karen L. Marquis, and Mark H. Pausch (2009)

Antibiotic Resistance in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Peroxidase Intermediate Bypass Causes Poor Isoniazid Activation by the S315G Mutant of M. Tuberculosis Catalase-Peroxidase (Katg), Javier Suarez, Kalina Ranguelova, Johannes Schelvis, and Richard S. Magliozzo (2009)

Information-Theoretical Analysis of Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting Measurements of Single Molecules, David Talaga (2009)

Single-Molecule Protein Unfolding in Solid State Nanopores, David Talaga and Jiali Li (2009)

Role of the Oxyferrous Heme Intermediate and Distal Side Adduct Radical in the Catalase Activity of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Katg Revealed by the W107F Mutant, Xiangbo Zhao, Shengwei Yu, Kalina Ranguelova, Javier Suarez, Leonid Metlitsky, Johannes Schelvis, and Richard S. Magliozzo (2009)

Submissions from 2008

Contributions of the 8-Methyl Group to the Vibrational Normal Modes of Flavin Mononucleotide and Its 5-Methyl Semiquinone Radical, Azaria S. Eisenberg and Johannes Schelvis (2008)

Dynamics of Molecules in Strong Oscillating Electric Fields Using Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock Theory, Hendrik Eshuis, Gabriel G. Balint-Kurti, and Frederick R. Manby (2008)

Β-Lactoglobulin Assembles into Amyloid through Sequential Aggregated Intermediates, Jason T. Giurleo, Xianglan He, and David Talaga (2008)

Global Fitting without a Global Model: Regularization Based On the Continuity of the Evolution of Parameter Distributions, Jason T. Giurleo and David Talaga (2008)

Allosteric Regulation and Catalysis Emerge Via a Common Route, Nina Goodey and Stephen J. Benkovic (2008)

Fluoride Ion Chelation by a Bidentate Phosphonium/Borane Lewis Acid, Todd W. Hudnall, Young Min Kim, Magnus Bebbington, Didier Bourissou, and François P. Gabbaï (2008)

Differences in a Conformational Equilibrium Distinguish Catalysis by the Endothelial and Neuronal Nitric-Oxide Synthase Flavoproteins, Robielyn P. Ilagan, Mauro Tiso, David Konas, Craig Hemann, Deborah Durra, Russ Hille, and Dennis J. Stuehr (2008)

Effect of the Cyclobutane Cytidine Dimer On the Properties of Escherichia Coli DNA Photolyase, Anar K. Murphy, Margaret Tammaro, Frank Cortazar, Yvonne Gindt, and Johannes Schelvis (2008)

Tranilast: A Pharmaceutical Candidate for Reduction of Adhesions Using a Novel Approach, Janel Petrilli, Scott Wadsworth, Kevin Cooper, Kathleen E. Rodgers, John Siekierka, and Gere S. DiZerega (2008)

Separation and Analysis of Dynamic Stokes Shift with Multiple Fluorescence Environments: Coumarin 153 in Bovine Β-Lactoglobulin a, Jeremy Pronchik, Jason T. Giurleo, and David Talaga (2008)

Impact of Distal Side Water and Residue 315 On Ligand Binding to Ferric Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Catalase - Peroxidase (Katg), Kalina Ranguelova, Javier Suarez, Leonid Metlitsky, Shengwei Yu, Shelly Zev Brejt, Sidney Zelig Brejt, Lin Zhao, Johannes Schelvis, and Richard S. Magliozzo (2008)

Medicinal Chemistry - XXth International Symposium. Lead Finding Strategies and Kinase Selectivity, David Rotella (2008)

Medicinal Chemistry - XXth International Symposium. Natural Products and Neurodegenerative Diseases, David Rotella (2008)

Submissions from 2007

Photoisomerizable Heterodienes Derived from a Phosphine Borane, Magnus Bebbington, Sébastien Bontemps, Ghenwa Bouhadir, and Didier Bourissou (2007)

Ambiphilic Compounds: Synthesis and Structure of a Phosphane-Borane with a Flexible Diphenyl Ether Tether, Magnus Bebbington, Ghenwa Bouhadir, and Didier Bourissou (2007)

Structural Studies Examining the Substrate Specificity Profiles of PC-PLCBc Protein Variants, Aaron P. Benfield, Nina Goodey, Lauren T. Phillips, and Stephen F. Martin (2007)

3,3′,5,5′-Tetramethylbiphenyl-4,4′-Dicarbonitrile, Doyle Britton and Saliya Desilva (2007)

The High-Resolution NMR Structure of the R21A Spc-SH3:P41 Complex: Understanding the Determinants of Binding Affinity by Comparison with Abl-SH3, Salvador Casares, Eiso Ab, Hendrik Eshuis, Obdulio Lopez-Mayorga, Nico A.J. Van Nuland, and Francisco Conejero-Lara (2007)

New Advances of Asymmetric Cyclopropanation Reactions Using Chiral Metal Catalysts, Jinshan Gao, Qing Hua Bian, Hong Chao Guo, and Min Wang (2007)

Efficient Soluble Polymer-Supported Tartrate/Ti Catalyst for Asymmetric Oxidation of Prochiral Sulfides, Jinshan Gao, Hongchao Guo, Shangzhong Liu, and Min Wang (2007)

Redox Titration of Ferricyanide to Ferrocyanide with Ascorbic Acid: Illustrating the Nernst Equation and Beer-Lambert Law, Tina H. Huang, Gail Salter, Sarah L. Kahn, and Yvonne Gindt (2007)

Modification of the Active Site of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis KatG after Disruption of the Met-Tyr-Trp Cross-Linked Adduct, Sofia M. Kapetanaki, Xiangbo Zhao, Shengwei Yu, Richard S. Magliozzo, and Johannes Schelvis (2007)

Protein Free Energy Landscapes Remodeled by Ligand Binding, Troy C. Messina and David Talaga (2007)

Reductase Domain of Drosophila Melanogaster Nitric-Oxide Synthase: Redox Transformations, Regulation, and Similarity to Mammalian Homologues, Sougata Sinha Ray, Rajib Sengupta, Mauro Tiso, Mohammad Mahfuzul Haque, Rupam Sahoo, David Konas, Kulwant Aulak, Michael Regulski, Tim Tully, Dennis J. Stuehr, and Sanjay Ghosh (2007)

Potent Non-Nitrile Dipeptidic Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV Inhibitors, Ligaya M. Simpkins, Scott Bolton, Zulan Pi, James C. Sutton, Chet Kwon, Guohua Zhao, David R. Magnin, David J. Augeri, Timur Gungor, David Rotella, Zhong Sun, Yajun Liu, William S. Slusarchyk, Jovita Marcinkeviciene, James G. Robertson, Aiying Wang, Jeffrey A. Robl, Karnail S. Atwal, Robert L. Zahler, Rex A. Parker, Mark S. Kirby, and Lawrence G. Hamann (2007)

Resonance Raman Spectroscopic Investigation of the Light-Harvesting Chromophore in Escherichia Coli Photolyase and Vibrio Cholerae Cryptochrome-1, Olga Sokolova, Christine Cecala, Anand Gopal, Frank Cortazar, Carla McDowell-Buchanan, Aziz Sancar, Yvonne Gindt, and Johannes Schelvis (2007)

Markov Processes in Single Molecule Fluorescence, David Talaga (2007)

Drugs Designed to Inhibit Human P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Activation Treat Toxoplasma Gondii and Encephalitozoon Cuniculi Infection, Shuang Wei, Benjamin J. Daniel, Michael J. Brumlik, Matthew E. Burow, Weiping Zou, Imtiaz A. Khan, Scott Wadsworth, John Siekierka, and Tyler J. Curiel (2007)

Submissions from 2006

Inhibitors of Unactivated P38 MAP Kinase, James Bullington, Dennis Argentieri, Kristin Averill, Demetrius Carter, Druie Cavender, Bohumila Fahmy, Xiaodong Fan, Daniel Hall, Geoffrey Heintzelman, Paul Jackson, Wai Ping Fung-Leung, Xun Li, Ping Ling, Gilbert Olini, Thomas Razler, Michael Reuman, Kenneth Rupert, Ronald Russell, John Siekierka, Scott Wadsworth, Russell Wolff, Bangping Xiang, and Yue Mei Zhang (2006)

Insight Into Framework Destruction in Ultramarine Pigments, Eleonora Del Federico, Wolfgang Shöfberger, Johannes Schelvis, Sofia Kapetanaki, Lindsey Tyne, and Alexej Jerschow (2006)

Expression and Automated Purification of Acetoacetyl Coa Thiolase from Sunflower Cotyledon, Jim Dyer, James Becker, Victor Geraldo, and Mario Giron (2006)

Role of Asp1393 in Catalysis, Flavin Reduction, NADP(H) Binding, FAD Thermodynamics, and Regulation of the nNOS Flavoprotein, David Konas, Naoki Takaya, Manisha Sharma, and Dennis J. Stuehr (2006)

Studies on a Total Synthesis of the Microbial Immunosuppresive Agent FR901483, Jeffrey E. Kropf, Ivona C. Meigh, Magnus Bebbington, and Steven M. Weinreb (2006)

A Coumarin Based Fluorescent Photoinduced Electron Transfer Cation Sensor, Chandrika P. Kulatilleke, Saliya Desilva, and Yair Eliav (2006)

A Multiplexed Proteomics Approach to Differentiate Neurite Outgrowth Patterns, Tong Liu, Veera D'mello, Longwen Deng, Jun Hu, Michael Ricardo, Sanqiang Pan, Xiaodong Lu, Scott Wadsworth, John Siekierka, Raymond Birge, and Hong Li (2006)

Hidden Markov Model Analysis of Multichromophore Photobleaching, Troy C. Messina, Hiyun Kim, Jason T. Giurleo, and David Talaga (2006)

Effects of Drug Combinations On Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation: An Isobolographic Analysis, Tom J. Parry, Rathna Thyagarajan, Dennis Argentieri, Robert Falotico, John Siekierka, and Ronald J. Tallarida (2006)

IPRO: An Iterative Computational Protein Library Redesign and Optimization Procedure, Manish C. Saraf, Gregory L. Moore, Nina Goodey, Vania Y. Cao, Stephen J. Benkovic, and Costas D. Maranas (2006)

Resonance Raman Spectra of the Neutral and Anionic Radical Semiquinones of Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide in Glucose Oxidase Revisited, Johannes Schelvis, Doris Pun, Neelam Goyal, and Olga Sokolova (2006)

Information Theoretical Approach to Single-Molecule Experimental Design and Interpretation, David Talaga (2006)

The Free Energy of Dissociation of Oligomeric Structure in Phycocyanin Is Not Linear with Denaturant, Katie L. Thoren, Katelyn B. Connell, Taylor E. Robinson, David D. Shellhamer, Margaret S. Tammaro, and Yvonne Gindt (2006)


The Role of Enzyme Dynamics and Tunnelling in Catalysing Hydride Transfer: Studies of Distal Mutants of Dihydrofolate Reductase, Lin Wang, Nina Goodey, Stephen J. Benkovic, and Amnon Kohen (2006)


Coordinated Effects of Distal Mutations on Environmentally Coupled Tunneling in Dihydrofolate Reductase, Lin Wang, Nina M. Goodey, Stephen J. Benkovic, and Amnon Kohen (2006)

Submissions from 2005

Solid-State NMR and Resonance Raman Studies of Ultramarine Pigments, Eleonora Del Federico, Wolfgang Schoefberger, Rajeev Kumar, Wen Ling, Sofia M. Kapetanaki, Johannes Schelvis, and Alexej Jerschow (2005)

A Fluorescent "Off-On-Off" Proton Switch Derived from Natural Products and Further Studies of First-Generation Fluorescent Photoinduced Electron Transfer (PET) Systems, Saliya Desilva, Kenny C. Loo, Benjamin Amorelli, Supun L. Pathirana, Magambo Nyakirang'ani, Mahesha Dharmasena, Shirley Demarais, Brenda Dorcley, Pavitra Pullay, and Yousif A. Salih (2005)

Substrate Binding Modulates the Reduction Potential of DNA Photolyase, Yvonne Gindt, Johannes Schelvis, Katie L. Thoren, and Tina H. Huang (2005)

Altering Protein Specificity: Techniques and Applications, Nina Goodey and Stephen F. Martin (2005)

Conformation Coupled Enzyme Catalysis: Single-Molecule and Transient Kinetics Investigation of Dihydrofolate Reductase, Nina Goodey, R. Derike Smiley, Stephen J. Benkovic, and Gordon G. Hammes (2005)

Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Compound II and Its Decay in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Catalase-Peroxidase KatG and its Isoniazid Resistant Mutant S315T, Sofia M. Kapetanaki, Salem Chouchane, Shengwei Yu, Richard S. Magliozzo, and Johannes Schelvis (2005)

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis KatG(S315T) Catalase-Peroxidase Retains All Active Site Properties for Proper Catalytic Function, Sofia M. Kapetanaki, Salem Chouchane, Shengwei Yu, Xiangbo Zhao, Richard S. Magliozzo, and Johannes Schelvis (2005)


Solvent Extraction Separation and Determination of Yttrium with Cyanex272, Manjusha Karve and Bhagyashree P. Vaidya (2005)

HIV-1 Nef-Induced Fasl Induction and Bystander Killing Requires P38 MAPK Activation, Karuppiah Muthumani, Andrew Y. Choo, Daniel S. Hwang, Arumugam Premkumar, Nathanael S. Dayes, Crafford Harris, Douglas R. Green, Scott A. Wadsworth, John Siekierka, and David B. Weiner (2005)

Drug-Eluting Stents Sirolimus and Paclitaxel Differentially Affect Cultured Cells and Injured Arteries, Tom J. Parry, Ruth Brosius, Rathna Thyagarajan, Demetrius Carter, Dennis Argentieri, Robert Falotico, and John Siekierka (2005)

Proteins, Peptides, Amino Acids and Enzyme Inhibitors. 28 August - 1 September 2005, Washington, DC, USA, David Rotella (2005)

Technical Achievements in Organic Chemistry. 28 August - 1 September 2005, Washington, DC, USA, David Rotella (2005)

C-Terminal Tail Residue Arg1400 Enables NADPH to Regulate Electron Transfer in Neuronal Nitric-Oxide Synthase, Mauro Tiso, David Konas, Koustubh Panda, Elsa D. Garcin, Manisha Sharma, Elizabeth D. Getzoff, and Dennis J. Stuehr (2005)

Discovery and Structure-Activity Relationships of 2-Benzylpyrrolidine- Substituted Aryloxypropanols As Calcium-Sensing Receptor Antagonists, Wu Yang, Yufeng Wang, Jacques Y. Roberge, Zhengping Ma, Yalei Liu, R. Michael Lawrence, David Rotella, Ramakrishna Seethala, Jean H.M. Feyen, and John K. Dickson (2005)

Determination of Residual Triadimefon, Triadimenol-a, Triadimenol-B in Corn by Gel Permeation Chromatography and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Weiguo Zhang, Jinshan Gao, Shanshan Chen, and Chongjiu Li (2005)

Submissions from 2004

Low-Cost Athermal Wavelength-Locker Integrated in a Temperature-Tuned Single-Frequency Laser Package, David A. Ackerman, Kathleen Paget, Lynn Schneemeyer, L. J.P. Ketelsen, Fred W. Warning, Ola Sjolund, J. E. Graebner, Ayman Kanan, V. R. Raju, Lars E. Eng, Eric D. Schaeffer, and P. Van Emmerik (2004)

A Role for Schwann Cells in the Neuroregenerative Effects of a Non-Immunosuppressive FK506 Derivative, JNJ460, Raymond B. Birge, Scott Wadsworth, Reiko Akakura, Harindra R. Abeysinghe, Ramesh Kanojia, Mark J. Macielag, Julie Desbarats, Marcela Escalante, Karnail Singh, Sumathy Sundarababu, K. Parris, Geoffrey J. Childs, Avery August, John Siekierka, and David E. Weinstein (2004)

Phe393 Mutants of Cytochrome P450 BM3 with Modified Heme Redox Potentials Have Altered Heme Vinyl and Propionate Conformations, Zhucheng Chen, Tobias W.B. Ost, and Johannes Schelvis (2004)

A Modular Laser Apparatus for Polarimetry Nephelometry, and Fluorimetry in General Chemistry, Scott A. Darveau, Jessica Mueller, April Vaverka, Cheri Barta, Anthony Fitch, Jessica Jurzenski, and Yvonne Gindt (2004)

A Computational Study of a Fluorescent Photoinduced Electron Transfer (PET) Sensor for Cations, Saliya Desilva, Marc Kasner, Mark Whitener, and Supun L. Pathirana (2004)

Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of the Neutral Radical Trp306 in DNA Photolyase, Ullas Gurudas and Johannes Schelvis (2004)