Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Science and Mathematics, are collected here.


Submissions from 2004

Substrate Electric Dipole Moment Exerts a Ph-Dependent Effect On Electron Transfer in Escherichia Coli Photolyase, Sofia M. Kapetanaki, Meghan Ramsey, Yvonne Gindt, and Johannes Schelvis (2004)

The FAD-Shielding Residue Phe1395 Regulates Neuronal Nitric-Oxide Synthase Catalysis by Controlling NADP+ Affinity and a Conformational Equilibrium Within the Flavoprotein Domain, David Konas, Keng Zhu, Manisha Sharma, Kulwant S. Aulak, Gary W. Brudvig, and Dennis J. Stuehr (2004)

Suppression of HIV-1 Viral Replication and Cellular Pathogenesis by a Novel P38/JNK Kinase Inhibitor, Karuppiah Muthumani, Scott A. Wadsworth, Nathanael S. Dayes, Daniel S. Hwang, Andrew Y. Choo, Harindra R. Abeysinghe, John Siekierka, and David B. Weiner (2004)

A Conserved Aspartate (Asp-1393) Regulates NADPH Reduction of Neuronal Nitric-Oxide Synthase: Implications for Catalysis, Koustubh Panda, Subrata Adak, David Konas, Manisha Sharma, and Dennis J. Stuehr (2004)

SB-480848 (Glaxosmithkline), David Rotella (2004)

Wolfrom/Isbell New Investigator Award Symposium, David Rotella (2004)

A Novel Role for the Immunophilin FKBP52 in Copper Transport, Reiko Sanokawa-Akakura, Huachang Dai, Shin Akakura, David Weinstein, J. Eduardo Fajardo, Steven E. Lang, Scott Wadsworth, John Siekierka, and Raymond B. Birge (2004)

Cloning, Expression, and Purification of Glyoxysomal 3-Oxoacyl-Coa Thiolase from Sunflower Cotyledons, Anke C. Schiedel, Silke Oeljeklaus, Patricia Minihan, and Jim Dyer (2004)

The Codeposited Composition Spread Approach to High-Throughput Discovery/Exploration of Inorganic Materials, Robert Bruce Van Dover and Lynn Schneemeyer (2004)

Submissions from 2003

Low-Cost, Athermal Wavelength-Locker Integrated in a Temperature-Tuned Laser Package, David A. Ackerman, Kathleen Paget, Lynn Schneemeyer, L. J.P. Ketelsen, Ola Sjolund, J. E. Graebner, Ayman Kanan, Fred W. Warning, V. R. Raju, Lars E. Eng, Eric D. Schaeffer, and P. Van Emmerik (2003)

Direct Determination of Kinetic Rates from Single-Molecule Photon Arrival Trajectories Using Hidden Markov Models, Michael Andrec, Ronald M. Levy, and David Talaga (2003)

Resonance Raman Investigation of the Interaction of Thromboxane Synthase with Substrate Analogues, Zhucheng Chen, Lee Ho Wang, and Johannes Schelvis (2003)

Analysis of Heme Structural Heterogeneity in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Catalase-Peroxidase (Katg), Salem Chouchane, Stefania Girotto, Sofia Kapetanaki, Johannes Schelvis, Shengwei Yu, and Richard S. Magliozzo (2003)

Altering Substrate Specificity of Phosphatidylcholine-Preferring Phospholipase C of Bacillus Cereus by Random Mutagenesis of the Headgroup Binding Site, Nina Goodey, Paul J. Hergenrother, Micheleen M. Harris, William Corbett, and Stephen F. Martin (2003)

Using X-Ray Crystallography of the Asp55Asn Mutant of the Phosphatidylcholine-Preferring Phospholipase C from Bacillus Cereus to Support the Mechanistic Role of Asp55 As the General Base, Nina Goodey, Arthur F. Monzingo, Christopher L. Franklin, Jon D. Robertus, and Stephen F. Martin (2003)

Development of Two Processes for the Synthesis of Bridged Azabicyclic Systems: Intermolecular Radical Addition-Homoallylic Rearrangements Leading to 2-Azanorborn-5-Enes and Neophyl-Type Radical Rearrangements to 2-Azabenzonorbornanes, David M. Hodgson, Magnus Bebbington, and Paul Willis (2003)

Conformational Differences in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Catalase-Peroxidase KatG and Its S315T Mutant Revealed by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy, Sofia Kapetanaki, Salem Chouchane, Stefania Girotto, Shengwei Yu, Richard S. Magliozzo, and Johannes Schelvis (2003)

Imidazopyrimidines, Potent Inhibitors of P38 MAP Kinase, Kenneth C. Rupert, James R. Henry, John H. Dodd, Scott A. Wadsworth, Druie E. Cavender, Gilbert C. Olini, Bohumila Fahmy, and John Siekierka (2003)

Resonance Raman and UV-Vis Spectroscopic Characterization of FADH• in the Complex of Photolyase with UV-Damaged DNA, Johannes Schelvis, Meghan Ramsey, Olga Sokolova, Celia Tavares, Christine Cecala, Katelyn Connell, Stacey Wagner, and Yvonne Gindt (2003)

Composition-Dependent Crystallization of Alternative Gate Dielectrics, R. B. Van Dover, Martin L. Green, Lalita Manchanda, Lynn Schneemeyer, and Theo Siegrist (2003)

Submissions from 2002

A Fluorescent 'Off-On-Off' Proton Switch with 'Enable-Disable' Sodium Ion Switch, Saliya Desilva, Benjamin Amorelli, David C. Isidor, and Yeni E. Pena (2002)

2-Azabenzonorbornanes from 7-Azabenzonorbornanols by a Nitrogen-Directed Neophyl-Type Radical Rearrangement, David M. Hodgson, Magnus Bebbington, and Paul Willis (2002)

The Synthesis of (2S)-4,4-Difluoroglutamyl Γ-Peptides Based On Garner's Aldehyde and Fluoro-Reformatsky Chemistry, David Konas, Jessica J. Pankuch, and James K. Coward (2002)

New Barium Manganese Titanates Prepared Under Reducing Conditions, A. L. Prieto, Theo Siegrist, and Lynn Schneemeyer (2002)

Osteoporosis: Challenges and New Opportunities for Therapy, David Rotella (2002)

Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors: Current Status and Potential Applications, David Rotella (2002)

Resonance Raman Detection of the Fe-S Bond in Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, Johannes Schelvis, Vladimir Berka, Gerald T. Babcock, and Ah Lim Tsai (2002)

The Compositional Spread Approach to High-Dielectric Constant Materials and Materials for Integrated Optics, Lynn Schneemeyer, Robert B. Van Dover, Cristi K. Madsen, and C. L. Claypool (2002)

Opposing Roles of Serine/Threonine Kinases MEKK1 and LOK in Regulating the CD28 Responsive Element in T-Cells, Li Tao, Scott Wadsworth, Jason Mercer, Cynthia Mueller, Kirsten Lynn, John Siekierka, and Avery August (2002)

Submissions from 2001

An Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Theory Study of the Conformational Free Energies of 2-Methyl-, 3-Methyl-, and 4-Methyltetrahydro-2H-Pyran, Fillmore Freeman, Marc Kasner, and Warren J. Hehre (2001)

An Ab Initio Theory and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Study of Conformers of Tetrahydro-2H-Pyran, Fillmore Freeman, Marc Kasner, and Warren J. Hehre (2001)

ARPES Line Shapes in FL and Non-FL Quasi-Low-Dimensional Inorganic Metals, G. H. Gweon, J. D. Denlinger, J. W. Allen, Ralph Claessen, C. G. Olson, H. Höchst, J. Marcus, C. Schlenker, and Lynn Schneemeyer (2001)

2-Azabicyclo[2.2.1]Hept-5-Enes from 7-Azabicyclo[2.2.1]Heptadienes by Tandem Intermolecular Radical Addition - Homoallylic Radical Rearrangement, David M. Hodgson, Magnus Bebbington, and Paul Willis (2001)

Electrophilic Fluorination of Pyroglutamic Acid Derivatives: Application of Substrate-Dependent Reactivity and Diastereoselectivity to the Synthesis of Optically Active 4-Fluoroglutamic Acids, David Konas and James K. Coward (2001)

Synthesis and Structure of a New Germanate Fluoridenaca2geo4f1, Lynn Schneemeyer, Lila Guterman, Theo Siegrist, and Glen R. Kowach (2001)

Single-Molecule Dynamics Associated with Protein Folding and Deformations of Light-Harvesting Complexes, David Talaga, Yiwei Jia, Martin A. Bopp, Alexander Sytnik, William F. DeGrado, R. J. Cogdell, and Robin M. Hochstrasser (2001)

Symmetry and Local Mode Coupling in Absorption and Raman Spectroscopy of Intervalence Electronic Transitions, David Talaga and Jeffrey I. Zink (2001)

Kinetics of Small Molecule Inhibitor Binding to P38 Kinase, Robin L. Thurmond, Scott A. Wadsworth, Peter H. Schafer, Robert A. Zivin, and John Siekierka (2001)

Submissions from 2000

Large, Linear C-Axis Magnetoresistance in YBa2Cu3O7-Δ, F. F. Balakirev, Yoichi Ando, A. Passner, J. B. Betts, Lynn Schneemeyer, Kouji Segawa, and Gregory S. Boebinger (2000)

A Simple Protein Purification and Folding Experiment for General Chemistry Laboratory, Robert Bowen, Richard Hartung, and Yvonne Gindt (2000)

Interaction of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase with YC-1Kinetic and Resonance Raman Studies, John W. Denninger, Johannes Schelvis, Philip E. Brandish, Yunde Zhao, Gerald T. Babcock, and Michael A. Marletta (2000)

An Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Study of the Conformational Energies of 2-Alkyltetrahydro-2H-Pyrans (Tetrahydropyrans, Oxacyclohexanes, Oxanes), Fillmore Freeman, J. A. Kasner, Marc Kasner, and Warren J. Hehre (2000)

A Comparison of the Ab Initio Calculated and Experimental Conformational Energies of Alkyl Cyclohexanes, Fillmore Freeman, Zufan M. Tsegai, Marc Kasner, and Warren J. Hehre (2000)

NMR Structure of the Sterol Carrier Protein-2Implications for the Biological Role, Francisco López García, Thomas Szyperski, Jim Dyer, Thomas Choinowski, Udo Seedorf, Helmut Hauser, and Kurt Wüthrich (2000)

A Biochemical Study of Noncovalent Forces in Proteins Using Phycocyanin from Spirulina, Barbara A. Heller and Yvonne Gindt (2000)

Quantitative Stereochemical Analysis of a Reagent that Exhibits Asymmetric Amplification, B-Chlorodiisopinocampheylborane (Dip-Cl), Charles W. Moeder, Mark Whitener, and John R. Sowa (2000)

A Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein Inhibitor Attenuates Atherosclerosis in Rabbits, David Rotella (2000)

Fenchylamine Sulfonamide Inhibitors of Amyloid Β Peptide Production by the Γ-Secretase Proteolytic Pathway: Potential Small Molecule Therapeutic Agents for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. Design of Potent Inhibitors for Human Brain Memapsin 2 (Β-Secretase), David Rotella (2000)

Optimization of Substituted N-3-Benzylimidazoquinazolinone Sulfonamides As Potent and Selective PDE5 Inhibitors, David Rotella, Zhong Sun, Yeheng Zhu, John Krupinski, Ronald Pongrac, Laurie Seliger, Diane Normandin, and J. E. Macor (2000)

N-3-Substituted Imidazo Quinazolinones: Potent and Selective PDE5 Inhibitors As Potential Agents for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, David Rotella, Zhong Sun, Yeheng Zhu, John Krupinski, Ronald Pongrac, Laurie Seliger, Diane Normandin, and John E. Macor (2000)

Interaction of Nitric Oxide with Prostaglandin Endoperoxide H Synthase-1Implications for Fe-His Bond Cleavage in Heme Proteins, Johannes Schelvis, Steve A. Seibold, Jose F. Cerda, R. Michael Garavito, and Gerald T. Babcock (2000)

Picosecond Resonance Raman Evidence of the Structure of a Long-Lived Electronic Excited State of Low-Spin Fe(III)Heme O, Johannes Schelvis and Constantinos A. Varotsis (2000)

Structural Effects of Impurities in Ba4Er2Cu7O(15-Δ)Incorporation of Au and of Al, Theo Siegrist, Lynn Schneemeyer, R. B. Van Dover, and Joseph V. Waszczak (2000)

Dynamics and Folding of Single Two-Stranded Coiled-Coil Peptides Studied by Fluorescent Energy Transfer Confocal Microscopy, David Talaga, Wai Leung Lau, Heinrich Roder, Jianyong Tang, Yiwei Jia, William F. DeGrado, and Robin M. Hochstrasser (2000)

Inhibition of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase by ODQ, Yunde Zhao, Philip E. Brandish, Marilena DiValentin, Johannes Schelvis, Gerald T. Babcock, and Michael A. Marletta (2000)

Submissions from 1999

Advanced Amorphous Dielectrics for Embedded Capacitors, Glenn B. Alers, Robert B. van Dover, Lynn Schneemeyer, L. Stirling, C. Y. Sung, P. W. Diodato, R. Liu, Y. H. Wong, R. M. Fleming, D. V. Lang, and J. P. Chang (1999)

Resistive Upper Critical Fields and Irreversibility Lines of Optimally Doped High-Tc Cuprates, Yoichi Ando, Gregory S. Boebinger, A. Passner, Lynn Schneemeyer, T. Kimura, M. Okuya, S. Watauchi, Junichi Shimoyama, K. Kishio, K. Tamasaku, N. Ichikawa, and S. Uchida (1999)

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-Octahydroanthracene-9,10-Dicarbonitrile At 172, 216, 256, and 297 K, Doyle Britton, Saliya Desilva, and Paul G. Gassman (1999)

Lipoic Acid Biosynthesis: LipA Is an Iron-Sulfur Protein, Robert W. Busby, Johannes Schelvis, Dannie S. Yu, Gerald T. Babcock, and Michael A. Marletta (1999)

Crystallization and Initial X-Ray Analysis of Rabbit Mature Sterol Carrier Protein 2, Thomas Choinowski, Jim Dyer, Bernhard Maderegger, Kaspar H. Winterhalter, Helmut Hauser, and Klaus Piontek (1999)

Rank-Order of Potencies for Inhibition of the Secretion of Aβ40 and Aβ42 Suggests that Both Are Generated by a Single Γ-Secretase, John T. Durkin, Seetha Murthy, E. Jean Husten, Stephen P. Trusko, Mary J. Savage, David Rotella, Barry D. Greenberg, and Robert Siman (1999)

Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Study of the Conformational Energies of 3- Alkyltetrahydro-2H-Pyrans, Fillmore Freeman, Marc Kasner, and W. J. Hehre (1999)

Origin of the Transient Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Signals in DNA Photolyase, Yvonne Gindt, Esther Vollenbroek, Kristi Westphal, Heather Sackett, Aziz Sancar, and Gerald T. Babcock (1999)

Folding Dynamics of Single GCN-4 Peptides by Fluorescence Resonant Energy Transfer Confocal Microscopy, Yiwei Jia, David Talaga, Wai Leung Lau, Helen S.M. Lu, William F. DeGrado, and Robin M. Hochstrasser (1999)

Defective Interleukin (IL)-18-Mediated Natural Killer and T Helper Cell Type 1 Responses in IL-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase (IRAK)-Deficient Mice, Palanisamy Kanakaraj, Karen Ngo, Ying Wu, Ana Angulo, Peter Ghazal, Crafford A. Harris, John Siekierka, Per A. Peterson, and Wai Ping Fung-Leung (1999)

Synthesis of L-4,4-Difluoroglutamic Acid Via Electrophilic Difluorination of a Lactam, David Konas and James K. Coward (1999)

P38α Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Is Activated by CD28-Mediated Signaling and Is Required for IL-4 Production by Human CD4+CD45RO+ T Cells and Th2 Effector Cells, Peter H. Schafer, Scott A. Wadsworth, Liwen Wang, and John Siekierka (1999)

T Cell Activation Signals Up-Regulate P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Activity and Induce TNF-Α Production in a Manner Distinct from LPS Activation of Monocytes, Peter H. Schafer, Liwen Wang, Scott A. Wadsworth, Janet E. Davis, and John Siekierka (1999)

Structural Dynamics in the Guanylate Cyclase Heme Pocket after CO Photolysis, Johannes Schelvis, Seonyoung Kim, Yunde Zhao, Michael A. Marletta, and Gerald T. Babcock (1999)

CO Photolysis of Cytochrome Oxidase Investigated by Ps Resonance Raman Spectroscopy, Johannes Schelvis, Constantinos Varotsis, Geurt Deinum, and Gerald T. Babcock (1999)

High Dielectric Constant Hf-Sn-Ti-O Thin Films, Lynn Schneemeyer, Robert B. Van Dover, and R. M. Fleming (1999)

High Dielectric Constant Hf-Ti-Sn-O Off-Axis Cosputtered Films, Lynn Schneemeyer, Robert B. Van Dover, and R. M. Fleming (1999)

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Nbse2-Au Proximity Junctions, A. D. Truscott, Robert C. Dynes, and Lynn Schneemeyer (1999)


Improved Properties of TaOx Films Doped with Al and N, Robert B. Van Dover, Lynn Schneemeyer, R. M. Fleming, and D. J. Werder (1999)

RWJ 67657, a Potent, Orally Active Inhibitor of P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase, Scott A. Wadsworth, Druie E. Cavender, Scott A. Beers, Praful Lalan, Peter H. Schafer, Elizabeth A. Malloy, Wei Wu, Bohumila Fahmy, Gilbert C. Olini, Janet E. Davis, J. Lee Pellegrino-Gensey, Michael P. Wachter, and John Siekierka (1999)

Submissions from 1998


The Development of Novel and Selective P56(Lck) Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors, James L. Bullington, Julie C. Cameron, Janet E. Davis, John H. Dodd, Crafford A. Harris, James R. Henry, J. Lee Pellegrino-Gensey, Kenneth C. Rupert, and John Siekierka (1998)

Detergent-Salt Resistance of LAP2α in Interphase Nuclei and Phosphorylation-Dependent Association with Chromosomes Early in Nuclear Assembly Implies Functions in Nuclear Structure Dynamics, Thomas Dechat, Josef Gotzmann, Andreas Stockinger, Crafford A. Harris, Mary Ann Talle, John Siekierka, and Roland Foisner (1998)

(9-Anthrylmethyl)Bis(2-Pyridylmethyl)-Amine, Saliya Desilva, Mark Whitener, David E. Baron, Andres Zavaleta, Edward V. Isidor, and Osama Allam (1998)

Identification of a Receptor Mediating Absorption of Dietary Cholesterol in the Intestine, Helmut Hauser, Jim Dyer, Andreas Nandy, Miguel A. Vega, Moritz Werder, Egle Bieliauskaite, Franz E. Weber, Sabina Compassi, Anja Gemperli, Dario Boffelli, Ernst Wehrli, Georg Schulthess, and Michael C. Phillips (1998)

Potent Inhibitors of the MAP Kinase p38, James R. Henry, Kenneth C. Rupert, John H. Dodd, Ignatius J. Turchi, Scott A. Wadsworth, Druie E. Cavender, Peter H. Schafer, and John Siekierka (1998)

IRAK Requirement for Optimal Induction by IL-I of Multiple Signaling Pathways, P. Kanakaraji, Peter H. Schafer, Druie Cavender, Karen Ngo, Ying Wul, Patrick F. Grealish, Scott Wadsworth, Per A. Peterson, John Siekierka, Crafford Harris, and Wai-Ping Fung-Leungl (1998)

Interleukin (IL)-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase (IRAK) Requirement for Optimal Induction of Multiple IL-1 Signaling Pathways and IL-6 Production, Palanisamy Kanakaraj, Peter H. Schafer, Druie E. Cavender, Ying Wu, Karen Ngo, Patrick F. Grealish, Scott A. Wadsworth, Per A. Peterson, John Siekierka, Crafford A. Harris, and Wai Ping Fung-Leung (1998)

Micro-Transformer Devices Using Thin-Film Electroplated Deposition, Ashraf Lotfi, Robert B. Van Dover, Lynn Schneemeyer, and Michael Steigerwald (1998)

Resonance Raman Characterization of the Heme Domain of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase, Johannes Schelvis, Yunde Zhao, Michael A. Marletta, and Gerald T. Babcock (1998)

Luminescent Photofragments of (1,1,1,5,5,5-Hexafluoro-2,4-Pentanedionato) Metal Complexes in the Gas Phase, David Talaga, Stephen D. Hanna, and Jeffrey I. Zink (1998)

Advanced Dielectrics for Gate Oxide, DRAM and Rf Capacitors, Robert B. van Dover, R. M. Fleming, Lynn Schneemeyer, Glenn B. Alers, and D. J. Werder (1998)

Deposition of Uniform Zr-Sn-Ti-O Films by On-Axis Reactive Sputtering, Robert B. Van Dover and Lynn Schneemeyer (1998)

Discovery of a Useful Thin-Film Dielectric Using a Composition-Spread Approach, Robert B. Van Dover, Lynn Schneemeyer, and R. M. Fleming (1998)

A High-Throughput Search for Electronic Materials-Thin-Film Dielectrics, Robert B. Van Dover, Lynn Schneemeyer, R. M. Fleming, and Harold A. Huggins (1998)

Growth of Single Crystal Fibers for 1.3 Μm Optical Amplifiers by the Laser-Heated Pedestal Growth Method, Li Hsing Wang, Min Hsiung Hon, Lynn Schneemeyer, Gordon A. Thomas, and William L. Wilson (1998)

In Pre-Sterol Carrier Protein 2 (SCP2) in Solution the Leader Peptide 1-20 is Flexibly Disordered, and Residues 21-143 Adopt the Same Globular Fold As in Mature SCP2, Franz E. Weber, Jim Dyer, Francisco López García, Moritz Werder, Thomas Szyperski, Kurt Wüthrich, and Helmut Hauser (1998)

3-[(2-Aminoethyl)Iminomethyl]-4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid 0.28-Hydrate, Mark Whitener, Cyrene Bolt De Freitas, and Andres Zavaleta (1998)

Yeast Immunophilins: Purification and Assay of Yeast FKBP12, Gregory Wiederrecht and John Siekierka (1998)

Identification of Histidine 105 in the Β1 Subunit of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase As the Heme Proximal Ligand, Y. Zhao, Johannes Schelvis, and Gerald T. Babcock (1998)

Identification of Histidine 105 in the Β1 Subunit of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase As the Heme Proximal Ligand, Yunde Zhao, Johannes Schelvis, Gerald T. Babcock, and Michael A. Marletta (1998)

Submissions from 1997

Nitroarylhydroxymethylphosphonic Acids As Inhibitors of CD45, Scott A. Beers, Elizabeth A. Malloy, Wei Wu, Michael P. Wachter, Uma Gunnia, Druie Cavender, Crafford Harris, Janet Davis, Ruth Brosius, J. Lee Pellegrino-Gensey, and John Siekierka (1997)

Laser and Thermal Vapor Deposition of Metal Sulfide (Nis, Pds) Films and in Situ Gas-Phase Luminescence of Photofragments from M(S2cochme2)2, Jinwoo Cheon, David Talaga, and Jeffrey I. Zink (1997)

Photochemical Deposition of ZnS from the Gas Phase and Simultaneous Luminescence Detection of Photofragments from a Single-Source Precursor, Zn(S2cochme2)2, Jinwoo Cheon, David Talaga, and Jeffrey I. Zink (1997)

A Fluorescent Photoinduced Electron Transfer Sensor for Cations with an Off-On-Off Proton Switch, Saliya Desilva, Andres Zavaleta, David E. Baron, Osama Allam, Edward V. Isidor, Norie Kashimura, and James M. Percarpio (1997)

Neurotrophic 3,9-Bis[(Alkylthio)Methyl]-and-Bis(Alkoxymethyl)-K-252a Derivatives, Masami Kaneko, Yutaka Saito, Hiromitsu Saito, Tadashi Matsumoto, Yuzuru Matsuda, Jeffry L. Vaught, Craig A. Dionne, Thelma S. Angeles, Marcie A. Glicksman, Nicola T. Neff, David Rotella, James C. Kauer, John P. Mallamo, Robert L. Hudkins, and Chikara Murakata (1997)