Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Information Management and Business Analytics, Feliciano School of Business, are collected here.


Submissions from 2009

Rapid System Development (Rsd) Methodologies: Proposing a Selection Framework, Rashmi Jain and Anithashree Chandrasekaran (2009)

Evolving Role of Business Process Reengineering: A Perspective of Employers, Rashmi Jain, Angappa Gunasekaran, and Anithashree Chandrasekaran (2009)

Promoting Systems Thinking in Engineering and Pre-Engineering Students, Rashmi Jain, Keith Sheppard, Elisabeth McGrath, and Bernard Gallois (2009)

Impact of Identified Causal Factors to "System of Systems" Integration Complexity from a Defense Industry Perspective, Jessica Jovel and Rashmi Jain (2009)

Taxing E-Commerce Affiliates: The Potential Impact of New York State's "Amazon Tax", Ross Malaga (2009)

Contrast and Assimilation Effects On Consumers' Trust in Internet Companies, Katherine J. Stewart and Ross Malaga (2009)

An Exploration of Matching Teaching to the Learning Preferences of Systems Engineering Graduate Students, Ricardo Valerdi, Rashmi Jain, Tim Ferris, and Joseph Kasser (2009)

Comparative Analysis of International Education Systems, John Wang, Jun Xia, Kimberly Hollister, and Yawei Wang (2009)


A Relative Comparison of Leading Supply Chain Management Software Packages, Zhongxian Wang, Ruiliang Yan, Kimberly Hollister, and Ruben Xing (2009)

Effects of Consumer Online Purchase Costs On Online and Traditional Retailers, Ruiliang Yan and John Wang (2009)

Product Choice and Channel Strategy for Multi-Channel Retailers, Ruiliang Yan and John Wang (2009)

Population Internet Penetration Rate and Channel Supply Chain Players' Performances, Ruiliang Yan, John Wang, and Sanjoy Ghose (2009)

Submissions from 2008


Using Van Valens Procedure In Business Research To Assess Consistent Differences In Multidimensional Variability In Two Or More Groups, Mark L. Berenson and Kimberly Killmer Hollister (2008)

Exploring the Impact of Systems Architecture and Systems Requirements On Systems Integration Complexity, Rashmi Jain, Anithashree Chandrasekaran, George Elias, and Robert Cloutier (2008)

Ask the Audience...Using Clickers to Enhance Introductory Business Statistics Courses, Nicole Koppel and Mark Berenson (2008)

Worst Practices in Search Engine Optimization, Ross Malaga (2008)

Value Creation in Virtual Communities: The Case of a Healthcare Web Site, Ram Misra, Avinandan Mukherjee, and Richard Peterson (2008)

Infosys Technologies Limited: The Global Talent Program, Ram Subramanian, Ram Misra, and C Jayachandran (2008)

A Comparison and Scenario Analysis of Leading Data Mining Software, John Wang, Xiaohua Hu, Kimberly Hollister, and Dan Zhu (2008)


Chapter XII: A Comparison and Scenario Analysis of Leading Data Mining Software, John Wang, Xiaohua Hu, Kimberly Hollister, and Dan Zhu (2008)

A Historic Review of Management Science Research in China, John Wang, Ruiliang Yan, Kimberly Hollister, and Dan Zhu (2008)

Stakeholder Pressures and the Global Diffusion of the ISO 14001 Initiative: A Resource Dependence Perspective, Jun Xia, John Wang, Yawei Wang, and Ruben Xing (2008)

Using Organisational Information Processing Maturity as a Predictor of Information Technology Adoption, James E. Yao, Zhongxian Wang, Ruben Xing, June Lu, and Xiaohe Xu (2008)

Submissions from 2007


Proctored vs. Un-Proctored Exams in a Hybrid Course: A Brief Comparison of Student Results, Kimberly Hollister (2007)


Assessing Technology Skills in an Undergraduate Business Course, Kimberly Hollister and Nicole B. Koppel (2007)

Designing a Course On Business Process Reengineering (BPR)Bridging the Gap Between Business Operations and Engineering of Systems, Rashmi Jain, Ozgur Erol, and Anithashree Chandrasekaran (2007)

Sensors and Systems in a Freshman Design Course, Keith Sheppard, Edward Blicharz, Bernard Gallois, Rashmi Jain, and Ian Denholm (2007)

Diminishing Downsides of Data Mining, John Wang, Xiaohua Hu, and Dan Zhu (2007)

Submissions from 2006

Framework for the Assessment of Information Technology in Business Programs, Kimberly Hollister and Nicole Koppel (2006)

Introducing 'Total Design' in An Engineering Design Curriculum: A Pilot Experience, Rashmi Jain, Anithashree Chandrasekaran, and Bernard Gallois (2006)

The Use of Web Services Technology in the Design of Complex Software Interfaces: An-Educational Perspective, Ram Misra, S. Srinivasan, and Dinesh P. Mital (2006)

Submissions from 2005

A Cognitive Model of Web Design for E-Learning, Qiyang Chen and James Yao (2005)

Engineering Management Education - Technology Integration, Manufacturing, Or the Management of Engineers and Scientists?, John V. Farr, Brian J. Sauser, Rashmi Jain, and Dinesh Verma (2005)

Development of the Ibm.Com Interactive Solution Marketplace (ISM)a Systems Engineering Case Study, Eirik Hole, Dinesh Verma, Rashmi Jain, Vito Vitale, and Paul Popick (2005)

Web Services Architecture for Deployment of Online Courses On Healthcare Software Design, Integration and Development, S. Srinivasan, Ram Misra, D. P. Mital, and S. Haque (2005)

Submissions from 2004

Computerized Adaptive Testing With Multiple-Form Structures, Ronald D. Armstrong, Douglas H. Jones, Nicole Koppel, and Peter J. Pashley (2004)

Business Continuity Management: Time for a Strategic Role?, Brahim Herbane, Dominic Elliott, and Ethne Swartz (2004)

Significant Predictors of Information Technology Innovation Adoption, James E. Yao, June Lu, Chang Liu, Qiyang Chen, and Xiaohe Xu (2004)

Submissions from 2003

Knowledge Acquisition in User Modeling and Agent-Based Technology, Qiyang Chen and John Wang (2003)

Introducing Vision Research and Biomedical Engineering to Pre-College 8th Grade Girls, S. George, T. L. Alvarez, Nicole Koppel, and S. Berliner (2003)

Submissions from 2002


A risk/cost framework for logistics policy evaluation: Hazardous waste management, Kimberly Hollister (2002)

An Attractive Engineering Option for Girls, Nicole Koppel, Rosa M. Cano, and Suzanne B. Heyman (2002)

Additional Methods When Using for Teaching, Ross Malaga (2002)

A Weighted Sum Genetic Algorithm to Support Multiple-Party Multiple-Objective Negotiations, Bonnie Rubenstein-Montano and Ross Malaga (2002)

Submissions from 2001

A First Step for Women Into the Engineering Pipeline, R. Cano, H. Kimmel, Nicole Koppel, and D. Muldrow (2001)

Consumer Costs in Electronic Commerce: An Empirical Examination of Electronic Versus Traditional Markets, Ross Malaga (2001)

Submissions from 2000

Neural Network Based Stereotyping for User Profiles, Qiyang Chen, A. F. Norcio, and John Wang (2000)

Effect of Stimulus Modes and Associative Distance in Individual Creativity Support Systems, Ross Malaga (2000)

Decision Making in a Standby Service System, Handanhal Ravinder and Carl R. Schultz (2000)

Co-Evolutionary Approach to Strategy Design for Decision Makers in Complex Negotiation Situations, Bonnie Rubenstein-Montano and Ross Malaga (2000)

Submissions from 1999

Effect of Stimulus Modes and Associative Distance in Individual Creativity Support Systems, Ross Malaga (1999)

Submissions from 1998

Global Outsourcing and Its Managerial Implications, Qiyang Chen and Binshan Lin (1998)

Submissions from 1997

Modeling a User's Domain Knowledge With Neural Networks, Qiyang Chen and A. F. Norcio (1997)

Contingency and Continua: Achieving Excellence Through Business Continuity Planning, Brahim Herbane, Dominic Elliott, and Ethne Swartz (1997)

A Methodology for Researching the Process of Information Management in Small Firms, Ethne Swartz and Ruth Boaden (1997)

Ubuntu - the Spirit of African Transformation Management - A Review, Ethne Swartz and Rae Davies (1997)

Submissions from 1996

Higher Education in South Africa: The Skills Debate, Ethne Swartz and Paul Foley (1996)

Submissions from 1995

Associative User Modeling: A Neural Network Approach, Qiyang Chen and A. F. Norcio (1995)

Pattern Recognition of User's Domain Knowledge, Qiyang Chen and A. F. Norcio (1995)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Limitations of Traditional Information Systems Planning, Ethne Swartz, Dominic Elliott, and Brahim Herbane (1995)

Submissions from 1993

Technical Management Notes, Suleiman K. Kassicieh, Handanhal Ravinder, and Steven A. Yourstone (1993)

Submissions from 1992

SONET-Based TR-303 RDTs: Transitional Interoperability Concerns and Solutions, Henry M. Jablecki and Ram Misra (1992)

Bias in Aggregations of Subjective Probability and Utility, Handanhal Ravinder (1992)

Random Error in Holistic Evaluations and Additive Decompositions of Multi-attribute Utility — An Empirical Comparison, Handanhal Ravinder (1992)

SPT Sequencing With Dependent Processing Times, Handanhal Ravinder and CR Schultz (1992)

Submissions from 1991

A Generic Digital Switch Interface (TR-303) for Local Access, W. P. Arvidson, H. M. Jablecki, and Ram Misra (1991)

A Neural Network Approach for User Modeling, Qiyang Chen and A. F. Norcio (1991)

Random Error in Additive Decompositions of Multi-attribute Utility, Handanhal Ravinder and Don N. Kleinmuntz (1991)

Reply, Handanhal Ravinder and Don N. Kleinmuntz (1991)

Submissions from 1990

SONET-Based Integrated Digital Loop Carrier Systems, Henry M. Jablecki and Ram Misra (1990)

Submissions from 1988

A Call-Processing Traffic Study for Integrated Digital Loop Carrier Applications, Henry M. Jablecki, Ram Misra, and Iraj Saniee (1988)

Submissions from 1979


Note on Optimal Inventory Management Under Inflation, Ram Misra (1979)

Submissions from 1975


Optimum Production Lot Size Model for a System With Deteriorating Inventory, Ram Misra (1975)