Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Marketing, Feliciano School of Business, are collected here.


Submissions from 2022


The Online Ordering Behaviors among Participants in the Oklahoma Women, Infants, and Children Program: A Cross-Sectional Analysis, Qi Zhang, Kayoung Park, Junzhou Zhang, and Chuanyi Tang (2022)

Submissions from 2021


B Corps’ Social Media Communications during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Through the Lens of the Triple Bottom Line, Manveer Mann, Sang-Eun Byun, and Whitney Ginder (2021)

Submissions from 2020


Marketing in Healthcare-Related Industries, Robert E. Hinson, Ogechi Adeola, Yam B. Limbu, and Emmanuel Mogaji (2020)

Submissions from 2019


Climbing the Down Escalator: When Customer-to-Customer Interaction May Not Be Helping Service Firms, Devon Johnson, Yam Limbu, C Jayachandran, and P. Raghunadha Reddy (2019)


Nutritional Knowledge, Attitude, and Use of Food Labels Among Indian Adults With Multiple Chronic Conditions: a Moderated Mediation Model, Yam Limbu, Christopher McKinley, Rajesh K. Gautam, Ajay K. Ahirwar, Pragya Dubey, and C Jayachandran (2019)


A Longitudinal Examination of FDA Warning and Untitled Letters Issued to Pharmaceutical Companies for Violations in Drug Promotion Standards, Yam Limbu, Christopher McKinley, and Valerio Temperini (2019)

Credit Card Literacy and Financial Well-Being of College Students: a Moderated Mediation Model of Self-Efficacy and Credit Card Number, Yam Limbu and Shintaro Sato (2019)

Does E-Learning Service Quality Influence E-Learning Student Satisfaction and Loyalty? Evidence from Vietnam, Long Pham, Yam Limbu, Trung K. Bui, Hien T. Nguyen, and Huong T. Pham (2019)

Effects of Pre-Existing Family Dynamics on Emerging Adult College Students’ Emotions Over the Course of Fall Break, Svitlana Iarmolenko Ramer, Jennifer Zorotovich, Patricia N.E. Roberson, Nadia Flanigan, and Jie Gao (2019)

When Should a Brand Cut Ties With a Scandalized Endorser?, Shintaro Sato, Akiko Arai, Yosuke Tsuji, and Mark Kay (2019)

How Does the Negative Impact of an Athlete’s Reputational Crisis Spill Over to Endorsed and Competing Brands? The Moderating Effects of Consumer Knowledge, Shintaro Sato, Yong Jae Ko, Yonghwan Chang, and Mark Kay (2019)

The Marketing Organization’s Journey to Become Data-Driven, Debra Zahay, Debika Sihi, Laurent Muzellec, and Devon Johnson (2019)

Context-Based Leisure Travel Facilitation Among People With Mobility Challenges: a Self-Determination Theory Approach, Ye Zhang, Shu Cole, Peter Ricci, and Jie Gao (2019)

Submissions from 2018

Dimensions of Materialism and Credit Card Usage: An Application and Extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior in Bangladesh, A. F.M.Jalal Ahamed and Yam Limbu (2018)

Retail Management : A Strategic Approach, Barry Berman, Joel R. Evans, and Patrali Chatterjee (2018)

Attitudes Toward Star Ratings: Generational Differences Among Indian Consumers, Christina Chung, Emi Moriuchi, Yam Limbu, and P. Ganesan (2018)

From Sad to Happy to Happier: Emotion Regulation Strategies Used During a Vacation, Jie Gao and Deborah L. Kerstetter (2018)

Understanding Changes in Tourists’ Use of Emotion Regulation Strategies in a Vacation Context, Jie Gao, Ye Zhang, Deborah L. Kerstetter, and Stephanie Shields (2018)

Corporate sustainability programs and reportingResponsibility commitment and thought leadership at starbucks, Mark Kay (2018)

Green Teams: a Collaborative Training Model, Mark Kay, Sophie A. Kay, and Amy Tuininga (2018)

Understanding Local Food Consumers: Theory of Planned Behavior and Segmentation Approach, Archana Kumar and Sylvia Smith (2018)

Exploring How Structural and Cognitive Social Capital Influence Preventive Health Behavior: Evidence from a Bottom of the Pyramid (Bop) Population, Yam Limbu, C Jayachandran, Christopher McKinley, and Jeonghwan Choi (2018)

The Determinants and Consequences of Website Credibility in E-Retailing: Examining the Roles of Ethical Issues, Yam Limbu and Ricard W. Jensen (2018)

Shifting Value Perceptions Among Young Urban Indian Consumers: The Role of Need for Distinctiveness and Western Acculturation, Manveer Mann, Wi Suk Kwon, and Sang Eun Byun (2018)

Exploring the Relationship Among Leisure Engagement, Affective and Cognitive Leisure Involvement, and Subjective Happinessa Mediating Role of Leisure Satisfaction, Hideo Matsumoto, Shintaro Sato, Akira Asada, and Koichi Chiashi (2018)

Nutrition Knowledge and Diet: Exploring the Influence of Social and Informational Factors in an Indian Adult Population, Christopher J. McKinley, Yam Limbu, Rajesh K. Gautam, Ajay K. Ahirwar, Pragya Dubey, and C Jayachandran (2018)


A longitudinal investigation of customer cooperation in services: The role of appraisal of cooperation behaviors, Junzhou Zhang, Chuanyi Tang, Lin Guo, and Hangjun Xu (2018)

Submissions from 2017

Consumer Willingness to Pay Across Retail Channels, Patrali Chatterjee and Archana Kumar (2017)

Teaching innovations in retailing educationInnovating the retail curriculum for future careers in retail, Patrali Chatterjee and Archana Kumar (2017)

Destination Familiarity and Favorability in a Country-Image Context: Examining Taiwanese Travelers’ Perceptions of China, Chun Chu Chen, Jin Young Chung, Jie Gao, and Yueh Hsiu Lin (2017)

The Definitive Guide to Brand Building, Robert M. Donnelly (2017)

Managing for Variability: a Neuroscientific Approach for Developing Strategic Agility in Organizations, Mark Hill, Jane Cromartie, and John McGinnis (2017)

The Adverse Effect of Doctors’ Skepticism Toward Prescription Drugs, Devon Johnson, Breagin K. Riley, and Shintaro Sato (2017)

Credit Card Knowledge, Social Motivation, and Credit Card Misuse Among College Students: Examining the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model, Yam Limbu (2017)

Variations in Consumers' Use of Brand Online Social Networking: A Uses and Gratifications Approach, Heejin Lim and Archana Kumar (2017)

Diagnostic and Prescriptive Benefits of Consumer Participation in Virtual Communities of Personal Challenge, Ben Lowe and Devon Johnson (2017)


To retrench or invest? Turnaround strategies during a recessionary time, Manveer Mann and Sang Eun Byun (2017)

Give Me a Formula Not the Concept! Student Preference to Mathematical Problem Solving, Manveer Mann and Mary C. Enderson (2017)

The Influence of Statistical Versus Exemplar Appeals on Indian Adults’ Health Intentions: An Investigation of Direct Effects and Intervening Persuasion Processes, Christopher J. McKinley, Yam Limbu, and C Jayachandran (2017)

Message-Framing Effects on Indian Females' Mammography-Screening Intentions: Examining Moderating and Mediating Relationships, Christopher Mckinley, Yam Limbu, and C Jayachandran (2017)


Consumers’ Trust in Food Quality and Willingness to Pay More for National Parks’ BrandsPreliminary Evidence From Italy, Valerio Temperini, Yam Limbu, and C Jayachandran (2017)

Submissions from 2016

Smart Grocery Shopper Segments, Kelly Green Atkins, Archana Kumar, and Youn Kyung Kim (2016)

Transformative Stories: a Framework for Crafting Stories for Social Impact Organizations, Melissa G. Bublitz, Jennifer Edson Escalas, Laura A. Peracchio, Pia Furchheim, Stacy Landreth Grau, Anne Hamby, Mark Kay, Mark R. Mulder, and Andrea Scott (2016)

Applying Neuroplasticity to Educating Agile-Thinking Managers, Mark Hill, Jane Cromartie, and John McGinnis (2016)

Content and Compliance of Pharmaceutical Social Media Marketing, Bruce A. Huhmann and Yam Limbu (2016)

Influence of Gender Stereotypes on Advertising Offensiveness and Attitude Toward Advertising in General, Bruce A. Huhmann and Yam Limbu (2016)

Are Third-Party Green-Brown Ratings Believed? The Role of Prior Brand Loyalty and Environmental Concern, Wi Suk Kwon, Basil Englis, and Manveer Mann (2016)


Empathy, Nonverbal Immediacy, and Salesperson Performance: The Mediating Role of Adaptive Selling Behavior, Yam Limbu, C Jayachandran, Barry J. Babin, and Robin T. Peterson (2016)

Submissions from 2015

Learning User Real-Time Intent for Optimal Dynamic Web Page Transformation, Amy Wenxuan Ding, Shibo Li, and Patrali Chatterjee (2015)

Visual Analytics of Twitter Conversations About Corporate Sponsors of FC Barcelona and Juventus At the 2015 UEFA Final, Ricard W. Jensen, Yam Limbu, and Yasha Spong (2015)

Emotional Support, Perceived Corporate Ownership and Skepticism Toward Out-Groups in Virtual Communities, Devon Johnson and Ben Lowe (2015)


Realignment Strategies in the US Retail Industry During a Recessionary Time Dominant Themes, Trends, and Propositions, Manveer Mann, Sang Eun Byun, and Yishuang Li (2015)

Athlete Reputational Crisis and Consumer Evaluation, Shintaro Sato, Yong Jae Ko, Chanmin Park, and Weiting Tao (2015)

Submissions from 2014


Consumer financial anxiety: US regional financial service firms’ trust building response to the financial crisis, Devon Johnson and Mark Peterson (2014)

Enabling Multidisciplinary Perspective in Student Design Project: Fast Fashion and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems, Vukica Jovanovic, Manveer Mann, Petros J. Katsioloudis, and Daniel L. Dickerson (2014)

Corporate sustainability programs and reportingResponsibility commitment and thought leadership at Starbucks, Mark Kay (2014)


The Store-as-a-Brand Strategy: The Effect of Store Environment on Customer Responses, Archana Kumar and Youn Kyung Kim (2014)


Does Information and Communication Technology Improve Job Satisfaction? The Moderating Role of Sales Technology Orientation, Yam Limbu, C Jayachandran, and Barry J. Babin (2014)

Assessment of Leading Apparel Specialty Retailers’ CSR: Practices As Communicated on Corporate Websites: Problems and Opportunities, Manveer Mann, Sang Eun Byun, Hyejeong Kim, and Kelli Hoggle (2014)

Rethinking Innovation : Global Perspectives, Ram Subramanian, Martin Rahe, Vishnuprasad Nagadevara, and C. Jayachandran (2014)

Submissions from 2013

The Impact of Brand Experience on Downtown Success, Eric Beckman, Archana Kumar, and Youn Kyung Kim (2013)

Marketing Strategy: The Thinking Involved, Mark E. Hill (2013)

The Role of Personal Cultural Orientation in Consumer Ethnocentrism Among Indian Consumers, Archana Kumar, Ann Fairhurst, and Youn Kyung Kim (2013)

Pharmaceutical Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Past, Present, and Future, Avinandan Mukherjee and Yam Limbu (2013)

A Review of Research on Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs: Directions for Future Research, Avinandan Mukherjee, Yam Limbu, and Isaac Wanasika (2013)

Impact of corporate social responsibility on employee organizational commitment within the gaming industry, Sylvia Smith and Archana Kumar (2013)

Submissions from 2012

The Role of Varying Information Quantity in Ads on Immediate and Enduring Cross-Media Synergies, Patrali Chatterjee (2012)

Online Comparison Shopping Behavior of Travel Consumers, Patrali Chatterjee and Yawei Wang (2012)

Customer Relationship Management Processes: How Faithful Are Business-to-Business Firms to Customer Profitability?, Devon Johnson, Bruce H. Clark, and Gloria Barczak (2012)

An Examination of Humor and Endorser Effects on Consumers' Responses to Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: The Moderating Role of Product Involvement, Yam Limbu, Bruce A. Huhmann, and Robin T. Peterson (2012)

Are College Students At Greater Risk of Credit Card Abuse Age, Gender, Materialism and Parental Influence on Consumer Response to Credit Cards, Yam Limbu, Bruce A. Huhmann, and Bing Xu (2012)

Perceived Ethics of Online Retailers and Consumer Behavioral Intentions: The Mediating Roles of Trust and Attitude, Yam Limbu, Marco Wolf, and Dale Lunsford (2012)

Submissions from 2011

The Influence of Others: The Impact of Perceived Human Crowding on Perceived Competition, Emotions, and Hedonic Shopping Value, Sang Eun Byun and Manveer Mann (2011)

Can Unconscious-Conscious Processing Sequences Enhance Ad Exposure Outcomes, Patrali Chatterjee (2011)

Drivers of New Product Recommending and Referral Behaviour on Social Network Sites, Patrali Chatterjee (2011)


Framing Online Promotions: Shipping Price Inflation and Deal Value Perceptions, Patrali Chatterjee (2011)

Ethnocentric Tendencies of Indian Consumers: Impact on Preference for Domestic Versus Foreign Products, Archana Kumar, Ann Fairhurst, and Youn Kyung Kim (2011)

Consumers' Perceptions of Online Ethics and Its Effects on Satisfaction and Loyalty, Yam Limbu, Marco Wolf, and Dale L. Lunsford (2011)

Accessing Opportunities in Apparel Retail Sectors in India: Porter's Diamond Approach, Manveer Mann and Sang Eun Byun (2011)

Assessment of Five Competitive Forces of the Indian Apparel Retail Industry: Entry and Expansion Strategies for Foreign Retailers, Manveer Mann and Sang Eun Byun (2011)

The Evolution of Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Toward the Open Innovation Model - Can Pharma Reinvent Itself?, Ram Subramanian, Jeffrey H. Toney, and C Jayachandran (2011)

Submissions from 2010


Brand Analyses of U.S. Global and Local Brands in India: The Case of Levi's, Vertica Bhardwaj, Archana Kumar, and Youn Kyung Kim (2010)

Causes and Consequences of 'Order Online Pick Up in-Store' Shopping Behavior, Patrali Chatterjee (2010)

Multiple-Channel and Cross-Channel Shopping Behavior: Role of Consumer Shopping Orientations, Patrali Chatterjee (2010)

Customized Online Promotions: Moderating Effect of Promotion Type on Deal Value, Perceived Fairness, and Purchase Intent, Patrali Chatterjee and John McGinnis (2010)

Marketing Strategy in Play: Questioning to Create Difference, Mark E. Hill (2010)


Indian Consumers' Brand Equity Toward a US and Local Apparel Brand, Hyun Joo Lee, Archana Kumar, and Youn Kyung Kim (2010)

Student Characteristics and Perspectives in Entrepreneurship Courses: a Profile, Robin T. Peterson and Yam Limbu (2010)

Antecedents and Consequences of Attitudes Toward Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs, Ivonne M. Torres and Yam Limbu (2010)

Submissions from 2009


Green Brand Extension Strategy and Online Communities, Heikki Karjaluoto and Patrali Chatterjee (2009)

Indian Consumers' Purchase Intention Toward a United States Versus Local Brand, Archana Kumar, Hyun Joo Lee, and Youn Kyung Kim (2009)

The Effects of Involvement and Ad Type on Attitudes Toward Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs, Yam Limbu and Ivonne M. Torres (2009)

The Convergence of Mirroring and Empathy: Communications Training in Business-to-Business Personal Selling Persuasion Efforts, Robin T. Peterson and Yam Limbu (2009)


The Depiction of Female Models in Sport Television Commercials in the United States by Degree of Slenderness: An Appraisal, Robin T. Peterson, Bing Xu, and Yam Limbu (2009)

Submissions from 2008


Returns on e-branding investmentLinking pre-acquisition marketing activity to customer profitability, Patrali Chatterjee (2008)


Is Firm Trust Essential in a Trusted Environment? How Trust in the Business Context Influences Customers, Kent Grayson, Devon Johnson, and Der Fa Robert Chen (2008)

Beyond Trial: Consumer Assimilation of Electronic Channels, Devon Johnson (2008)

Understanding How Technology Paradoxes Affect Customer Satisfaction With Self-Service Technology: The Role of Performance Ambiguity and Trust in Technology, Devon Johnson, Fleura Bardhi, and Dan T. Dunn (2008)

Age Differences in Mobile Service Perceptions: Comparison of Generation Y and Baby Boomers, Archana Kumar and Heejin Lim (2008)

Gender and Loyalty in the Context of Mobile Services, Heejin Lim and Archana Kumar (2008)