Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Counseling, College of Education and Human Services, are collected here.


Submissions from 2021


Military Service and Offending Behaviors of Emerging Adults: A Conceptual Review, Christopher Salvatore and Travis A. Taniguchi (2021)

Submissions from 2019


Turning to Waheguru: Religious and Cultural Coping Mechanisms of Bereaved Sikhs, Muninder Ahluwalia and Raman Kaur Mohabir (2019)


Sikh Youth Coming of Age: Reflections on the Decision to Tie a Turban, Muninder Ahluwalia, Tyce Nadrich, and Ikbal Singh Ahluwalia (2019)


Microaggression Experiences of Fathers with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Michael Hannon, Raymond Blanchard, and Cassandra A. Storlie (2019)


School Counselors, Multiple Student Deaths, and Grief: A Narrative Inquiry, Michael Hannon, Raman K. Mohabir, Richard E. Cleveland, and Brandon Hunt (2019)


Contributing Factors to Earning Tenure among Black Male Counselor Educators, Michael Hannon, Tyce Nadrich, Alfonso L. Ferguson, Matthew W. Bonner, David J. Ford, and Linwood G. Vereen (2019)

Submissions from 2018


Are Charter Schools the Second Coming of Enron?: An Examination of the Gatekeepers That Protect Against Dangerous Related-Party Transactions in the Charter School Sectors, Preston C. Green, Bruce D. Baker, and Joseph Oluwole (2018)


Influence of Autism on Fathering Style among Black American Fathers: A Narrative Inquiry, Michael Hannon, Ebony E. White, and Tyce Nadrich (2018)

Submissions from 2017


Acknowledging Intersectionality: An Autoethnography of a Black School Counselor Educator & Father of a Student with Autism, Michael Hannon (2017)


Fathers’ Orientation to their Children’s Autism Diagnosis: A Grounded Theory Study, Michael Hannon and La Chan V. Hannon (2017)

A Guide to Graduate Programs in Counseling, Tyler M. Kimbel and Dana Heller Levitt (2017)


Developing the Ultimate Course Search Tool: A Pilot Study, Edina Renfro-Michel and Sailume Walo-Roberts (2017)


Black Existentialism: Extending the Discourse on Meaning and Existence, Linwood G. Vereen, Lisa A. Wines, Tamiko Lemberger-Truelove, Michael Hannon, Natasha Howard, and Isaac Burt (2017)

Submissions from 2016


“Do You Know Your Real Parents?” And Other Adoption Microaggressions, Amanda Baden (2016)


Irreducibility of Black Male Clients: Considerations for Culturally Competent Counseling, Michael Hannon and Linwood G. Vereen (2016)


UCS: Ultimate Course Search, Sheetal Rajgure, Vincent Oria, Krithika Raghavan, Hardik Dasadia, Sai Shashank Devannagari, Reza Curtmola, James Geller, Pierre Gouton, Edina Renfro-Michel, and Soon Ae Chun (2016)


Indexing Multimedia Learning Materials in Ultimate Course Search, Sheetal Rajgure, Krithika Raghavan, Vincent Oria, Reza Curtmola, Edina Renfro-Michel, and Pierre Gouton (2016)

Submissions from 2015


Gender Self-Confidence and Social Influence: Impact on Working Alliance, Ruthann Smith Anderson and Dana Levitt (2015)


Culture Camp, Ethnic Identity, and Adoption Socialization for Korean Adoptees: A Pretest and Posttest Study, Amanda Baden (2015)


Addressing the Needs of Low-Income School-Age Children: A Teaching Model, Peggy L. Ceballos and Angela Sheely-Moore (2015)


New Trends and Directions in Ethnic Identity among Internationally Transracially Adopted Persons: Summary of Special Issue, Rosa Rosnati, Ellen E. Pinderhughes, Amanda Baden, Harold D. Grotevant, Richard M. Lee, and Jayashree Mohanty (2015)


Teacher Satisfaction and Turnover in Charter Schools: Examining the Variations and Possibilities for Collective Bargaining in State Laws, A. Chris Torres and Joseph Oluwole (2015)

Submissions from 2014


Best Practices in Clinical Supervision: Evolution of a Counseling Specialty, Harriet L. Glosoff, L. DiAnne Borders, Laura E. Welfare, Danica G. Hays, Lorraine DeKruyf, Delini M. Fernando, and Betsy Page (2014)


Evidence-Based Teaching in Higher Education: Application to Counselor Education, Krista M. Malott, K. Hridaya Hall, Angela Sheely-Moore, Megan M. Krell, and Leeann Cardaciotto (2014)


Counseling College Women: The Interplay of Psychological Development, Social Factors, Alcohol, and Sexual Risk-Taking, Alyson M. Pompeo, Leslie Kooyman, and Gloria Pierce (2014)


A Path of Counselor Self-Awareness, Alyson M. Pompeo and Dana Levitt (2014)

Submissions from 2013


A Call to Integrate Religious Communities Into Practice: The Case of Sikhs, Muninder Ahluwalia and Anjali Alimchandani (2013)


International Adoption: Counseling and the Adoption Triad, Amanda Baden, Judith L. Gibbons, Samantha L. Wilson, and Hollee McGinnis (2013)


The Legal Consequences of Mandating High Stakes Decisions Based on Low Quality Information: Teacher Evaluation in the Race-to-the-Top Era, Bruce D. Baker, Joseph Oluwole, and Preston C. Green (2013)

Men and Body Image: Current Issues and Counseling Implications, Larry D. Burlew and Matthew Shurts (2013)

Moral Orientation as a Component of Ethical Decision Making, Dana Levitt and Ashley A. Aligo (2013)

Values and Ethics in Counseling : Real-Life Ethical Decision Making, Dana Heller Levitt and Holly J. Hartwig Moorhead (2013)

Submissions from 2012


A Call to Integrate Religious Communities Into Practice: The Case of Sikhs, Muninder Kaur Ahluwalia and Anjali Alimchandani (2012)

Reclaiming Culture: Reculturation of Transracial and International Adoptees, Amanda Baden, Lisa M. Treweeke, and Muninder Ahluwalia (2012)

Gift Giving and Receiving in Child-Centered Play Therapy: An Ethical Response, Pedro J. Blanco and Angela Sheely-Moore (2012)

Relationships among Young Adults' Marital Messages Received, Marital Attitudes, and Relationship Self-Efficacy, Matthew Shurts and Jane E. Myers (2012)

Submissions from 2011

Holding My Breath: The Experience of Being Sikh after 9/11, Muninder Ahluwalia (2011)


Holding My Breath: The Experience of Being Sikh After 9/11, Muninder Kaur Ahluwalia (2011)

Hooking Up and Identity Development of Female College Students, Leslie Kooyman, Gloria Pierce, and Amy Zavadil (2011)

Empowering Head Start African American and Latino Families: Promoting Strengths-Based Parenting Characteristics through Child Parent Relationship Training-an Evidence-Based Group Parenting Program, Angela Sheely-Moore and Peggy L. Ceballos (2011)

Infusing Multicultural and Social Justice Competencies within Counseling Practice: A Guide for Trainers, Angela Sheely-Moore and Leslie Kooyman (2011)

Submissions from 2010

Sikh Men Post-9/11: Misidentification, Discrimination, and Coping, Muninder Ahluwalia and Laura Pellettiere (2010)

Combining Career and Couples Counseling for College Students: A Narrative Approach, Melinda M. Gibbons and Matthew Shurts (2010)


Spiritual Bypass: A Preliminary Investigation, Harriet L. Glosoff, Craig S. Cashwell, and Chereé Hammond (2010)


Rehabilitation Counselor Education and the New Code of Ethics, Harriet L. Glosoff and Rocco Cottone (2010)


Using Supervision to Prepare Social Justice Counseling Advocates, Harriet L. Glosoff and Judith C. Durham (2010)


Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation Counselor Supervision and the New 2010 Code of Ethics, Harriet L. Glosoff and Kathe F. Matrone (2010)

Women and Leadership: A Developmental Paradox?, Dana Levitt (2010)

Using Technology to Enhance Adult Learning in the Counselor Education Classroom, Edina Renfro-Michel, Kim C. O'Halloran, and Megan E. Delaney (2010)

Submissions from 2009


Religious Identity and Cultural Diversity: Exploring the Relationships between Religious Identity, Sexism, Homophobia, and Multicultural Competence, Richard S. Balkin, Lewis Z. Schlosser, and Dana Levitt (2009)


New Mandates and Imperatives in the Revised ACA Code of Ethics, Harriet L. Glosoff, David M. Kaplan, Michael M. Kocet, R. Rocco Cottone, Judith G. Miranti, Christine Moll, John W. Bloom, Tammy B. Bringaze, Barbara Herlihy, Courtland C. Lee, and Vilia M. Tarvydas (2009)

the Interaction of Work Adjustment and Attachment Theory: Employment Counseling Implications, Edina Renfro-Michel, Larry D. Burlew, and Tracey Robert (2009)

the Relationship Between Counseling Supervisee Attachment Orientation and Perceived Bond with Supervisor, Edina Renfro-Michel and Carl J. Sheperis (2009)

Submissions from 2008

Predictors of High-Risk Sexual Behavior among Gay Men and Men Who Have Sex with Men, Leslie Kooyman (2008)

Participation in Athletic Activities and Eating Disordered Behavior, Dana Levitt (2008)

Pre-Union Counseling: A Call to Action, Matthew Shurts (2008)

Submissions from 2007


The Pond You Fish In Determines the Fish You Catch: Exploring Strategies for Qualitative Data Collection, Muninder Kaur Ahluwalia, Lisa A. Suzuki, Agnes Kwong Arora, and Jacqueline S. Mattis (2007)


Locked Up Means Locked Out: Women, Addiction and Incarceration, Vanessa Alleyne (2007)

Counseling Adopted Persons in Adulthood: Integrating Practice and Research, Amanda Baden and Mary O'leary Wiley (2007)

the Pond You Fish in Determines the Fish You Catch: Exploring Strategies for Qualitative Data Collection, Lisa A. Suzuki, Muninder Ahluwalia, Agnes Kwong Arora, and Jacqueline S. Mattis (2007)

Submissions from 2006

Africentric Cultural Values: Their Relation to Positive Mental Health in African American Adolescent Girls, Madonna G. Constantine, Vanessa Alleyne, Barbara C. Wallace, and Deidre C. Franklin-Jackson (2006)

Religion, Spirituality, and Career Development in African American College Students: A Qualitative Inquiry, Madonna G. Constantine, Marie L. Miville, Anika K. Warren, Kathy Gainor, and Ma'at E.L. Lewis-Coles (2006)

Perceived Expectations Related to Promotion and Tenure: A National Survey of CACREP Program Liaisons, Thomas E. Davis, Dana Levitt, Jason M. McGlothlin, and Nicole R. Hill (2006)

Twenty-Five Years of Self-Efficacy in Career Assessment and Practice, Kathy Gainor (2006)

Preparing Counselors-in-Training to Work with Couples: Using Role-Plays and Reflecting Teams, Matthew Shurts, Craig S. Cashwell, Shawn L. Spurgeon, Suzanne Degges-White, Casey A. Barrio, and Kerrie N. Kardatzke (2006)

Submissions from 2005


Ethnography in counseling psychology research: Possibilities for application., Muninder Kaur Ahluwalia, Lisa A. Suzuki, Jacqueline S. Mattis, and Cherubim A. Quizon (2005)


Birth Parents in Adoption: Research, Practice, and Counseling Psychology, Amanda Baden and Mary O'Leary Wiley (2005)

Coping Responses of Asian, Black, and Latino/Latina New York City Residents Following the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks Against the United States, Madonna G. Constantine, Vanessa Alleyne, Leon D. Caldwell, Mary B. McRae, and Lisa A. Suzuki (2005)

A Qualitative Investigation of the Cultural Adjustment Experiences of Asian International College Women, Madonna G. Constantine, Mai Kindaichi, Sumie Okazaki, Kathy A. Gainor, and Amanda Baden (2005)

Current and Preferred Clinical Supervision Experiences of Home-Based Treatment Providers, John R. Culbreth, Mark S. Woodford, Dana Levitt, and Kathleen M. May (2005)


Social Justice: The Moral Imperative of Vocational Psychology, Kathy Gainor (2005)

Social Cognitive Predictors of Domain and Life Satisfaction: Exploring the Theoretical Precursors of Subjective Well-Being, Robert W. Lent, H. Daniel Singley, Ung Bin Sheu, Kathy Gainor, Bradley R. Brenner, Dana Treistman, and Lisa Ades (2005)

Ethnography in Counseling Psychology Research: Possibilities for Application, Lisa A. Suzuki, Jacqueline S. Mattis, Muninder Ahluwalia, and Cherubim A. Quizon (2005)

Birth Parents in Adoption: Research, Practice, and Counseling Psychology, Mary O'Leary Wiley and Amanda Baden (2005)

Submissions from 2004


Two Decades of Research on the Problem Solving Inventory A Call for Empirical Clarity, Muninder Kaur Ahluwalia and Lisa A. Suzuki (2004)

Using the Developmental Counseling and Therapy Model to Work with a Client in Spiritual Bypass: Some Preliminary Considerations, Craig S. Cashwell, Jane E. Myers, and Matthew Shurts (2004)

Depressive Symptoms and Attitudes Toward Counseling As Predictors of Biracial College Women's Psychological Help-Seeking Behavior, Madonna G. Constantine and Kathy Gainor (2004)

Ethical Responsibilities in Training Marriage and Family Counselors, Dana Levitt (2004)

Child-Centered Kinder Training for Teachers of Pre-School Children Deemed: At-Risk, Phyllis Post, Angela Sheely-Moore, Melissa McAllister, Barbara Hess, and Claudia Flowers (2004)

Providing Career Counseling for Collegiate Student-Athletes: A Learning Theory Approach, Matthew Shurts and Marie F. Shofftier (2004)

Two Decades of Research on the Problem-Solving Inventory: A Call for Empirical Clarity, Lisa A. Suzuki and Muninder Ahluwalia (2004)

Submissions from 2003


The Practice of Adoption: History, Trends, and Social Context, Amanda Baden, Kathy P. Zamostny, Karen M. O'Brien, and Mary O'Leary Wiley (2003)


The Practice of Adoption: History, Trends, and Social Context, Amanda Baden, Kathy P. Zamostny, Karen M. O'Brien, and Mary O'Leary Wiley (2003)


Breaking the Silence: Advancing Knowledge About Adoption for Counseling Psychologists, Amanda Baden, Kathy P. Zamostny, Mary O'Leary Wiley, Karen M. O'Brien, and Richard M. Lee (2003)

Independent and Interdependent Self-Construals, Individualism, Collectivism, and Harmony Control in African Americans, Madonna G. Constantine, Kathy A. Gainor, Muninder Ahluwalia, and La Verne A. Berkel (2003)

Drive for Thinness and Fear of Fat: Separate Yet Related Constructs?, Dana Levitt (2003)


Religious Diversity From a Jewish Perspective, Dana Levitt and Richard S. Balkin (2003)

the Practice of Adoption: History, Trends, and Social Context, Kathy P. Zamostny, Karen M. O'Brien, and Amanda Baden (2003)

Breaking the Silence: Advancing Knowledge about Adoption for Counseling Psychologists, Kathy P. Zamostny, Mary Wiley, Karen M. O'brien, Richard M. Lee, and Amanda Baden (2003)

Submissions from 2002

the Psychological Adjustment of Transracial Adoptees: An Application of the Cultural-Racial Identity Model, Amanda Baden (2002)

Religious Participation, Spirituality, and Coping among African American College Students, Madonna G. Constantine, Leo Wilton, Kathy Gainor, and Erica L. Lewis (2002)

Taking Adoption Issues into the New Millennium: An Introduction, Rafael Art Javier, Amanda Baden, John G. Cottone, and Seanna Kaye Denham (2002)

Active Listening and Counselor Self-Efficacy: Emphasis on one Microskill in Beginning Counselor Training, Dana Levitt (2002)

Measuring Positive Emotionality: A Review of Instruments Assessing Love, Jane E. Myers and Matthew Shurts (2002)

Submissions from 2001

Anorexia Nervosa: Treatment in the Family Context, Dana Levitt (2001)

Submissions from 2000

A Framework for Use with Racially and Culturally Integrated Families: The Cultural-Racial Identity Model as Applied to Transracial Adoption, Amanda Baden and Robbie J. Steward (2000)

Submissions from 1999


Managed Care: Ethical Considerations for Counselors, Harriet L. Glosoff, Jorge Garcia, and Barbara Herlihy (1999)

Submissions from 1998

Social Cognitive Expectations and Racial Identity Attitudes in Predicting the Math Choice Intentions of Black College Students, Kathy Gainor and Robert W. Lent (1998)

the Relationships among Counselor-Trainees' Gender, Cognitive Development, and White Racial Identity: Implications for Counselor Training, Robbie J. Steward, Karyn J. Boatwright, Eric Sauer, Amanda Baden, and James D. Jackson (1998)

Submissions from 1995


The 1994 ACA Model Legislation For Licensed Professional Counselors, Harriet L. Glosoff, James M. Benshoff, Thomas W. Hosie, and Dennis R. Maki (1995)