Class Information

Class: MSYou! Change Making & Social Entrepreneurship (Spring 2022):
NOTE: Taking this class for credit is optional.

This class takes a group of Disruption Fellows who have identified a real world issue that they wish to tackle through the process of Innovation and Community Changemaking. The class begins with two workshops in the fall semester and begins the deep dive into innovation and changemaking in the spring semester. Students will work in self-selected teams through a series of three design sprints: Disclose, Deviate and Emerge. They will meet regularly in class for workshops, mentorship and studio time. As critical project benchmarks are reached funding will be made available to develop the projects. At the end of the semester a working prototype of the project will be presented to the community.

  • Taking the course for credit is optional.
  • There will be stipends offered to take this course.
  • Students will receive a Disruption Fellow badge.
  • Free access to the innovation/disruption lab at the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (the MIX Lab).
  • Exclusive events, presentations, field trips and engagements will be part of this course.