What Will I Need to Do?

This program will be run as a highly innovative workshop over the Spring 2022 semester. Note: taking it for credit is optional, but the group will meet at a scheduled time on a weekly basis. In addition, Fellows will have two short preparatory workshops during the Fall 2021 semester. Below is a breakdown of what is required:

  • Submit a proposal (minimum of 1 paragraph but no more than 2 paragraphs total) that answers the following questions:
    • If you could change one thing at MSU to make it better, what would you change?
    • Why?
    • How?
    • With whom would you work?
  • Submit an additional short answer (no more than a paragraph) explaining how your background or experience have shaped your commitment to community engagement.
  • Attend 2 workshops in the Fall Term – October 27, 2021 (on ideation & strategy) and December 8, 2021 (on concept development). Each workshop will be 3 hours.
  • Participation in a 2.5 hour weekly class in the Spring 2022 Term.
    • Workshop-based class
    • Team-based project development
    • Mentorship guidance
    • Unique support provided for each team and project
    • Goal is to have a tangible outcome/impact by May 2022
  • Participation in about 10 hours of independent changemaking research and team project work weekly.

Proposal Deadline is Tuesday, October 22, 2021 at 11:59 P.M. Please visit our Student Participation and Proposal Guidelines for further details on proposal specifics, and participation requirements.