Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Human Services, are collected here.


Submissions from 2013

Education Should Be Free! Occupy the DOE!: Teacher Activists Involved in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Bree Picower (2013)

You Can't Change What You Don't See: Developing New Teachers' Political Understanding of Education, Bree Picower (2013)

Re-Imagining Language, Culture, and Family in Foster Care, Victoria Puig (2013)

Submissions from 2012


Teacher Counternarratives: Transgressing and Restorying Disability in Education, Alicia Broderick, Greta Hawkins, Stefanie Henze, Corinthia Mirasol-Spath, Rachel Pollack-Berkovits, Holly Prozzo Clune, Elizabeth Skovera, and Christina Steel (2012)

Epistemological Threads in the Fabric of Pedagogical Research, Marilyn J. Chambliss, Patricia A. Alexander, and Jeremy Price (2012)


Community and Connection in Inclusive Early-Childhood Education: A Participatory Action Research Investigation, Elizabeth Erwin, Victoria Puig, Tara L. Evenson, and Madeleine Beresford (2012)

Adult Basic Education in the Age of New Literacies, Erik Jacobson (2012)


Parents' Participation in Special Education in the Context of Implicit Educational Ideologies and Socioeconomic Status, Priya Lalvani (2012)

Misconceptions About "Misconceptions": Preservice Secondary Science Teachers' Views On the Value and Role of Student Ideas, Douglas Larkin (2012)

Using the Conceptual Change Model of Learning as An Analytic Tool in Researching Teacher Preparation for Student Diversity, Douglas Larkin (2012)

Practice What You Teach : Social Justice Education in the Classroom and the Streets, Bree Picower (2012)


Teacher Activism: Enacting a Vision for Social Justice, Bree Picower (2012)


Using Their Words: Six Elements of Social Justice Curriculum Design for the Elementary Classroom, Bree Picower (2012)

Cultural and Linguistic Alchemy: Mining the Resources of Spanish-Speaking Children and Families Receiving Early Intervention Services, Victoria Puig (2012)

Urban Advocates for Young Children with Special Needs: First-Year Early Childhood Teachers Enacting Social Justice, Victoria Puig and Susan L. Recchia (2012)

In and Out of Synch: Infant Childcare Teachers' Adaptations to Infants' Developmental Changes, Susan L. Recchia and Minsun Shin (2012)

The Role of Joint Attention in Social Communication and Play Among Infants, Minsun Shin (2012)

A Comparison of Video Feedback and in Vivo Self-Monitoring On the Social Interactions of An Adolescent with Asperger Syndrome, Talida State and Lee Kern (2012)

Submissions from 2011


Disability Studies in Education: The Need for a Plurality of Perspectives On Disability, Susan Baglieri, Jan W. Valle, David J. Connor, and Deborah J. Gallagher (2011)

Understanding Qualitative Metasynthesis: Issues and Opportunities in Early Childhood Intervention Research, Elizabeth Erwin, Mary Jane Brotherson, and Jean Ann Summers (2011)

Imaging the Frame: Media Representations of Teachers, Their Unions, NCLB, and Education Reform, Rebecca Goldstein (2011)

Reflections On Urban Science Teacher-Student Self-Efficacy Dynamics, Sumi Hagiwara, Maria S.Rivera Maulucci, and S. Lizette Ramos (2011)

Wearing the “Student Hat”: Experiential Professional Development in Expeditionary Learning Schools, Emily J Klein and Meg Riordan (2011)

Constructing the (M)Other: Dominant and Contested Narratives on Mothering a Child with Down Syndrome, Priya Lalvani (2011)

New literacies, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel (2011)

Performance: A Strategy for Professional Development in Early Childhood Teacher Preparation, Susan P. Maude, Mary Jane Brotherson, Jean Ann Summers, Elizabeth Erwin, Susan Palmer, Nancy F. Peck, Yu Zhu Zheng, Aryn Kruse, Shana J. Haines, and Cindy J. Weigel (2011)

Friends Or Foes? Communicating Feelings Through Language in Cross-Cultural Interactions, Fernando Naiditch (2011)

Resisting Compliance: Learning to Teach for Social Justice in a Neoliberal Context, Bree Picower (2011)

Elementary Pre-Service Teacher Preparation in the Area of Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Problems, Talida State, Lee Kern, Kristin M. Starosta, and Anuja Divatia Mukherjee (2011)

Changing Leadership: Teachers Lead the Way for Schools That Learn, Monica Taylor, Jennifer Goeke, Emily J Klein, Cynthia Onore, and Kristi Geist (2011)

Submissions from 2010

Are Early Intervention Services Placing Home Languages and Cultures "at Risk"?, Victoria Puig (2010)

'Baby Teachers': How Pre-Service Early Childhood Students Transform Their Conceptions of Teaching and Learning Through An Infant Practicum, Susan L. Recchia and Minsun Shin (2010)

Peeking at the Relationship World of Infant Friends and Caregivers, Minsun Shin (2010)

Submissions from 2009

Autism, "Recovery (to Normalcy)," and the Politics of Hope, Alicia Broderick (2009)

The Lives of Sesame Street: The Impact of Foreclosures On Young Children and Families, Danne Davis and Minsun Shin (2009)

How to Promote Self-Determination for Young Children with Disabilities: Evidenced-Based Strategies for Early Childhood Practitioners and Families, Elizabeth Erwin, Mary Jane Brotherson, Susan B. Palmer, Christine C. Cook, Cindy J. Weigel, and Jean Ann Summers (2009)

Transformation in Reverse: Naive Assumptions of An Urban Educator, Sumi Hagiwara and Susan Wray (2009)

Online Presentations of Research On Adult Literacy: Government Websites as Learning Spaces, Erik Jacobson (2009)

Wikis, Digital Literacies, and Professional Growth, Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear (2009)

Let's Talk 2.0, Michele Knobel and Dana Wilber (2009)

More Than Words: Chris Searle's Approach to Critical Literacy as Cultural Action, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel (2009)


Implementing and Sustaining Science Curriculum Reform: A Study of Leadership Practices Among Teachers within a High School Science Department, Douglas Larkin, Scott C. Seyforth, and Holly J. Lasky (2009)

Going to Scale with New School Designs : Reinventing High School, Joseph P. McDonald, Emily J. Klein, and Meg Riordan (2009)

The Unexamined Whiteness of Teaching: How White Teachers Maintain and Enact Dominant Racial Ideologies, Bree Picower (2009)

Submissions from 2008


'I Connected': Reflection and Biography in Teacher Learning Toward Inclusion, Susan Baglieri (2008)

Autism as Metaphor: Narrative and Counter-Narrative, Alicia Broderick and Ari Ne'Eman (2008)


Understanding Self-Determination and Families of Young Children with Disabilities in Home Environments, Mary Jane Brotherson, Christine C. Cook, Elizabeth Erwin, and Cindy J. Weigel (2008)


Exposure to Media Violence and Young Children With and Without Disabilities: Powerful Opportunities for Family-Professional Partnerships, Elizabeth Erwin and Naomi Morton (2008)

An Analysis of the Status and Stability of the Behaviors of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties, Charlayne C. Hayling, Clay Cook, Frank M. Gresham, Talida State, and Lee Kern (2008)

Remix: The Art and Craft of Endless Hybridization, Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear (2008)


Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome: Constructing the Sociocultural Meaning of Disability, Priya Lalvani (2008)

Leslie Williams, Teacher Educator, Victoria Puig (2008)

The Early Childhood Professional Mentoring Group: A Forum for Parallel Learning, Victoria Puig and Susan L. Recchia (2008)

Submissions from 2007

The Buddha in the Classroom: Toward a Critical Spiritual Pedagogy, Aditya Adarkar and David Keiser (2007)

Activism, Agency and Expanding Third Spaces, Sumi Hagiwara, Angela Calabrese Barton, and Isobel Contento (2007)

Culture, Food, and Language: Perspectives from Immigrant Mothers in School Science, Sumi Hagiwara, Angela Calabrese Barton, and Isobel Contento (2007)

Rethinking Professional Development: Building a Culture of Teacher Learning, Emily J Klein (2007)


Approaches to Diversifying the Teaching Force: Attending to Issues of Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention, Ana Maria Villegas and Danne Davis (2007)

Submissions from 2006

“I am thinking that speech is asinine” Narrating Complexities and Rethinking the Notion of “Independence” in Communication, Alicia Broderick and Christi Kasa-Hendrickson (2006)

Orton-Gillingham and Orton-Gillingham-Based Reading Instruction: A Review of the Literature, Kristen D. Ritchey and Jennifer Goeke (2006)

Submissions from 2005

from Global Sustainability to Inclusive Education: Understanding Urban Children's Ideas About the Food System, Angela Calabrese Barton, Pamela D. Koch, Isobel R. Contento, and Sumi Hagiwara (2005)

Literacy, Technology and the Economics of Attention, Chris Bigum, Michele Knobel, Colin Lankshear, and Leonie Rowan (2005)


Differentiating Instruction for Disabled Students in Inclusive Classrooms, Alicia Broderick, Heeral Mehta-Parekh, and D. Kim Reid (2005)

“Not the Same Kind of Leaders” Four Young Children’s Unique Ways of Influencing Others, Seung Yeon Lee, Susan L. Recchia, and Minsun Shin (2005)

Manipulative Managers and Devilish Dictators: Teachers’ Perspectives On the Dilemmas and Challenges of Classroom Leadership, Lara S. Mullarkey, Susan L. Recchia, Seung Yeon Lee, Minsun Shin, and Yoon Joo Lee (2005)

Preservice Teachers Becoming Agents of Change: Pedagogical Implications for Action Research, Jeremy Price and Linda Valli (2005)

Heritage Language Instruction at the College Level: Reality and Possibilities, David Schwarzer and Maria Petrón (2005)

Keeping Adults Behind: Adult Literacy Education in the Age of Official Reading Regimes, Eric Weiner (2005)

Submissions from 2004


Normalizing difference in inclusive teaching, Susan Baglieri and Janice H. Knopf (2004)

Who Needs the Government to Police Us When We Can Do It Ourselves? the New Panopticon in Teaching, Rebecca Goldstein (2004)

The Train Has Left: the No Child Left Behind Act Leaves Black and Latino Literacy Learners Waiting at the Station, Dierdre Paul (2004)

Student and Teacher Strategies for Communicating Through Dialogue Journals in Hebrew: A Teacher Research Project, David Schwarzer (2004)

Understanding Early Childhood Leadership: Emerging Competencies in the Context of Relationships, Minsun Shin, Susan L. Recchia, Seung Yeon Lee, Yoon Joo Lee, and Lara S. Mullarkey (2004)


Technology and Equity in Schooling: Deconstructing the Digital Divide, Mark Warschauer, Michele Knobel, and Lee Ann Stone (2004)

Submissions from 2003

from Theory to Practice: A Contextual Framework for Understanding Self-Determination in Early Childhood Environments, Elizabeth Erwin and Fredda Brown (2003)

Parents Speak Out: Facial Plastic Surgery for Children with Down Syndrome, Jennifer Goeke (2003)

Parental Opinions About Facial Plastic Surgery for Individuals with Down Syndrome, Jennifer Goeke, Danielle Kassow, Deborah May, and Deborah Kundert (2003)

Networking for Teacher Learning: Toward a Theory of Effective Design, Joseph P. McDonald and Emily J Klein (2003)

A Qualitative Assessment of a Foreign Language Whole Language Class, David Schwarzer (2003)

Secretary Paulo Freire and the Democratization of Power: Toward a Theory of Transformative Leadership, Eric Weiner (2003)

Submissions from 2002

Children, Literacy and the Uk National Grid for Learning, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel (2002)

Coming Apart at the Seam, Dierdre Paul (2002)

Lessons from Against the Odds, Jeremy Price (2002)


Implementing Inclusive Early Childhood Education: A Call for Professional Empowerment, Leslie C. Soodak, Elizabeth Erwin, Pam Winton, Mary Jane Brotherson, Ann P. Turnbull, Marci J. Hanson, and Linda M.J. Brault (2002)

Beyond Remediation: Ideological Literacies of Learning in Developmental Classrooms, Eric Weiner (2002)

Submissions from 2001

Underprivileged Urban Mothers' Perspectives On Science, Angela Calabrese Barton, Toby J. Hindin, Isobel R. Contento, Michelle Trudeau, Kimberley Yang, Sumi Hagiwara, and Pamela D. Koch (2001)

“Say Just One Word at First”: the Emergence of Reliable Speech in a Student Labeled with Autism, Alicia Broderick and Christi Kasa-Hendrickson (2001)

"Say Just One Word at First": the Emergence of Reliable Speech in a Student Labeled with Autism, Alicia Broderick and Christi Kasa-Hendrickson (2001)

"You Don't Have to Be Sighted to Be a Scientist, Do You?" Issues and Outcomes in Science Education, Elizabeth Erwin, T. S. Perkins, J. Ayala, M. Fine, and E. Rubin (2001)

"I'm Not a Pencil Man": How One Student Challenges Our Notions of Literacy "Failure" in School, Michele Knobel (2001)

Action Research, Pedagogy and Change: The Transformative Potential of Action Research in Pre-Service Teacher Education, Jeremy Price (2001)

Independence, Participation, and the Meaning of Intellectual Ability, S. Rubin, D. Biklen, C. Kasa-Hendrickson, P. Kluth, D. N. Cardinal, and Alicia Broderick (2001)

Whole Language in a Foreign Language Class: From Theory to Practice, David Schwarzer (2001)

Concretizing Possibility Through a Pedagogy/Politics of Critical Engagement: A Radical Alternative for the Future of Higher Education, Eric Weiner (2001)

Submissions from 2000

Inclusion and Classroom Membership in Early Childhood, Elizabeth Erwin and Margaret Guintini (2000)


Producing Possible Hannahs: Theory and the Subject of Research, Eileen Honan, Michele Knobel, Carolyn Baker, and Bronwyn Davies (2000)

Rap and Orality: Critical Media Literacy, Pedagogy, and Cultural Synchronization, Dierdre Paul (2000)


Valued Member Or Tolerated Participant: Parents' Experiences in Inclusive Early Childhood Settings, Leslie C. Soodak and Elizabeth Erwin (2000)

Submissions from 1999


A Qualitative Study of Social Dynamics in An Inclusive Preschool, Elizabeth Erwin, Elizabeth Alimaras, and Nikki Price (1999)

Creating Supports for Young Children with Disabilities in Natural Environments, Elizabeth Erwin and Robin Schreiber (1999)