Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Human Services, are collected here.


Submissions from 2023

Disability Studies and the Inclusive Classroom : Critical Practices for Embracing Diversity in Education, Susan Baglieri (2023)

Our Bodies Tell the Story : Using Feminist Research and Friendship to Reimagine Education and Our Lives, Emily J. Klein and Monica Taylor (2023)

Submissions from 2022

The Autism Industrial Complex : How Branding, Marketing, and Capital Investment Turned Autism Into Big Business, Alicia A. Broderick (2022)

Submissions from 2021


Autism, Inc.: The Autism Industrial Complex, Alicia A. Broderick and Robin Roscigno (2021)


The Co-Teacher's Guide : Intensifying Instruction Beyond One Teach, One Support, Jennifer L. Goeke (2021)

Reading, Writing, and Racism : Disrupting Whiteness in Teacher Education and in the Classroom, Bree Picower (2021)


Conversations with Families of Children with Disabilities : Insights for Teacher Understanding, Victoria I. Puig and Susan L. Recchia (2021)

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education : Conceptos Fundamentales, David Schwarzer, Mary Petron, and Clarena Larrotta (2021)

Submissions from 2020

Undoing Ableism : Teaching About Disability in K-12 Classrooms, Susan Baglieri and Priya Lalvani (2020)


Their American Dream, Danne Davis (2020)


The Power of Presence : A Guide to Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood, Elizabeth J. Erwin (2020)


Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Theory in Literacy Studies Research : A How-To Guide, Michele Knobel, Judy Kalman, and Colin Lankshear (2020)

Teaching Science in Diverse Classrooms : Real Science for Real Students, Douglas Larkin (2020)

Submissions from 2019


The Impact of Neoliberal School Choice Reforms On Students with Disabilities: Perspectives from New York City, Jessica Bacon (2019)

Constructing the (M)other : Narratives of Disability, Motherhood, and the Politics of Normal, Priya Lalvani (2019)


Rethinking “We Are All Special”: Anti-Ableism Curricula in Early Childhood Classrooms, Priya Lalvani and Jessica Bacon (2019)


Teaching School Finance to Preservice Teachers with a Team-Based Simulation, Douglas Larkin and Tanya Maloney (2019)


“Orange is the New Black” Comes to New Jersey’s Public Schools: Black Girls and Disproportionate Rates of Out‑of‑School Suspensions and Expulsions, Dierdre Paul and Jacqueline Araneo (2019)

Unlearning Failure : Can Urban Schools be Transformed in the New Millennium?, Dierdre G. Paul (2019)


Early Childhood Teachers Finding Voice among Peers: A Reflection on Practice, Susan L. Recchia and Victoria Puig (2019)

Understanding Glocal Contexts in Education : What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know, David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg (2019)


Exploring multisensory experiences in infants’ learning and development in the child care classrooms, Minsun Shin (2019)


“The edTPA took away from my student teaching experience”: The impact of the edTPA on student teaching experiences, Minsun Shin (2019)

Submissions from 2018

Redesigning Special Education Teacher Preparation : Challenges and Solutions, Jennifer L. Goeke, Katherine J. Mitchem, and Kalie R. Kossar (2018)


Active Solidarity: Centering the Demands and Vision of the Black Lives Matter Movement in Teacher Education, Edwin Mayorga and Bree Picower (2018)


Where Is the Love? Developing Loving Relationships as An Essential Component of Professional Infant Care, Susan L. Recchia, Minsun Shin, and Carolina Snaider (2018)


Bridging the Research-to-Practice Gap Through Effective Professional Development for Teachers Working with Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Talida State, Brandi Simonsen, Regina G. Hirn, and Howard Wills (2018)


We Are Victorious: Educator Activism as a Shared Struggle for Human Being, Carolina Valdez, Edward Curammeng, Farima Pour-Khorshid, Rita Kohli, Thomas Nikundiwe, Bree Picower, Carla Shalaby, and David Stovall (2018)

Submissions from 2017


A Disability Studies in Education Analysis of the EdTPA through Teacher Candidate Perspectives, Jessica Bacon and Sheila Blachman (2017)

Disability Studies and the Inclusive Classroom : Critical Practices for Embracing Diversity in Education, Susan Baglieri and Arthur Shapiro (2017)


Dysconscious Ableism: Toward a Liberatory Praxis in Teacher Education, Alicia Broderick and Priya Lalvani (2017)


What’s to be learned? A Review of Sociocultural Digital Literacies Research within Pre-service Teacher Education, Ana Karina de Oliveira Nascimento and Michele Knobel (2017)


“It’s Like Breathing in Blue Skies and Breathing Out Stormy Clouds” Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood, Elizabeth Erwin, Kimberly A. Robinson, Greg S. McGrath, and Corrine J. Harney (2017)


Transition Goals for Youth with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Problems: Parent and Student Knowledge, Judith R. Harrison, Talida State, Howard P. Wills, Beth A. Custer, and Elaine Miller (2017)


Teacher Educators Struggling to Make Complex Practice Explicit: Distancing Teaching through Video, Emily J Klein and Monica Taylor (2017)

Researching New Literacies : Design, Theory, and Data in Sociocultural Investigation, Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear (2017)


Planning for the Elicitation of Students’ Ideas: A Lesson Study Approach with Preservice Science Teachers, Douglas Larkin (2017)

Developing Critical Thinking : From Theory to Classroom Practice, Fernando Naiditch (2017)


Using the Discourse Domain Hypothesis of Interlanguage to Teach Scientific Concepts: Report On a Case Study in Secondary Education, Fernando Naiditch and Larry Selinker (2017)

Beyond Tolerance : Real World Literacy Teaching and Learning for PreK-6, Dierdre G. Paul (2017)

Confronting Racism in Teacher Education : Counternarratives of Critical Practice, Bree Picower and Rita Kohli (2017)


Teacher as Researcher, Teacher as Scholar, and Teacher as Leader, Michael Ryan, Monica Taylor, Amanda Barone, Leslie Della Pesca, Sona Durgana, Kelly Ostrowski, Tonianne Piccirillo, and Kelly Pikaard (2017)


from Advocacy to Activism: Families, Communities, and Collective Change, Janet Story Sauer and Priya Lalvani (2017)

Successful Teaching : What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know, David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg (2017)


Empowering Infants Through Responsive and Intentional Play Activities, Minsun Shin and Thomas Partyka (2017)

Feasibility and Acceptability of Classroom-Based Interventions for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Challenges at the High School Level, Talida State, Judith R. Harrison, Lee Kern, and Timothy J. Lewis (2017)

Life Satisfaction Among High School Students with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Problems, Talida State and Lee Kern (2017)

Submissions from 2016


Promoting Access Through Segregation: The Emergence of the "Prioritized Curriculum" Class, Jessica Bacon, Carrie E. Rood, and Beth A. Ferri (2016)


Studying Teacher Education, Brenna Bohny, Monica Taylor, Sa Qwona S. Clark, Susan D’Elia, Graziela Lobato-Creekmur, Stephanie Brown Tarnowski, and Sara Wasserman (2016)

Jessie, a Girl with Two Moms, Danne Davis (2016)

Fostering the Foundations of Self-Determination in Early Childhood: A Process for Enhancing Child Outcomes Across Home and School, Elizabeth Erwin, Susan P. Maude, Susan B. Palmer, Jean Ann Summers, Mary Jane Brotherson, Shana J. Haines, Vera Stroup-Rentier, Yuzhu Zheng, and Nancy F. Peck (2016)

The Joy of Being: Making Way for Young Children's Natural Mindfulness, Elizabeth Erwin and Kimberly A. Robinson (2016)


The Politics and Practice of Literacy Pedagogy: Ideology and Outcomes in Two Racially Diverse Settings, Margaret Freedson and Wayne Eastman (2016)

Construct and Predictive Validity of Social Acceptability: Scores from High School Teacher Ratings On the School Intervention Rating Form, Judith R. Harrison, Talida State, Steven W. Evans, and Terah Schamberg (2016)

Honing Teaching Philosophies: Creating Pedamantras, David Keiser (2016)

Exploring Inquiry in the Third Space: Case Studies of a Year in An Urban Teacher-Residency Program, Emily J Klein, Monica Taylor, Cynthia Onore, Kathryn Strom, and Linda Abrams (2016)

New Literacies and Teacher Learning : Professional Development and the Digital Turn, Michele Knobel and Judy Kalman (2016)

Reasoning About Race and Pedagogy in Two Preservice Science Teachers: A Critical Race Theory Analysis, Douglas Larkin, Tanya Maloney, and Gail M. Perry-Ryder (2016)

Primary Caregiving as a Framework for Preparing Early Childhood Preservice Students to Understand and Work with Infants, Seung Yeon Lee, Minsun Shin, and Susan L. Recchia (2016)


The Millennial Morphing of the Digital Divide and Its Implications for African American Youngsters in a New Literacies Era (Commentary), Dierdre Paul (2016)

Taking Teacher Learning to Scale: Sharing Knowledge and Spreading Ideas Across Geographies, Meg Riordan, Emily J Klein, and Reva Jaffe-Walter (2016)


Freezing Out Injustice: Using Ice to Foster Democratic Inquiry, Monica Taylor, Emily J Klein, and Liz Carletta (2016)


Poetics of Justice: Using Art as Action and Analysis in Participatory Action Research, Mayida Zaal and Jennifer Ayala (2016)

Submissions from 2015

The Impact of Standards-Based Reform On Special Education and the Creation of the ‘Dividual, Jessica Bacon (2015)

Buddhas Still in Classrooms: Where Is the Mustard Seed?, David Keiser and Aditya Adarkar (2015)

CARS Comprehensive Intervention for Secondary Students with Emotional and Behavioral Problems: Conceptualization and Development, Lee Kern, Steven W. Evans, Timothy J. Lewis, Talida State, Mark D. Weist, and Howard P. Wills (2015)

Scaling Up Teacher Professional Learning: How to Grow Teacher Knowledge While Growing School Networks, Emily J Klein, Reva Jaffe Walter, and Meg Riordan (2015)


Disability, Stigma and Otherness: Perspectives of Parents and Teachers, Priya Lalvani (2015)

Digital Literacy and Digital Literacies: Policy, Pedagogy and Research Considerations for Education, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel (2015)

Without the Light of Evolution: A Case Study of Resistance and Avoidance in Learning to Teach High School Biology, Douglas Larkin and Gail M. Perry-Ryder (2015)

Tools of Inaction: The Impasse Between Teaching Social Issues and Creating Social Change, Bree Picower (2015)

What's Race Got To Do With It : How Current School Reform Policy Maintains Racial and Economic Inequality, Bree Picower and Edwin Mayorga (2015)


"It's a Two-Way Street": Examining How Trust, Diversity, and Contradiction Influence a Sense of Community, Victoria Puig, Elizabeth Erwin, Tara L. Evenson, and Madeleine Beresford (2015)

Preparing Early Childhood Professionals for Relationship-Based Work with Infants, Susan L. Recchia, Seung Yeon Lee, and Minsun Shin (2015)

Enacting Caring Pedagogy in the Infant Classroom, Minsun Shin (2015)

A Year in the Life of a Third Space Urban Teacher Residency : Using Inquiry to Reinvent Teacher Education, Monica Taylor and Emily J. Klein (2015)

Families, Professionals, and Exceptionality : Positive Outcomes Through Partnerships and Trust, Ann Turnbull, H. Rutherford Turnbull, Elizabeth J. Erwin, and Karrie A. Shogren (2015)

Foundations for Self-Determination Perceived and Promoted By Families of Young Children with Disabilities in China, Yuzhu Zheng, Susan P. Maude, Mary Jane Brotherson, Jean Ann Summers, Susan B. Palmer, and Elizabeth Erwin (2015)

Submissions from 2014

Using the “Right Poem” to Raise Sociocultural Consciousness, Danne Davis (2014)

Teacher Educators Using Encounter Stories, Danne Davis and Janna Jackson Kellinger (2014)

Studying New Literacies, Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear (2014)


The Enforcement of Normalcy in Schools and the Disablement of Families: Unpacking Master Narratives On Parental Denial, Priya Lalvani (2014)

Monolingual Teacher Candidates Promoting Translingualism: A Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices Project, David Schwarzer and Mary Fuchs (2014)

Tensions of Reimagining Our Roles as Teacher Educators in a Third Space: Revisiting a Co/Autoethnography Through a Faculty Lens, Monica Taylor, Emily J Klein, and Linda Abrams (2014)


In the Shadow of Tolerance: the discursive context of Dutch-born Muslim youth, Mayida Zaal (2014)

Submissions from 2013

'It Should Be Teamwork': A Critical Investigation of School Practices and Parent Advocacy in Special Education, Jessica Bacon and Julie Causton-Theoharis (2013)


The Impact of Standards-Based Reform: Applying Brantlinger's Critique of Hierarchical Ideologies, Jessica Bacon and Beth Ferri (2013)

Uncovering Our Feminist Pedagogy: A Co/Autoethnography, Lesley Coia and Monica Taylor (2013)

When the Light Turns Blue: Journeying Into Disability Studies Guided By the Work of Ellen Brantlinger, Kathleen M. Collins and Alicia Broderick (2013)

Measuring ADHD and ODD Symptoms and Impairment Using High School Teachers' Ratings, Steven W. Evans, Christine E. Brady, Judith R. Harrison, Nora Bunford, Lee Kern, Talida State, and Christiana Andrews (2013)

Killing Mosquitoes and Keeping Practice: Teacher Education as Sustaining Paradox, David Keiser (2013)

Finding a Third Space in Teacher Education: Creating An Urban Teacher Residency, Emily J Klein, Monica Taylor, Cynthia Onore, Kathryn Strom, and Linda Abrams (2013)


Land of Misfit Toys: Mothers Perceptions of Educational Environments for Their Children with Down Syndrome, Priya Lalvani (2013)


Privilege, Compromise, or Social Justice: Teachers' Conceptualizations of Inclusive Education, Priya Lalvani (2013)


Institutionalized Ableism and the Misguided "Disability Awareness Day": Transformative Pedagogies for Teacher Education, Priya Lalvani and Alicia Broderick (2013)

A New Literacies Reader : Educational Perspectives, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel (2013)

10 Things to Know About Mentoring Student Teachers, Douglas Larkin (2013)

Deep Knowledge : Learning to Teach Science for Understanding and Equity, Douglas B. Larkin (2013)


Foundations for Self-Determination in Early Childhood: An Inclusive Model for Children with Disabilities, Susan B. Palmer, Jean Ann Summers, Mary Jane Brotherson, Elizabeth Erwin, Susan P. Maude, Vera Stroup-Rentier, Hsiang yi wu, Nancy F. Peck, Yuzhu Zheng, Cindy J. Weigel, Szu Yin Chu, Greg S. Mcgrath, and Shana J. Haines (2013)

Rap and Orality in a Post-NCLB/ALEC World, Dierdre Paul (2013)