Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Biology, College of Science and Mathematics, are collected here.


Submissions from 2022


The Coxsackievirus and Adenovirus Receptor Has a Short Half-Life in Epithelial Cells, Poornima Kotha Lakshmi Narayan, James M. Readler, Mahmoud S. Alghamri, Trisha L. Brockman, Ray Yan, Priyanka Sharma, Vladislav Snitsarev, Katherine J.D.A Excoffon, and Abimbola O. Kolawole (2022)


Self-Conscious Emotions and the Right Fronto-Temporal and Right Temporal Parietal Junction, Adriana LaVarco, Nathira Ahmad, Qiana Archer, Matthew Pardillo, Ray Nunez Castaneda, Anthony Minervini, and Julian Keenan (2022)

Submissions from 2021


Picking Up Where the TMDL Leaves Off: Using the Partnership Wild and Scenic River Framework for Collaborative River Restoration, Alan R. Hunt, Meiyin Wu, Tsung-Ta David Hsu, Nancy Roberts-Lawler, Jessica T. Miller, Alessandra Rossi, and Lee Lee (2021)


The Neurological Asymmetry of Self-Face Recognition, Aleksandra Janowska, Brianna Balugas, Matthew Pardillo, Victoria Mistretta, Katherine Chavarria, Janet Brenya, Taylor Shelansky, Vanessa Martinez, Kitty Pagano, Nathira Ahmad, Samantha Zorns, Abigail Straus, Sarah Sierra, and Julian Keenan (2021)


Corticospinal Excitability during a Perspective Taking Task as Measured by TMS-Induced Motor Evoked Potentials, Elizabeth Murray, Janet Brenya, Katherine Chavarria, Karen J. Kelly, Anjel Fierst, Nathira Ahmad, Caroline Anton, Layla Shaffer, Kairavi Kapila, Logan Driever, Kayla Weaver, Caroline Dial, Maya Crawford, Iso Hartman, Tommy Infantino, Fiona Butler, Abigail Straus, Shakeera L. Walker, Brianna Balugas, Matthew Pardillo, Briana Goncalves, and Julian Keenan (2021)


Handbook of Research Methods in Health Psychology, Deborah Fish Ragin and Julian Keenan (2021)


Inhibition of Biofilm Formation by the Synergistic Action of EGCG-S and Antibiotics, Shrameeta Shinde, Lee Lee, and Tinchun Chu (2021)

Submissions from 2020

A Sum of Destructions, James Campanella (2020)


Inaction on Lead Despite the Relevant Knowledge: Predictors, Covariates, and Outreach Implications, Alessandra Rossi, Bernabas Wolde, Pankaj Lal, and Melissa Harclerode (2020)


Preliminary Evidence of the Role of Medial Prefrontal Cortex in Self-Enhancement: A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Study, Birgitta Taylor-Lillquist, Vivek Kanpa, Maya Crawford, Mehdi El Filali, Julia Oakes, Alex Jonasz, Amanda Disney, and Julian Keenan (2020)

Submissions from 2019


Lingering Impacts of Hurricane Hugo on Rhizophora Mangle (Red Mangrove) Population Genetics on St. John, USVI, Paul Bologna, James Campanella, Dena J. Restaino, Zachary A. Fetske, Matthew Lourenco, and John V. Smalley (2019)


Evidence for the Early Evolutionary Loss of the M20D Auxin Amidohydrolase Family from Mosses and Horizontal Gene Transfer from Soil Bacteria of Cryptic Hydrolase Orthologues to Physcomitrella patens, James Campanella, Stephanie Kurdach, Richard Skibitski, John V. Smalley, Samuel Desind, and Jutta Ludwig-Müller (2019)


Spontaneous mutations in maize pollen are frequent in some lines and arise mainly from retrotranspositions and deletions, Hugo K. Dooner, Qinghua Wang, Jun T. Huang, Yubin Li, Limei He, Wenwei Xiong, and Chunguang Du (2019)


Ecological Feedbacks Stabilize a Turf-Dominated Ecosystem At the Southern Extent of Kelp Forests in the Northwest Atlantic, Colette Feehan, Sean P. Grace, and Carla A. Narvaez (2019)


Larval influx of Diadema antillarum to the Florida Keys linked to passage of a Tortugas Eddy, Colette Feehan, William C. Sharp, Travis N. Miles, Michael S. Brown, and Diane K. Adams (2019)


How Conflict Shapes Evolution in Poeciliid Fishes, Andrew I. Furness, Bart J.A. Pollux, Robert Meredith, Mark S. Springer, and David N. Reznick (2019)


Integration of Genotype, Physiological Performance, and Survival in a Lizard (Uta stansburiana) with Alternative Mating Strategies, Lisa Hazard, Kenneth A. Nagy, Donald B. Miles, Erik I. Svensson, Daniel Costa, and Barry Sinervo (2019)


The Effects of Heterospecific Mating Frequency on the Strength of Cryptic Reproductive Barriers, Erica L. Larson, Margaret M. Brassil, Jonathan Maslan, Danielle Juárez, Flordeliza Lilagan, Hallie Tipton, Andrew Schweitzer, Joe Skillman, Kirsten Monsen, and Merrill A. Peterson (2019)


Exploring Chihuahuan Desert diversification in the gray-banded kingsnake, Lampropeltis alterna (Serpentes: Colubridae), Edward A. Myers, Robert W. Bryson Jr, Robert W. Hansen, Matthew L. Aardema, David Lazcano, and Frank T. Burbrink (2019)


Genetic Analysis Reveals Strong Genetic analysis reveals strong phylogeographical divergences within the Scarlet Macaw Ara macao, Kari L. Schmidt, Matthew Aardema, and George Amato (2019)

Submissions from 2018

Likely extirpation of the previously common milkweed butterfly Danaus eresimus (Danaidae) from Grand Cayman Island, Matthew L. Aardema and Martin J. Andree (2018)


Stochastic Event Alters Gelatinous Zooplankton Community Structure: Impacts of Hurricane Sandy in a Mid-Atlantic Estuary, Paul Bologna, John Gaynor, Robert Meredith, Dena Restaino, and Christie Barry (2018)

Evidence for Exaptation of the Marchantia Polymorpha M20D Peptidase Mpilr1 Into the Tracheophyte Auxin Regulatory Pathway, James Campanella, Stephanie Kurdach, Joy Bochis, and John V. Smalley (2018)

Kelp Detritus Provides High-Quality Food for Sea Urchin Larvae, Colette Feehan, Beatrice C. Grauman-Boss, Richard R. Strathmann, Megan N. Dethier, and David O. Duggins (2018)

Synergistic Negative Effects of Thermal Stress and Altered Food Resources on Echinoid Larvae, Colette Feehan, Zoe Ludwig, Suzannah Yu, and Diane K. Adams (2018)


Green Tea Polyphenol Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate-Stearate Inhibits the Growth of Streptococcus mutans: A Promising New Approach in Caries Prevention, Amy Lynn Melok, Lee Lee, Siti Ayuni Mohamed Yussof, and Tinchun Chu (2018)

Green Tea Polyphenol Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate-Stearate Inhibits the Growth of Streptococcus Mutans: A Promising New Approach in Caries Prevention, Amy Lynn Melok, Lee Lee, Siti Ayuni Mohamed Yussof, and Tinchun Chu (2018)


Who’s Lurking in Your Lagoon? First Occurrence of the Invasive Hydrozoan Moerisia Sp. (Cnidariahydrozoa) in New Jersey, Usa, Dena J. Restaino, Paul Bologna, John Gaynor, Gary A. Buchanan, and Joseph J. Bilinski (2018)

The Role of Latitudinal, Genetic and Temperature Variation in the Induction of Diapause of Papilio Glaucus (Lepidopterapapilionidae), Sean F. Ryan, Patti Valella, Gabrielle Thivierge, Matthew Aardema, and J. Mark Scriber (2018)

Salicylic Acid-Induced Photosynthetic Adaptability of Zea Mays L. to Polyethylene Glycol-Simulated Water Deficit Is Associated with Nitric Oxide Signaling, R. X. Shao, L. F. Xin, J. M. Guo, H. F. Zheng, J. Mao, X. P. Han, L. Jia, S. J. Jia, Chunguang Du, R. Song, Q. H. Yang, and R. W. Elmore (2018)

Mercury Contamination in Diamondback Terrapins in New Jersey, Natalie Sherwood, Meiyin S Wu, and Peddrick Weis (2018)

A Protocol for Custom CRISPR Cas9 Donor Vector Construction to Truncate Genes in Mammalian Cells Using Pcdna3 Backbone, Neftali Vazquez, Lilia Sanchez, Rebecca Marks, Eduardo Martinez, Victor Fanniel, Alma Lopez, Andrea Salinas, Itzel Flores, Jesse Hirschmann, Robert Gilkerson, Erin Schuenzel, Robert Dearth, Reginald Halaby, Wendy Innis-Whitehouse, and Megan Keniry (2018)

Activity of Genes with Functions in Human Williams-Beuren Syndrome Is Impacted By Mobile Element Insertions in the Gray Wolf Genome, Bridgett M. VonHoldt, Sarah S. Ji, Matthew Aardema, Daniel R. Stahler, Monique A.R. Udell, and Janet S. Sinsheimer (2018)

Submissions from 2017


Top-Down Impacts of Sea Nettles (Chrysaora quinquecirrha) on Pelagic Community Structure in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, U.S.A., Paul A. X. Bologna, John J. Gaynor, Christie L. Barry, and Dena J. Restaino (2017)

Spatial Ecology and Habitat Selection of Eastern Hognose Snakes, Scott W. Buchanan, Brad C. Timm, Robert P. Cook, Richard Couse, and Lisa Hazard (2017)

Integrated Regulatory Network Reveals the Early Salt Tolerance Mechanism of Populus Euphratica, Jiafei Chen, Jin Zhang, Jianjun Hu, Wenwei Xiong, Chunguang Du, and Mengzhu Lu (2017)

Resolution of a Concatenation/Coalescence Kerfufflepartitioned Coalescence Support and a Robust Family-Level Tree for Mammalia, John Gatesy, Robert Meredith, Jan E. Janecka, Mark P. Simmons, William J. Murphy, and Mark S. Springer (2017)


qPCR Detection of Early Life History Stage Chrysaora quinquecirrha (Sea Nettles) in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, John J. Gaynor, Paul A.X. Bologna, Dena J. Restaino, and Christie Barry (2017)

Constitutive Expression of Inducible Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate Early Repressor (ICER) in Cycling Quiescent Hematopoietic Cellsimplications for Aging Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Steven J. Greco, Ghassan Yehia, Julius A. Potian, Carlos Molina, and Pranela Rameshwar (2017)

Sexual Dimorphism and Retinal Mosaic Diversification Following the Evolution of a Violet Receptor in Butterflies, Kyle J. McCulloch, Furong Yuan, Ying Zhen, Matthew Aardema, Gilbert Smith, Jorge Llorente-Bousquets, Peter Andolfatto, and Adriana D. Briscoe (2017)

Characterization of Zinc Stress Response in Cyanobacterium Synechococcus Sp. IU 625, Robert Newby, Lee Lee, Jose L. Perez, Xin Tao, and Tinchun Chu (2017)


Glutamylation regulates transport, specializes function, and sculpts the structure of cilia, Robert O'Hagan, Malan Silva, Ken CQ Nguyen, Winnie Zhang, Sebastian Bellotti, Yasmin Ramadan, David Hall, and Maureen M. Barr (2017)

Glutamylation Regulates Transport, Specializes Function, and Sculpts the Structure of Cilia, Robert O'Hagan, Malan Silva, Ken C.Q. Nguyen, Winnie Zhang, Sebastian Bellotti, Yasmin H. Ramadan, David H. Hall, and Maureen M. Barr (2017)

Photosynthesis and Aboveground Carbon Allocation of Two Co-Occurring Poplar Species in an Urban Brownfield, Diane Radwanski, Frank Gallagher, Dirk Vanderklein, and Karina V.R. Schäfer (2017)

The Origin and Biogeographic Diversification of Fishes in the Family Poeciliidae, David N. Reznick, Andrew I. Furness, Robert Meredith, and Mark S. Springer (2017)

Waking the Undead: Implications of a Soft Explosive Model for the Timing of Placental Mammal Diversification, Mark S. Springer, Christopher A. Emerling, Robert Meredith, Jan E. Janečka, Eduardo Eizirik, and William J. Murphy (2017)

Highly Interwoven Communities of a Gene Regulatory Network Unveil Topologically Important Genes for Maize Seed Development, Wenwei Xiong, Chunlei Wang, Xiangbo Zhang, Qinghua Yang, Ruixin Shao, Jinsheng Lai, and Chunguang Du (2017)

Articulated Coralline Algae Provide a Spatial Refuge to Juvenile Sea Urchins from Predatory Crabs, Dara S. Yiu and Colette Feehan (2017)

ITRAQ-Based Proteomics Analysis and Network Integration for Kernel Tissue Development in Maize, Long Zhang, Yongbin Dong, Qilei Wang, Chunguang Du, Wenwei Xiong, Xinyu Li, Sailan Zhu, and Yuling Li (2017)


iTRAQ-Based Proteomics Analysis and Network Integration for Kernel Tissue Development in Maize, Long Zhang, Yongbin Dong, Qilei Wang, Chunguang Du, Wenwei Xiong, Xinyu Li, Sailan Zhu, and Yuling Li (2017)

Submissions from 2016

Phylogenetic Incongruence and the Evolutionary Origins of Cardenolide-Resistant Forms of Na(+) ,K(+) -Atpase in Danaus Butterflies, Matthew Aardema and Peter Andolfatto (2016)

Surface Activity and Body Temperature of Eastern Hognose Snakes (Heterodon Platirhinos) At Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts USA, Scott W. Buchanan, Brad C. Timm, Robert P. Cook, Richard Couse, and Lisa Hazard (2016)

Caenorhabditis Elegans Paraoxonase-Like Proteins Control the Functional Expression of DEG/ENaC Mechanosensory Proteins, Yushu Chen, Shashank Bharill, Zeynep Altun, Robert O'Hagan, Brian Coblitz, Ehud Y. Isacoff, and Martin Chalfie (2016)

MEC-10 and MEC-19 Reduce the Neurotoxicity of the MEC-4(D) DEG/ENaC Channel in Caenorhabditis Elegans, Yushu Chen, Shashank Bharill, Robert O'Hagan, Ehud Y. Isacoff, and Martin Chalfie (2016)

Fertilization Limitation of Diadema Antillarum on Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys, Colette Feehan, Michael S. Brown, William C. Sharp, Jean Sébastien Lauzon-Guay, and Diane K. Adams (2016)

Marine Epizootics Linked to Storms: Mechanisms of Pathogen Introduction and Persistence Inferred from Coupled Physical and Biological Time-Series, Colette Feehan, Robert E. Scheibling, Michael S. Brown, and Keith R. Thompson (2016)

Large-Scale Degradation of a Kelp Ecosystem in an Ocean Warming Hotspot, Karen Filbee-Dexter, Colette Feehan, and Robert E. Scheibling (2016)


First occurrence of the invasive hydrozoan Gonionemus vertens A. Agassiz, 1862 (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) in New Jersey, USA, John J. Gaynor, Paul A.X. Bologna, Dena J. Restaino, and Christie Barry (2016)


Do Female Western Mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis, Prefer Ornaments That Males Lack?, Scott L. Kight, Olga Degtyareva, Heather Fackelman, and Ariel Casner (2016)

The Tubulin Repertoire of Caenorhabditis Elegans Sensory Neurons and Its Context-Dependent Role in Process Outgrowth, Dean Lockhead, Erich M. Schwarz, Robert O'Hagan, Sebastian Bellotti, Michael Krieg, Maureen M. Barr, Alexander R. Dunn, Paul W. Sternberg, and Miriam B. Goodman (2016)


Diet assessment of the Atlantic Sea Nettle Chrysaora quinquecirrha in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, using next-generation sequencing, Robert W. Meredith, John J. Gaynor, and Paul AX Bologna (2016)


The transcriptional repressor ICER binds to multiple loci throughout the genome, Carlos A. Molina (2016)


Effects of Researcher-Induced Disturbance on American Kestrels Breeding in Nest Boxes in Northwestern New Jersey, John Smallwood (2016)

Population Structure of Colonizing and Invasive Staphylococcus Aureus Strains in Northern Vietnam, Bich Ngoc Thi Vu, Alexander J. Jafari, Matthew Aardema, Huong Kieu Thi Tran, Diep Ngoc Thi Nguyen, Trinh Tuyet Dao, Trung Vu Nguyen, Toan Khanh Tran, Chuc Kim Thi Nguyen, Annette Fox, Anne Laure Bañuls, Guy Thwaites, Kinh Van Nguyen, and Heiman F.L. Wertheim (2016)

Phylogenetic Relationships of Dasyuromorphian Marsupials Revisited, Michael Westerman, Carey Krajewski, Benjamin P. Kear, Lucy Meehan, Robert Meredith, Christopher A. Emerling, and Mark S. Springer (2016)

Rolling-Circle Amplification of Centromeric Helitrons in Plant Genomes, Wenwei Xiong, Hugo K. Dooner, and Chunguang Du (2016)

Submissions from 2015

Ultraviolet Coloration in Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies (Papilio Glaucus Group, Papilionidae) with a Method for Objectively Quantifying Adult Butterfly Wing Wear, Matthew Aardema and J. Mark Scriber (2015)

Varying Influences of Selection and Demography in Host-Adapted Populations of the Tick-Transmitted Bacterium, Anaplasma Phagocytophilum Speciation and Evolutionary Genetics, Matthew Aardema and Friederike D. Von Loewenich (2015)

Low Temperature Tolerance of a Sea Urchin Pathogen: Implications for Benthic Community Dynamics in a Warming Ocean, Robyn T. Buchwald, Colette Feehan, Robert E. Scheibling, and Alastair G.B. Simpson (2015)


Clonal Diversity and Connectedness of Turtle Grass (Thalassia Testudinum) Populations in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, James Campanella, Paul Bologna, Maria Carvalho, John V. Smalley, Mohamedhakim Elakhrass, Robert Meredith, and Nadia Zaben (2015)

Antiviral Activity of Theaflavin Digallate Against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1, Aline De Oliveira, Derek Prince, Chih Yu Lo, Lee Lee, and Tin Chun Chu (2015)

Dynamic Proteomic Characteristics and Network Integration Revealing Key Proteins for Two Kernel Tissue Developments in Popcorn, Yongbin Dong, Qilei Wang, Long Zhang, Chunguang Du, Wenwei Xiong, Xinjian Chen, Fei Deng, Zhiyan Ma, Dahe Qiao, Chunhui Hu, Yangliu Ren, and Yuling Li (2015)

Sponge Cell Aggregation: Checkpoints in Development Indicate a High Level of Organismal Complexity, Dafne Eerkes-Medrano, Colette Feehan, and Sally P. Leys (2015)

Spectral Shifts of Mammalian Ultravioletsensitive Pigments (Short Wavelengthsensitive Opsin 1) Are Associated with Eye Length and Photic Niche Evolution, Christopher A. Emerling, Hieu T. Huynh, Minh A. Nguyen, Robert Meredith, and Mark S. Springer (2015)

Convergent Evolution of Alternative Developmental Trajectories Associated with Diapause in African and South American Killifish, Andrew I. Furness, David N. Reznick, Mark S. Springer, and Robert Meredith (2015)

Post-Release Dispersal and Predation of Head-Started Juvenile Desert Tortoises (Gopherus Agassizii)Effect of Release Site Distance on Homing Behavior, Lisa Hazard, David J. Morafka, and Scott Hillard (2015)

Drosophila Muller F Elements Maintain a Distinct Set of Genomic Properties Over 40 Million Years of Evolution, Wilson Leung, Christopher D. Shaffer, Laura K. Reed, Sheryl T. Smith, William Barshop, William Dirkes, Matthew Dothager, Paul Lee, Jeannette Wong, David Xiong, Han Yuan, James E.J. Bedard, Joshua F. Machone, Seantay D. Patterson, Amber L. Price, Bryce A. Turner, Srebrenka Robic, Erin K. Luippold, Shannon R. McCartha, Tezin A. Walji, Chelsea A. Walker, Kenneth Saville, Marita K. Abrams, Andrew R. Armstrong, William Armstrong, Robert J. Bailey, Chelsea R. Barberi, Lauren R. Beck, Amanda L. Blaker, and Christopher E. Blunden (2015)

A Motor Relay on Ciliary Tracks, Robert O'Hagan and Maureen M. Barr (2015)

Interordinal Gene Capture, the Phylogenetic Position of Steller's Sea Cow Based on Molecular and Morphological Data, and the Macroevolutionary History of Sirenia, Mark S. Springer, Anthony V. Signore, Johanna L.A. Paijmans, Jorge Vélez-Juarbe, Daryl P. Domning, Cameron E. Bauer, Kai He, Lorelei Crerar, Paula F. Campos, William J. Murphy, Robert Meredith, John Gatesy, Eske Willerslev, Ross D.E. MacPhee, Michael Hofreiter, and Kevin L. Campbell (2015)

Inquiries in Anatomy and Physiology : Laboratory Manual, C. J. Urso and Edward G. Tall (2015)

Response of Japanese Barberry to Varying Degrees of Defoliation, Dirk Vanderklein, Anthony Cullen, and Jean Edson Belcourt (2015)

Topical Lipophilic Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate on Herpes Labialisa Phase II Clinical Trial of Averteax Formula, Man Zhao, Rong Zheng, Jinyan Jiang, Douglas Dickinson, Baiping Fu, Tin Chun Chu, Lee Lee, Henna Pearl, and Stephen Hsu (2015)

Submissions from 2014

Mangrove Loss Leads to Fish Hyperutilization of Seagrass Beds in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Paul Bologna (2014)

Habitat Fragmentation Reduces Occupancy of Nest Boxes By an Open-Country Raptor, Jessi L. Brown, Michael W. Collopy, and John Smallwood (2014)

A Phylogenetic Examination of the Primary Anthocyanin Production Pathway of the Plantae, James Campanella, John V. Smalley, and Maureen E. Dempsey (2014)

Molecular Phylogeny and SNP Variation of Polar Bears (Ursus Maritimus), Brown Bears (U. Arctos), and Black Bears (U. Americanus) Derived from Genome Sequences, Matthew A. Cronin, Gonzalo Rincon, Robert Meredith, Michael D. Macneil, Alma Islas-Trejo, Angela Cánovas, and Juan F. Medrano (2014)


Model-to-Data Comparisons Reveal Influence of Jellyfish Interactions on Plankton Community Dynamics, Kevin P. Crum, Heidi L. Fuchs, Paul Bologna, and John Gaynor (2014)

Interactions in Soil : Promoting Plant Growth, John Dighton and Jennifer Adams Krumins (2014)

Harbouring the Enemy: Kelp Holdfasts Protect Juvenile Sea Urchins from Predatory Crabs, Colette Feehan, Fiona T Y Francis, and Robert E. Scheibling (2014)

Disease as a Control of Sea Urchin Populations in Nova Scotian Kelp Beds, Colette Feehan and Robert E. Scheibling (2014)

Effects of Sea Urchin Disease on Coastal Marine Ecosystems, Colette Feehan and Robert E. Scheibling (2014)

Analysis of the Population Structure of Anaplasma Phagocytophilum Using Multilocus Sequence Typing, Christian Huhn, Christina Winter, Timo Wolfsperger, Nicole Wüppenhorst, Katja Strašek Smrdel, Jasmin Skuballa, Miriam Pfäffle, Trevor Petney, Cornelia Silaghi, Viktor Dyachenko, Nikola Pantchev, Reinhard K. Straubinger, Daniel Schaarschmidt-Kiener, Martin Ganter, Matthew Aardema, and Friederike D. Von Loewenich (2014)


Do Predator Cues Influence Turn Alternation Behavior in Terrestrial Isopods Porcellio laevis Latreille and Armadillidium vulgare Latreille?, Scott Kight (2014)


Do Predator Cues Influence Turn Alternation Behavior in Terrestrial Isopods Porcellio laevis Latreille and Armadillidium vulgare Latreille?, Scott L. Kight (2014)

Plant-Soil Interactions in Metal Contaminated Soils, Jennifer Krumins, Nina Goodey, and Frank Gallagher (2014)

to Thine Own Self Be False: Self-Deceptive Enhancement and Sexual Awareness Influences on Mating Success, Christopher Dana Lynn, R. Nathan Pipitone, and Julian Keenan (2014)

Evidence for a Single Loss of Mineralized Teeth in the Common Avian Ancestor, Robert Meredith, Guojie Zhang, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Erich D. Jarvis, and Mark S. Springer (2014)

Mating Behavior, Male Sensory Cilia, and Polycystins in Caenorhabditis Elegans, Robert O'Hagan, Juan Wang, and Maureen M. Barr (2014)

The Evolution of the Sexually Selected Sword in Xiphophorus Does Not Compromise Aerobic Locomotor Performance, Christopher E. Oufiero, Robert Meredith, Kristine N. Jugo, Paulina Tran, Mark A. Chappell, Mark S. Springer, David N. Reznick, and Theodore Garland (2014)

The Evolution of the Placenta Drives a Shift in Sexual Selection in Livebearing Fish, B. J.A. Pollux, Robert Meredith, M. S. Springer, T. Garland, and D. N. Reznick (2014)