Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, are collected here.


Submissions from 2022


Parental Participation in Intellectual and Developmental Disability Research: A Review of Diversity, Lauren Grove, Yingying Yang, Dai’jah Diggs, and Arielle Hershkovich (2022)

Submissions from 2021


Racial and Gender Discrimination Predict Mental Health Outcomes among Healthcare Workers Beyond Pandemic-Related Stressors: Findings from a Cross-Sectional Survey, Rachel Hennein, Jessica Bonumwezi, Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako, Petty Tineo, and Sarah R. Lowe (2021)


Essentials of Job Attitudes and Other Workplace Psychological Constructs, Valerie I. Sessa and Nathan A. Bowling (2021)


How Multidimensional Is Emotional Intelligence? Bifactor Modeling of Global and Broad Emotional Abilities of the Geneva Emotional Competence Test, Daniel Simonet, Katherine E. Miller, Kevin Askew, Kenneth Sumner, Marcello Mortillaro, and Katja Schlegel (2021)


Everyday Memory in People with Down Syndrome, Yingying Yang, Zachary M. Himmelberger, Trent Robinson, Megan Davis, Frances Conners, and Edward Merrill (2021)


An evaluation of wayfinding abilities in adolescent and young adult males with autism spectrum disorder, Yingying Yang, Weijia Li, Dan Huang, Wei He, Yanxi Zhang, and Edward Merrill (2021)

Submissions from 2019


Understanding the use and non-use of social communication technologies by older adults: A qualitative test and extension of the UTAUT model, Michael T. Bixter, Kenneth A. Blocker, Tracy L. Mitzner, Akanksha Prakash, and Wendy A. Rogers (2019)


Age‐related differences in delay discounting: Immediate reward, reward magnitude, and social influence, Michael T. Bixter and Wendy A. Rogers (2019)


A Lack of Exposure to School Psychology Within Undergraduate Psychology Coursework, Joel O. Bocanegra, Aaron A. Gubi, Gregory L. Callan, Sally Grapin, and John McCall (2019)


How children talk about events: Implications for eliciting and analyzing eyewitness reports, Sonja P. Brubacher, Carole Peterson, David La Rooy, and Jason J. Dickinson (2019)


How Children Talk About Events: Implications for Eliciting and Analyzing Eyewitness Reports, Sonja P. Brubacher, Carole Peterson, David La Rooy, Jason Dickinson, and Debra Ann Poole (2019)

Evidence-Based Investigative Interviewing : Applying Cognitive Principles, Jason J. Dickinson, Nadja Schreiber Compo, Rolando N. Carol, Bennett L. Schwartz, and Michelle R. McCauley (2019)


Supporting Diverse Students and Faculty in Higher Education Through Multicultural Organizational Development, Sally Grapin and Meaghan I. Pereiras (2019)


Longitudinal Effects of Rti Implementation On Reading Achievement Outcomes, Sally Grapin, Nancy Waldron, and Diana Joyce-Beaulieu (2019)


Racial Bias in Perceptions of Size and Strength: The Impact of Stereotypes and Group Differences, David J. Johnson and John Paul Wilson (2019)


Controlling environmental crisis appraisal through knowledge, vividness, and timing, Virginia SY Kwan, Esha S. Naidu, and Michael T. Bixter (2019)


The Montclair Map Task: Balance, Efficacy, and Efficiency in Conversational Interaction, Jennifer Pardo, Adelya Urmanche, Hannah Gash, Jaclyn Wiener, Nicholas Mason, Sherilyn Wilman-Depena, Keagan Francis, and Alexa Decker (2019)


Superior Categorical and Coordinate Spatial Task Performance in Inconsistent-Handers Relative to Consistent-Right-Handers, Ruth Propper, Andrew Wolfarth, Christophe Carlei, Tad T. Brunye, and Stephen D. Christman (2019)

The Relation Between Descriptive Norms, Suicide Ideation, and Suicide Attempts Among Adolescents, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Alison M. Lake, Marjorie Kleinman, and Madelyn S. Gould (2019)

Clinician Experience and Attitudes Toward Safety Planning with Adolescents At Risk for Suicide, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Eleanor L. McGlinchey, Josefina Toso-Salman, Erica M. Chin, Prudence W. Fisher, and Laura Mufson (2019)

Do Familiar Memory Items Decay?, Timothy J. Ricker, Joshua Sandry, Evie Vergauwe, and Nelson Cowan (2019)

How Multiteam Systems Learn, Valerie Sessa, Manuel London, and Marlee Wanamaker (2019)

Learning in Multi-Team Systems, Valerie Sessa, Manuel London, Marlee Wanamaker, Margaret J. Toich, and Jessica Francavilla (2019)

Who is Empowered? Relative Importance of Dispositional and Situational Sources to Psychological Empowerment, Daniel Simonet, Katherine E. Miller, Sylvia Luu, Kevin Askew, Anupama Narayan, Sydnie Cunningham, Camila Pena, Amen Attar, Rose Fonseca, and Holly M. Kobezak (2019)

Relations of Emotion Regulation, Negative and Positive Affect to Anxiety and Depression in Middle Childhood, Kristen Uhl, Leslie F. Halpern, Celia Tam, Jeremy K Fox, and Julie L. Ryan (2019)

Children's Response, Landmark, and Metric Strategies in Spatial Navigation, Jennifer Yang, Edward C. Merrill, and Qi Wang (2019)

Guilty Pleas of Youths and Adults: Differences in Legal Knowledge and Decision Making, Tina Zottoli and Tarika Daftary Kapur (2019)

Submissions from 2018

Disentangling How Coworkers and Supervisors Influence Employee Cyberloafing: What Normative Information are Employees Attending to?, Kevin Askew, Alexandra Ilie, Jeremy A. Bauer, Daniel Simonet, John E. Buckner, and Thomas A. Robertson (2018)

Perceptions of Violence Prevention Climate and Strain: A Mediated Model, Jeremy A. Bauer, David L. Sexton, Kevin Askew, Joshua S. Rodefer, David C. Daniel, Jacob W. Highsmith, Natalie Evans, and Mark A. Whatley (2018)

The Relationships Between Organizational Citizenship Behavior Demands and Extra-Task Behaviors, Jeremy A. Bauer, Natalie A. Wright, Kevin Askew, and Paul E. Spector (2018)

School-Based Bullying and Teen Dating Violence Prevention Laws: Overlapping or Distinct?, Michele Cascardi, Christopher King, Daniel Rector, and Jill DelPozzo (2018)

The Multimodal Antidepressant Vortioxetine May Facilitate Pyramidal Cell Firing by Inhibition of 5-HT 3 Receptor Expressing Interneuronsan in Vitro Study in Rat Hippocampus Slices, Elena Dale, Morten Grunnet, Alan Pehrson, Kristen Frederiksen, Peter H. Larsen, Jacob Nielsen, Tine B. Stensbøl, Bjarke Ebert, Haolan Yin, Dunguo Lu, Huiquing Liu, Thomas N. Jensen, Charles R. Yang, and Connie Sanchez (2018)

Vortioxetine Improves Context Discrimination in Mice Through a Neurogenesis Independent Mechanism, Daniela Felice, Jean Philippe Guilloux, Alan Pehrson, Yan Li, Indira Mendez-David, Alain M. Gardier, Connie Sanchez, and Denis J. David (2018)

School Psychology : Professional Issues and Practices, Sally L. Grapin and John H. Kranzler (2018)


Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Negative Emotions in New York City After a Natural Disaster as Seen in Social Media, Oliver Gruebner, Sarah R. Lowe, Martin Sykora, Ketan Shankardass, SV Subramanian, and Sandro Galea (2018)

Proportional Reasoning in 5- to 6-Year-Olds, Wei He, Jennifer Yang, and Dingguo Gao (2018)

Vortioxetine Differentially Modulates MK-801-Induced Changes in Visual Signal Detection Task Performance and Locomotor Activity, Todd M. Hillhouse, Christina R. Merritt, Douglas A. Smith, Manuel Cajina, Connie Sanchez, Joseph H. Porter, and Alan Pehrson (2018)

Effects of Vortioxetine On Biomarkers Associated with Glutamatergic Activity in An SSRI Insensitive Model of Depression in Female Rats, N. Hlavacova, Y. Li, Alan Pehrson, Connie Sanchez, Isabel Bermudez-Diaz, Agnesa Csanova, Daniela Jezova, and Michael Franklin (2018)

The Psycholegal Factors for Juvenile Transfer and Reverse Transfer Evaluations, Christopher King (2018)

The Relationship Between in-Session Commitment Language and Daily Self-Reported Commitment to Reduce Or Abstain from Drinking, Alexis Kuerbis, Jessica Houser, Paul Amrhein, Hayley Treloar Padovano, and Jon Morgenstern (2018)

Helping Students Overcome Social Anxiety : Skills for Academic and Social Success (SASS), Carrie Masia Warner, Daniela Colognori, and Chelsea Lynch (2018)

Stigma Associated with Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in Women’s Sexual Lives, Heino F.L. Meyer-Bahlburg, Jananne Khuri, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Anke A. Ehrhardt, and Maria I. New (2018)

A Comparison of Phonetic Convergence in Conversational Interaction and Speech Shadowing, Jennifer Pardo, Adelya Urmanche, Sherilyn Wilman-Depena, Jaclyn Wiener, Nicholas Mason, Keagan Francis, and Melanie Ward (2018)

Vortioxetine Treatment Reverses Subchronic PCP Treatment-Induced Cognitive Impairments: A Potential Role for Serotonin Receptor-Mediated Regulation of GABA Neurotransmission, Alan Pehrson, Christian S. Pedersen, Kirstine Sloth Tølbøl, and Connie Sanchez (2018)

Acute Effects of Vortioxetine and Duloxetine On Resting-State Functional Connectivity in the Awake Rat, Pablo D. Pérez, Zhiwei Ma, Christina Hamilton, Connie Sánchez, Arne Mørk, Alan Pehrson, Christoffer Bundgaard, and Nanyin Zhang (2018)


Findings of an effect of gender, but not handedness, on self-reported motion sickness propensity, Ruth E. Propper, Frederick Bonato, Leanna Ward, and Kenneth Sumner (2018)

Health Psychology : An Interdisciplinary Approach, Deborah Fish Ragin (2018)

Short-Term Perceptual Tuning to Talker Characteristics, Robert E. Remez, Emily F. Thomas, Aislinn T. Crank, Katrina B. Kostro, Chloe B. Cheimets, and Jennifer Pardo (2018)

Using Electronic Health Record Alerts to Increase Safety Planning with Youth At-Risk for Suicide: A Non-Randomized Trial, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Erica M. Chin, Josefina Toso-Salman, J. Blake Turner, David Vawdrey, and Laura Mufson (2018)

The Relationship Between Masking and Short-Term Consolidation During Recall from Visual Working Memory, Timothy J. Ricker and Joshua Sandry (2018)

Poor Encoding and Weak Early Consolidation Underlie Memory Acquisition Deficits in Multiple Sclerosis: Retroactive Interference, Processing Speed, Or Working Memory?, Joshua Sandry, Mark Zuppichini, Jessica Rothberg, Zerbrina Valdespino-Hayden, and John DeLuca (2018)

Dark-Side Personality Trait Interactions: Amplifying Negative Predictions of Leadership Performance, Daniel Simonet, Robert P. Tett, Jeff Foster, Anastasia I. Angelback, and Jennifer M. Bartlett (2018)

A Paradigm for Understanding Trust and Mistrust in Medical Research: The Community VOICES Study, Margaret Smirnoff, Ilene Wilets, Deborah Ragin, R. Adams, Jennifer Holohan, Rosamond Rhodes, Gary Winkel, Edmund M. Ricci, Cindy F. Clesca, and Lynne D. Richardson (2018)

Assessment of the Relationship Between a Written Measure of Empathy and An Independently Rated Interview of Motivational Interviewing, Jennifer L. Smith, P. Bertone, Kenneth M. Carpenter, R. Morgan Wain, Mei Chen Hu, Paul Amrhein, and Edward V. Nunes (2018)

Hypernasal Speech is Perceived as More Monotonous Than Typical Speech, Monique Tardif, Larissa Cristina Berti, Viviane Cristina De Castro Marino, Jennifer Pardo, and Tim Bressmann (2018)

Stage Salience and Situational Likelihood in the Formation of Situation Models During Sentence Comprehension, David Townsend (2018)

Early Intervention ABA for Toddlers with ASD: Effect of Age and Amount, Peter Vietze and Leah Esther Lax (2018)

Configural Processing and Social Judgments: Face Inversion Particularly Disrupts Inferences of Human-Relevant Traits, John Paul Wilson, Steven G. Young, Nicholas O. Rule, and Kurt Hugenberg (2018)

Parent Reports of Wayfinding by Their Children with Down Syndrome, Jennifer Yang, Gayle G. Faught, and Edward C. Merrill (2018)

Implicit Memory of Locations and Identities: A Developmental Study, Jennifer Yang and Edward C. Merrill (2018)

The Impact of Moving Entities On Wayfinding Performance, Jennifer Yang, Edward C. Merrill, Trent Robinson, and Qi Wang (2018)

A Minimal Ingroup Advantage in Emotion Identification Confidence, Steven G. Young and John Paul Wilson (2018)

The Effect of Wrapper Color On Candy Flavor Expectations and Perceptions, Debra Zellner, Nancy Greene, Monica Jimenez, Arturo Calderon, Yaritza Diaz, and Mimi Sheraton (2018)

Pilot Investigation of the Relationship Between Hippocampal Volume and Pattern Separation Deficits in Multiple Sclerosis, Mark D. Zuppichini and Joshua Sandry (2018)

Submissions from 2017

The Role of the Work Station: Visibility of Ones Computer Screen to Coworkers Influences Cyberloafing Through Self-Efficacy to Hide Cyberloafing, Kevin Askew and John E. Buckner (2017)


Are intertemporal preferences contagious? Evidence from collaborative decision making, Michael T. Bixter, Elizabeth M. Trimber, and Christian C. Luhmann (2017)

Impact of Vortioxetine On Synaptic Integration in Prefrontal-Subcortical Circuits: Comparisons with Escitalopram, Shreaya Chakroborty, Thomas R. Geisbush, Elena Dale, Alan Pehrson, Connie Sánchez, and Anthony R. West (2017)

The Influence of Disclosure History and Body Diagrams On Children's Reports of Inappropriate Touching: Evidence from a New Analog Paradigm, Jason Dickinson and Debra Ann Poole (2017)

Assessing Clinical Improvement in School-Based Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder: Agreement Between Adolescents, Parents, and Independent Evaluators, Jeremy K Fox and Carrie Masia (2017)

Food Allergy and Social Anxiety in a Community Sample of Adolescents, Jeremy K Fox and Carrie Masia (2017)

Social Justice Training in School Psychology: Applying Principles of Organizational Consultation to Facilitate Change in Graduate Programs, Sally Grapin (2017)

Developing Local Oral Reading Fluency Cut Scores for Predicting High-Stakes Test Performance, Sally Grapin, John H. Kranzler, Nancy Waldron, Diana Joyce-Beaulieu, and James Algina (2017)


A novel surveillance approach for disaster mental health, Oliver Gruebner, Sarah R. Lowe, Martin Sykora, Karen Shankardass, S V. Subramanian, and Sandro Galea (2017)

Evaluating Juvenile Transfer and Disposition : Law, Science, and Practice, Kirk Heilbrun, David DeMatteo, and Christopher King (2017)

Forced Medication and Competency to Stand Trial: Clinical, Legal, and Ethical Issues, Kirk Heilbrun and Christopher King (2017)

Tablet Computers and Forensic and Correctional Psychological Assessment: A Randomized Controlled Study, Christopher King, Kirk Heilbrun, Na YoungKim, Kellie McWilliams, Sarah Phillips, Jessie Barbera, and Ralph Fretz (2017)

In Vivo and In Vitro Effects of Vortioxetine On Molecules Associated with Neuroplasticity, Pirathiv Kugathasan, Jessica Waller, Ligia Westrich, Aicha Abdourahman, Joseph A. Tamm, Alan Pehrson, Elena Dale, Maria Gulinello, Connie Sanchez, and Yan Li (2017)

You'll Spoil Your Dinner: Attenuating Hedonic Contrast in Meals Through Cuisine Mismatch, Jacob Lahne, Richard Pepino, and Debra Zellner (2017)

And, the Winner is…A Visual Preference for Endpoints Over Starting Points in Infants’ Motion Event Representations, Laura Lakusta and Stephanie DiFabrizio (2017)

Does Making Something Move Matter? Representations of Goals and Sources in Motion Events with Causal Sources, Laura Lakusta, Paul Muentener, Lauren Petrillo, Noelle Mullanaphy, and Lauren Muniz (2017)

The Relationship Between Pre-Verbal Event Representations and Semantic Structures: The Case of Goal and Source Paths, Laura Lakusta, Danielle Spinelli, and Kathryn Garcia (2017)

A Study of Time- and Sex-Dependent Effects of Vortioxetine On Rat Sexual Behavior: Possible Roles of Direct Receptor Modulation, Yan Li, Alan Pehrson, Ronald S. Oosting, Maria Gulinello, Berend Olivier, and Connie Sanchez (2017)

Encouraging Top-Down Attention in Visual Search: A Developmental Perspective, Regan Lookadoo, Jennifer Yang, and Edward C. Merrill (2017)

Innovation Influences Liking for Chocolates Among Neophilic Consumers, Christopher R. Loss, Debra Zellner, and Francisco Migoya (2017)

Innovations in Practice: The Relationship Between Sleep Disturbances, Depression, and Interpersonal Functioning in Treatment for Adolescent Depression, Eleanor L. McGlinchey, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, J. Blake Turner, and Laura Mufson (2017)

Stigma in Medical Settings as Reported Retrospectively by Women with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) for Their Childhood and Adolescence, Heino F.L. Meyer-Bahlburg, Jananne Khuri, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, and Maria I. New (2017)

Syndrome-Related Stigma in the General Social Environment as Reported by Women with Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Heino F.L. Meyer-Bahlburg, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Jananne Khuri, Anke A. Ehrhardt, and Maria I. New (2017)

Liderazgo: Culturally Grounded Leadership and the National Latina/o Psychological Association, Marie L. Miville, Patricia Arredondo, Andrés J. Consoli, Azara Santiago-Rivera, Edward A. Delgado-Romero, Milton Fuentes, Melanie M. Domenech Rodríguez, Lynda Field, and Joseph M. Cervantes (2017)

Dismantling Motivational Interviewing: Effects On Initiation of Behavior Change Among Problem Drinkers Seeking Treatment., Jon Morgenstern, Alexis Kuerbis, Jessica Houser, Svetlana Levak, Paul Amrhein, Sijing Shao, and James R. McKay (2017)

Serotonin Transporter-Independent Actions of the Antidepressant Vortioxetine as Revealed Using the SERT Met172 Mouse, Alex G. Nackenoff, Linda D. Simmler, Nicole L. Baganz, Alan Pehrson, Connie Sánchez, and Randy D. Blakely (2017)

Phonetic Convergence Across Multiple Measures and Model Talkers, Jennifer Pardo, Adelya Urmanche, Sherilyn Wilman-Depena, and Jaclyn Wiener (2017)

Relationship Between Sustained Unilateral Hand Clench, Emotional State, Line Bisection Performance, and Prefrontal Cortical Activitya Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study, Ruth Propper, Kyle Dodd, Stephen D. Christman, and Tad T. Brunyé (2017)

Superior Episodic Memory in Inconsistent-Handers: A Replication and Extension Using fNIRS, Ruth Propper, Neil Patel, Stephen D. Christman, and Christophe Carlei (2017)

Mediators of Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depressed Adolescents On Outcomes in Latinos: The Role of Peer and Family Interpersonal Functioning, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Eleanor L. McGlinchey, Paula K. Yanes-Lukin, J. Blake Turner, and Laura Mufson (2017)

Student Organizations as Avenues for Leader Learning and Development, Valerie Sessa, Nicole Alonso, Pamela Farago, Gaynell Schettino, Kelcie Tacchi, and Jennifer Bragger (2017)

College Student Leadership Development, Valerie I. Sessa (2017)

Risk and Protective Factors Impacting Burnout in Bilingual, Latina/O Clinicians: An Exploratory Study, Vincenzo G. Teran, Milton Fuentes, Devin G. Atallah, and Yi Yang (2017)

Neuroplasticity Pathways and Protein-Interaction Networks are Modulated by Vortioxetine in Rodents, Jessica A. Waller, Sara Holm Nygaard, Yan Li, Kristian Gaarn Jardin, Joseph A. Tamm, Aicha Abdourahman, Betina Elfving, Alan Pehrson, Connie Sánchez, and Rasmus Wernersson (2017)

Chronic Vortioxetine Treatment in Rodents Modulates Gene Expression of Neurodevelopmental and Plasticity Markers, Jessica A. Waller, Joseph A. Tamm, Aicha Abdourahman, Alan Pehrson, Yan Li, Manuel Cajina, and Connie Sánchez (2017)

Racial Bias in Judgments of Physical Size and Formidability: From Size to Threat, John Paul Wilson, Kurt Hugenberg, and Nicholas O. Rule (2017)