Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, are collected here.


Submissions from 2014

Web-Based Interventions for Youth Internalizing Problems: A Systematic Review, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Laura Mufson, Laurence L. Greenhill, Madelyn S. Gould, Prudence W. Fisher, Naomi Tarlow, and Moira A. Rynn (2014)

Overgeneralizing Belonging: Limited Exposure to Baby-Faced Targets Increases the Feeling of Social Belonging, Donald F. Sacco, John Paul Wilson, Kurt Hugenberg, and James H. Wirth (2014)

Subjective Cognitive Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis Depends On Task Length, Joshua Sandry, Helen M. Genova, Ekaterina Dobryakova, John DeLuca, and Glenn Wylie (2014)

Flexibility Within Working Memory and the Focus of Attention for Sequential Verbal Information Does Not Depend On Active Maintenance, Joshua Sandry, Jeremy D. Schwark, and Justin MacDonald (2014)

Working Memory Mediates the Relationship Between Intellectual Enrichment and Long-Term Memory in Multiple Sclerosisan Exploratory Analysis of Cognitive Reserve, Joshua Sandry and James F. Sumowski (2014)

Making An Informed Choice of Industrial-Organizational Versus Organizational Behavior as a PHD Student (and a Professor), Robert P. Tett, Bradley Brummel, Daniel Simonet, and Mitchell Rothstein (2014)

Vortioxetine Restores Reversal Learning Impaired by 5-HT Depletion Or Chronic Intermittent Cold Stress in Rats, Ashley Wallace, Alan Pehrson, Connie Sánchez, and David A. Morilak (2014)

Perceptions of Others' Political Affiliation are Moderated by Individual Perceivers' Own Political Attitudes, John Paul Wilson and Nicholas O. Rule (2014)

Differences in Anticipated Interaction Drive Own Group Biases in Face Memory, John Paul Wilson, Pirita E. See, Michael J. Bernstein, Kurt Hugenberg, and Christopher Chartier (2014)

Visuo-Spatial Ability in Individuals with Down Syndrome: Is It Really a Strength?, Jennifer Yang, Frances A. Conners, and Edward C. Merrill (2014)

The Impact of Distracter-Target Similarity On Contextual Cueing Effects of Children and Adults, Jennifer Yang and Edward C. Merrill (2014)

Averted Eye-Gaze Disrupts Configural Face Encoding, Steven G. Young, Michael L. Slepian, John Paul Wilson, and Kurt Hugenberg (2014)

Labels Affect Both Liking and Preference: The Better the Stimuli, the Bigger the Preference, Debra Zellner, Kaila Hoer, and Juliann Feldman (2014)

It Tastes as Good as It Looks! the Effect of Food Presentation On Liking for the Flavor of Food, Debra Zellner, Christopher R. Loss, Jonathan Zearfoss, and Sergio Remolina (2014)

Submissions from 2013

Multicultural Initiatives Across Educational Contexts in Psychology: Becoming Diverse in Our Approach, Hector Y. Adames, Milton Fuentes, Dinelia Rosa, and Nayeli Y. Chavez-Dueñas (2013)

The Effects of Commitment to Multiple Foci: An Analysis of Relative Influence and Interactions, Kevin Askew, Meng U. Taing, and Russell E. Johnson (2013)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Age Effects in Child and Adolescent Anxiety: An Individual Patient Data Meta: Analysis, Kathryn Bennett, Katharina Manassis, Stephen D. Walter, Amy Cheung, Pamela Wilansky-Traynor, Natalia Diaz-Granados, Stephanie Duda, Maureen Rice, Susan Baer, Paula Barrett, Denise Bodden, Vanessa E. Cobham, Mark R. Dadds, Ellen Flannery-Schroeder, Golda Ginsburg, David Heyne, Jennifer L. Hudson, Philip C. Kendall, Juliette Liber, Carrie Masia, Sandra Mendlowitz, Maaike H. Nauta, Ronald M. Rapee, Wendy Silverman, Lynne Siqueland, Susan H. Spence, Elisabeth Utens, and Jeffrey J. Wood (2013)

The Rapid Recovery of 5-HT Cell Firing Induced by the Antidepressant Vortioxetine Involves 5-HT3 Receptor Antagonism, Cécile Bétry, Alan Pehrson, Adeline Etiévant, Bjarke Ebert, Connie Sánchez, and Nasser Haddjeri (2013)


Working memory differences in illusory recollection of critical lures, Michael T. Bixter and Frances Daniel (2013)


Adaptive intertemporal preferences in foraging-style environments, Michael T. Bixter and Christian C. Luhmann (2013)

Offenders' Perceptions of Risk Factors for Self and Others: Theoretical Importance and Some Empirical Data, Stephanie Brooks Holliday, Christopher King, and Kirk Heilbrun (2013)

Beauty Beyond Compare: Effects of Context Extremity and Categorization On Hedonic Contrast, Elizabeth Cogan, Scott Parker, and Debra Zellner (2013)

Scholarly Productivity and Impact of School Psychology Faculty in APA-Accredited Programs, Sally Grapin, John H. Kranzler, and Matt L. Daley (2013)

Attentional Capture by Emotional Faces in Adolescence, Jillian Grose-Fifer, Andrea Rodrigues, Steven Hoover, and Tina Zottoli (2013)

Antidepressant and Anxiolytic Potential of the Multimodal Antidepressant Vortioxetine (Lu AA21004) Assessed by Behavioural and Neurogenesis Outcomes in Mice, Jean Philippe Guilloux, Indira Mendez-David, Alan Pehrson, Bruno P. Guiard, Christelle Repérant, Sophie Orvoën, Alain M. Gardier, René Hen, Ebert Bjarke, Miller Silke, Connie Sanchez, and Denis J. David (2013)

Towards a Synthetic Model of Own Group Biases in Face Memory, Kurt Hugenberg, John Paul Wilson, Pirita E. See, and Steven G. Young (2013)

Using Potential Performance Theory to Analyze Systematic and Random Factors in Enumeration Tasks, Gayle Hunt, Stephen Rice, David Trafimow, and Joshua Sandry (2013)

How Interviewees Consider Content and Context Cues to Person-Organization Fit, Eugene J. Kutcher, Jennifer Bragger, and Jamie L. Masco (2013)

Consultants' Perceptions of School Counselors' Ability to Implement An Empirically-Based Intervention for Adolescent Social Anxiety Disorder, Carrie Masia, Chad Brice, Petra G. Esseling, Catherine E. Stewart, Laura Mufson, and Kathleen Herzig (2013)

Measuring Phonetic Convergence in Speech Production, Jennifer Pardo (2013)

Influence of Role-Switching On Phonetic Convergence in Conversation, Jennifer Pardo, Isabel Cajori Jay, Risa Hoshino, Sara Maria Hasbun, Chantal Sowemimo-Coker, and Robert M. Krauss (2013)

Phonetic Convergence in Shadowed Speech: The Relation Between Acoustic and Perceptual Measures, Jennifer Pardo, Kelly Jordan, Rolliene Mallari, Caitlin Scanlon, and Eva Lewandowski (2013)

The Influence of NMDA and GABAA Receptors and Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD) Activity On Attention, Alan Pehrson, Corina O. Bondi, Nelson K.B. Totah, and Bita Moghaddam (2013)

Lu AA21004, a Novel Multimodal Antidepressant, Produces Regionally Selective Increases of Multiple Neurotransmitters-a Rat Microdialysis and Electrophysiology Study, Alan Pehrson, Thomas Cremers, Cecile Bétry, Marieke G.C. van der Hart, Laerke Jørgensen, Mathias Madsen, Nasser Haddjeri, Bjarke Ebert, and Connie Sanchez (2013)

Degree of Handedness, But Not Direction, is a Systematic Predictor of Cognitive Performance, Eric Prichard, Ruth Propper, and Stephen D. Christman (2013)

Lateralized Difference in Tympanic Membrane Temperature: Emotion and Hemispheric Activity, Ruth Propper and Tad T. Brunyé (2013)


Lateralized difference in tympanic membrane temperature: emotion and hemispheric activity, Ruth E. Propper and Tad T. Brunyé (2013)


Strength, But Not Direction, of Handedness Is Related to Height, Ruth E. Propper, Tad T. Brunyé, Karly Frank, and Sean E. McGraw (2013)


Getting a Grip on Memory: Unilateral Hand Clenching Alters Episodic Recall, Ruth E. Propper, Sean E. McGraw, and Tad T. Brunyé (2013)

Tympanic Membrane Temperature, Hemispheric Activity, and Affect: Evidence for a Modest Relationship, Ruth Propper, Ashley Januszewski, Tad T. Brunyé, and Stephen D. Christman (2013)

Integrating Illness Concerns Into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Co-Occurring Anxiety, Laura C. Reigada, Keith J. Benkov, Jean Marie Bruzzese, Claire Hoogendoorn, Eva Szigethy, Alexis Briggie, Deborah J. Walder, and Carrie Masia (2013)

Adaptive Memory: Evaluating Alternative Forms of Fitness-Relevant Processing in the Survival Processing Paradigm, Joshua Sandry, David Trafimow, Michael J. Marks, and Stephen Rice (2013)

Simultaneous Attentional Guidance by Working-Memory and Selection History Reveals Two Distinct Sources of Attention, Jeremy D. Schwark, Igor Dolgov, Joshua Sandry, and C. Brooks Volkman (2013)

Prevalence-Based Decisions Undermine Visual Search, Jeremy D. Schwark, Justin MacDonald, Joshua Sandry, and Igor Dolgov (2013)

Evidence for a Positive Relationship Between Working-Memory Capacity and Detection of Low-Prevalence Targets in Visual Search, Jeremy Schwark, Joshua Sandry, and Igor Dolgov (2013)

Five Perspectives On the Leadership-Management Relationship: A Competency-Based Evaluation and Integration, Daniel Simonet and Robert P. Tett (2013)

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms, and Emotional Intelligence in Partner Aggression, Rachael M. Swopes, Daniel Simonet, Anna E. Jaffe, Robert P. Tett, and Joanne L. Davis (2013)

Aspectual Coercion in Eye Movements, David Townsend (2013)

Shared Signal Effects Occur More Strongly for Salient Outgroups Than Ingroups, John Paul Wilson and Kurt Hugenberg (2013)

The Cross-Race Effect and Eyewitness Identification: How to Improve Recognition and Reduce Decision Errors in Eyewitness Situations, John Paul Wilson, Kurt Hugenberg, and Michael J. Bernstein (2013)

Color-Odor Interactions: A Review and Model, Debra Zellner (2013)

Submissions from 2012

An Expansion of System Wide Trust Theory Using in-Vehicle Automation, Kasha Blair, Joshua Sandry, and Stephen Rice (2012)

Old Dogs and New Skills: How Clinician Characteristics Relate to Motivational Interviewing Skills Before, During, and After Training, Kenneth M. Carpenter, Wendy Y. Cheng, Jennifer L. Smith, Adam C. Brooks, Paul Amrhein, R. Morgan Wain, and Edward V. Nunes (2012)

Self-Disclosure and Mental Health Service Use in Socially Anxious Adolescents, Daniela Colognori, Petra Esseling, Catherine Stewart, Philip Reiss, Feihan Lu, Brady Case, and Carrie Masia (2012)

Gender Differences in Adolescents' Autobiographical Narratives, Robyn Fivush, Jennifer G. Bohanek, Widaad Zaman, and Sally Grapin (2012)

Preventive Intervention for Anxious Preschoolers and Their Parents: Strengthening Early Emotional Development, Jeremy K Fox, Carrie Masia, Amy B. Lerner, Kristy Ludwig, Julie L. Ryan, Daniela Colognori, Christopher P. Lucas, and Laurie Miller Brotman (2012)

Is Parental Anxiety and Coping Associated with Girls' Distress During a VCUG? Preliminary Findings, Karla M. Giramonti, Jeremy K Fox, Danielle K. Laraia, Leslie F. Halpern, Barbara C. Dangman, and Barry A. Kogan (2012)

Community-Based Alternatives for Justice-Involved Individuals with Severe Mental Illness: Review of the Relevant Research, Kirk Heilbrun, David DeMatteo, Kento Yasuhara, Stephanie Brooks-Holliday, Sanjay Shah, Christopher King, Anne Bingham Dicarlo, Danielle Hamilton, and Casey LaDuke (2012)

School-Based Anxiety Treatments for Children and Adolescents, Kathleen Herzig-Anderson, Daniela Colognori, Jeremy K Fox, Catherine E. Stewart, and Carrie Masia (2012)

Intentional Inferences are Not More Likely Than Unintentional Ones: Some Evidence Against the Intentionality Bias Hypothesis, Jamie S. Hughes, Joshua Sandry, and David Trafimow (2012)

Language and Memory for Motion Events: Origins of the Asymmetry Between Source and Goal Paths, Laura Lakusta and Barbara Landau (2012)

A Rodent Model of Premenstrual Dysphoria: Progesterone Withdrawal Induces Depression-Like Behavior That is Differentially Sensitive to Classes of Antidepressants, Yan Li, Alan Pehrson, David P. Budac, Connie Sánchez, and Maria Gulinello (2012)

Self-Construal Priming Affects Speed of Retrieval from Short-Term Memory, Justin A. MacDonald, Joshua Sandry, and Stephen Rice (2012)

Advances and Challenges in School-Based Intervention for Anxious and Depressed Youth: Identifying and Addressing Issues of Sustainability, Carrie Masia and Jeremy K Fox (2012)


The Urgency of Doing: Assessing the System of Sustainable Implementation Model Via the Schools Implementing Towards Sustainability (Sits) Scale, Dominic C. Moceri, Maurice J. Elias, Daniel B. Fishman, Robert Pandina, and Jazmin Reyes-Portillo (2012)

Motivational Interviewing: A Pilot Test of Active Ingredients and Mechanisms of Change, Jon Morgenstern, Alexis Kuerbis, Paul Amrhein, Lisa Hail, Kevin Lynch, and James R. McKay (2012)

Pharmacological Effects of Lu AA21004A Novel Multimodal Compound for the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder, Arne Mørk, Alan Pehrson, Lise Tøttrup Brennum, S. Møller Nielsen, Huailing Zhong, Anders Blædel Lassen, Silke Miller, Ligia Westrich, Noel J. Boyle, Connie Sánchez, Christina Weide Fischer, Nico Liebenberg, Gregers Wegener, Christoffer Bundgaard, Sandy Hogg, Benny Bang-Andersen, and Tine Bryan Bryan Stensbøl (2012)

Reflections On Phonetic Convergence: Speech Perception Does Not Mirror Speech Production, Jennifer Pardo (2012)

Phonetic Convergence in College Roommates, Jennifer Pardo, Rachel Gibbons, Alexandra Suppes, and Robert M. Krauss (2012)

Effects of Expectations On Loudness and Loudness Difference, Scott Parker, Julianne M. Moore, Sara Bahraini, Kathleen Gunthert, and Debra Zellner (2012)

Look Over There! Unilateral Gaze Increases Geographical Memory of the 50 United States, Ruth Propper, Tad T. Brunyé, Stephen D. Christman, and Ashley Januszewskia (2012)


Asymmetry in Resting Alpha Activity: Effects of Handedness, Ruth E. Propper, Jenna Pierce, Mark W. Geisler, Stephen D. Christman, and Nathan Bellorado (2012)

Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don't: Assigning Blame to Victims Regardless of Their Choice, Stephen Rice, Holly Hackett, David Trafimow, Gayle Hunt, and Joshua Sandry (2012)

How the Negative Stigma Associated with AIDS Affects Sufferers' Trustworthiness, Stephen Rice, Joshua Sandry, and Jessica Richardson (2012)

Treating Adolescents with Social Anxiety Disorder in Schools, Julie L. Ryan and Carrie Masia (2012)

Superior Visual Search Accuracy After Exposure to Natural Relative to Urban Environments, Joshua Sandry, Jeremy Schwark, Gayle Hunt, Kasha Geels, and Stephen Rice (2012)

False Feedback Increases Detection of Low-Prevalence Targets in Visual Search, Jeremy Schwark, Joshua Sandry, Justin MacDonald, and Igor Dolgov (2012)

Training Substance Abuse Clinicians in Motivational Interviewing Using Live Supervision Via Teleconferencing, Jennifer L. Smith, Kenneth M. Carpenter, Paul Amrhein, Adam C. Brooks, Deborah Levin, Elizabeth A. Schreiber, Laura A. Travaglini, Mei Chen Hu, and Edward V. Nunes (2012)

The Feedback-Related Negativity (FRN) in Adolescents, Tina Zottoli and Jillian Grose-Fifer (2012)

Submissions from 2011

Expecting the Unexpected: An N400 Study of Risky Sentence Processing in Adolescents, Jillian Grose-Fifer, Steven Hoover, Tina Zottoli, and Andrea Rodrigues (2011)

Girls Leading Outward, Heather Hamed, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Dominic C. Moceri, Laura Morana, and Maurice J. Elias (2011)

Risk-Need Assessment: Bridging Disciplinary and Regional Boundaries, Kirk Heilbrun, David Dematteo, Stephanie Brooks, Kento Yasuhara, Sanjay Shah, Natalie Anumba, Christopher King, and Michele Pich (2011)

Research Productivity and Scholarly Impact of APA-Accredited School Psychology Programs 2005-2009, John H. Kranzler, Sally Grapin, and Matt L. Daley (2011)

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Persistent Functional Somatic Complaints and Pediatric Anxiety: An Initial Controlled Trial, Carrie Masia, Daniela Colognori, Rachel E. Kim, Laura C. Reigada, Rachel G. Klein, Karen J. Browner-Elhanan, Amy Saborsky, Eva Petkova, Philip Reiss, Manoj Chhabra, Yvonne B. McFarlane-Ferreira, Colin K. Phoon, Nanci Pittman, and Keith Benkov (2011)

Treating Persistent Distress and Anxiety in Parents of Children with Cancer: An Initial Feasibility Trial, Carrie Masia, Kristy Ludwig, Corinne Sweeney, Clare Spillane, Laura Hogan, Julie Ryan, and William Carroll (2011)

Assessing Learning in Service-Learning Courses Through Critical Reflection, Lenore M. Molee, Mary E. Henry, Valerie Sessa, and Erin R. Mckinney-Prupis (2011)

The Intention-to-CAUSE Bias: Evidence from Children's Causal Language, Paul Muentener and Laura Lakusta (2011)

Deficits in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders When Processing Multiple Objects in Dynamic Scenes, Kirsten O'Hearn, Laura Lakusta, Elizabeth Schroer, Nancy Minshew, and Beatriz Luna (2011)

Napping Promotes Inter-Session Habituation to Emotional Stimuli, Edward F. Pace-Schott, Elizabeth Shepherd, Rebecca M.C. Spencer, Matthew Marcello, Matthew Tucker, Ruth Propper, and Robert Stickgold (2011)

Evidence Supporting Restrictions On Uses of Body Diagrams in Forensic Interviews, Debra Ann Poole and Jason Dickinson (2011)

Increased Anger is Associated with Increased Hemispheric Asymmetry: Support for Anger-Tympanic Membrane Relationships, Ruth Propper, Ashley Januszewski, Stephen D. Christman, and Tad T. Brunyé (2011)

Illness-Specific Anxiety: Implications for Functioning and Utilization of Medical Services in Adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Laura C. Reigada, Jean Marie Bruzzese, Keith J. Benkov, Joseph Levy, Amanda R. Waxman, Eva Petkova, and Carrie Masia (2011)

Auditory-Phonetic Projection and Lexical Structure in the Recognition of Sine-Wave Words, Robert E. Remez, Kathryn R. Dubowski, Robin S. Broder, Morgana L. Davids, Yael S. Grossman, Marina Moskalenko, Jennifer Pardo, and Sara Maria Hasbun (2011)

Fostering Social-Emotional Resilience Among Latino Youth, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo and Maurice J. Elias (2011)

Can Priming Your Self Lead to Punishing Others?, Joshua Sandry, Gayle Hunt, Stephen Rice, David Trafimow, and Kasha Geels (2011)

Operator Aid-Switching in a Case of Redundant Automation with Single-Aid Failure, Joshua Sandry, Jeremy Schwark, Gayle Hunt, Kasha Geels, and Stephen Rice (2011)


Adaptive, Generative, and Transformative Learning in Project Teams, Valerie Sessa, Manuel London, Christopher Pingor, Beyza Gullu, and Juhi Patel (2011)

Faking in Personality Assessment: A "Multisaturation" Perspective on Faking as Performance, Robert P. Tett and Daniel Simonet (2011)

Screening Parents During Child Evaluations: Exploring Parent and Child Psychopathology in the Same Clinic, Hilary B. Vidair, Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Sa Shen, Maria A. Parrilla-Escobar, Charlotte M. Heleniak, Ilene L. Hollin, Scott Woodruff, J. Blake Turner, and Moira A. Rynn (2011)

Neatness Counts. How Plating Affects Liking for the Taste of Food, Debra Zellner, Evan Siemers, Vincenzo Teran, Rebecca Conroy, Mia Lankford, Alexis Agrafiotis, Lisa Ambrose, and Paul Locher (2011)