Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, are collected here.


Submissions from 1997

Vicarious Learning Revisited: A Contemporary Behavior Analytic Interpretation, Carrie Masia and Philip N. Chase (1997)

Perceiving the Causes of Coarticulatory Acoustic Variation: Consonant Voicing and Vowel Pitch, Jennifer Pardo and Carol A. Fowler (1997)

Nobody's Satisfied: Effects of Abnormal Eating Behaviors and Actual and Perceived Weight Status On Body Image Satisfaction in Malesand Females, Bryan Raudenbush and Debra Zellner (1997)

Providing An AIDS Education and Skills Training Program to Persons with Mild Developmental Disabilities, Joseph R. Scotti, Douglas W. Nangle, Carrie Masia, James T. Ellis, Kimberly J. Ujcich, Angela M. Giacoletti, Glenda L. Vittimberga, and Rebecca Carr (1997)

Submissions from 1996

Pediatric and Family HIV. Psychosocial Concerns Across the Continuum of Disease., Sandra Lewis, Yvonne Wesley, and Heidi J. Haiken (1996)

The Educational Effects of Providing AIDS-Risk Information to Persons with Developmental Disabilities: An Exploratory Study, Joseph R. Scotti, Carrie Masia, Jeffrey T. Boggess, Lynda V. Speaks, and Ronald S. Drabman (1996)

Using Perspective Taking to Manage Conflict and Affect in Teams, Valerie Sessa (1996)

Hypnotic Susceptibility, Imaging Ability, and Anagram-Solving Activity, Benjamin Wallace, Philip A. Allen, and Ruth Propper (1996)

Submissions from 1995

Evidence for Task Specificity in Age-Related Slowing: A Review of Speeded Picture-Word Processing Studies, Paul Amrhein (1995)

Submissions from 1994

Influence of Letter Size On Age Differences in Letter Matching, Philip A. Allen, Marian B. Patterson, and Ruth Propper (1994)

Temporal Invariance for Picture-Word Translation: Evidence from Drawing-Writing and Naming-Reading Tasks, Paul Amrhein (1994)

Living Beyond the Odds: A Psychosocial Perspective on Long-Term Survivors of Pediatric Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Sandra Lewis, Heidi J. Haiken, and Laura G. Hoyt (1994)


On the Perceptual Organization of Speech, Robert E. Remez, Philip E. Rubin, Stefanie M. Berns, Jennifer Pardo, and Jessica M. Lang (1994)

Prevalence and Correlates of AIDS-Related Behavioral Intentions Among Urban Minority High School Students, Heather J. Walter, Roger D. Vaughan, Deborah Ragin, Alwyn T. Cohall, and Stephanie Kasen (1994)

Submissions from 1993

Evidence of Direction Loss in Elderly Movement Preparation is Not Due to Spatial Orienting Effects, Paul Amrhein, Von Dean Dras, and Marjo Anderson (1993)

The Time It Takes Elderly and Young Individuals to Draw Pictures and Write Words, Paul Amrhein and John Theios (1993)

Conflict with Less Distress: Promoting Team Effectiveness, Valerie Sessa, Jo Anne Bennett, and Carole Birdsall (1993)

Factors Associated with AIDS-Related Behavioral Intentions Among High School Students in An AIDS Epicenter, Heather J. Walter, Roger D. Vaughan, Madeline M. Gladis Alexander, Deborah Ragin, Stephanie Kasen, and Alwyn T. Cohall (1993)

Prevalence and Correlates of AIDS-Risk Behaviors Among Urban Minority High School Students, Heather J. Walter, Roger D. Vaughan, Deborah Ragin, Alwyn T. Cohall, Stephanie Kasen, and Robert E. Fullilove (1993)

Submissions from 1992

The Comprehension of Quasi-Performative Verbs in Verbal Commitments: New Evidence for Componential Theories of Lexical Meaning, Paul Amrhein (1992)

Antecedents of Child Neglect in the First Two Years of Life, Robert M. Brayden, William A. Altemeier, Dorothy D. Tucker, Mary S. Dietrich, and Peter Vietze (1992)

Factors Associated with AIDS Risk Behaviors Among High School Students in An AIDS Epicenter, Heather J. Walter, Roger D. Vaughan, Madeline M. Gladis Alexander, Deborah Ragin, Stephanie Kasen, and Alwyn T. Cohall (1992)

Submissions from 1991


Age Differences in the Maintenance and Restructuring of Movement Preparation, Paul Amrhein, George Stelmach, and Noreen Goggin (1991)

Why are Autism and the Fragile-X Syndrome Associated? Conceptual and Methodological Issues, Ira L. Cohen, Vicki Sudhalter, A. Pfadt, Edmund C. Jenkins, W. Ted Brown, and Peter Vietze (1991)

Effects of Age and Communication Level On Eye Contact in Fragile X Males and Non-Fragile X Autistic Males, Ira L. Cohen, Peter Vietze, Vicki Sudhalter, Edmund C. Jenkins, and W. Ted Brown (1991)

Some Differences Make a Difference: Individual Dissimilarity and Group Heterogeneity as Correlates of Recruitment, Promotions, and Turnover, Susan E. Jackson, Joan F. Brett, Valerie Sessa, Dawn M. Cooper, Johan A. Julin, and Karl Peyronnin (1991)

Hypochloremic Metabolic Alkalosis from Ingestion of a Chloride-Deficient Infant Formula: Outcome 9 and 10 Years Later, M. H. Malloy, Barry I. Graubard, Howard Moss, Mary E. McCarthy, Susan Gwyn, Peter Vietze, Anne D. Willoughby, George G. Rhoads, and Heinz B. Berendes (1991)

The Use of Higher-Level Constraints in Monitoring for a Change in Speaker Demonstrates Functionally Distinct Levels of Representation in Discourse Comprehension, David Townsend (1991)

Influence of Color On Odor Identification and Liking Ratings., Debra Zellner, Angela M. Bartoli, and Robert Eckard (1991)

Submissions from 1990

Role of An Ethnic Minority Alumni Advisory Committee in Training Professional Psychologists, Juneau Mahan Gary, Gwendolyn Childs-Jackson, Inez Phillips Durham, and Sandra Lewis (1990)

A Model of Human Response to Workload Stress, Moira Lemay, Frances Layton, and David Townsend (1990)

Exposure to a Chloride-Deficient Formula During Infancy: Outcome At Ages 9 and 10 Years, M. H. Malloy, Anne D. Willoughby, Barry I. Graubard, J. Lynch, Mary E. McCarthy, Howard Moss, Peter Vietze, George G. Rhoads, and Heinz B. Berendes (1990)

An Analysis of and Intervention in the Sexual Transmission of Disease, Luis Montesinos, Lawrence E. Frisch, Brandon F. Greene, and Michelle Hamilton (1990)

Parental Stimulation of High-Risk Infants in Naturalistic Settings, Peter Vietze (1990)

Population-Based Study of the Developmental Outcome of Children Exposed to Chloride-Deficient Infant Formula, Anne D. Willoughby, Barry I. Graubard, A. Hocker, C. Storr, Peter Vietze, Joan M. Thackaberry, M. A. Gerry, Mary McCarthy, Nancy Fohrell Gist, Mark J. Magenheim, Heinz B. Berendes, and George G. Rhoads (1990)

Color Affects Perceived Odor Intensity, Debra Zellner and Mary A. Kautz (1990)

Submissions from 1989


Effects of Age on Motor Preparation and Restructuring, Paul Amrhein, Noreen Goggin, and George Stelmach (1989)

Factors Influencing Wagers in Simulated Blackjack, James G. Phillips and Paul Amrhein (1989)

Theoretical Analysis of the Cognitive Processing of Lexical and Pictorial Stimuli: Reading, Naming, and Visual and Conceptual Comparisons, John Theios and Paul Amrhein (1989)

Effects of Eating Abnormalities and Gender On Perceptions of Desirable Body Shape, Debra Zellner, Debra E. Harner, and Robbie L. Adler (1989)

Submissions from 1988


Age Differences in Bimanual Coordination, Paul Amrhein, George Stelmach, and Noreen Goggin (1988)


Aging and the Restructuring of Precued Movements, Paul Amrhein, George Stelmach, and Noreen Goggin (1988)

Does Mutual Influence Occur During Mother-Infant Social Gaze?, David J. Messer and Peter Vietze (1988)

Effect of Temperature and Expectations On Liking for Beverages, Debra Zellner, W. F. Stewart, Paul Rozin, and J. M. Brown (1988)

Submissions from 1987

Infants' Social-Constructive Interactions with Mothers and Fathers, Fumiyo T. Hunter, Mary E. McCarthy, Robert H. MacTurk, and Peter Vietze (1987)

Sequential Analysis of Mastery Behavior in 6- and 12-Month-Old Infants, Robert H. MacTurk, Mary E. McCarthy, Peter Vietze, and Leon J. Yarrow (1987)

Developmental Outcome in Children Exposed to Chloride-Deficient Formula, Anne D. Willoughby, Howard A. Moss, Van Saxton Hubbard, Barry Bernard Bercu, Barry I. Graubard, Peter Vietze, C. C. Chang, and Heinz B. Berendes (1987)

Submissions from 1986

Outcome of Abuse During Childhood Among Pregnant Low Income Women, William A. Altemeier, Susan O'Connor, Kathryn B. Sherrod, Dorothy Tucker, and Peter Vietze (1986)

Relation Between Mastery Behavior in Infancy and Competence in Early Childhood, David J. Messer, Mary E. McCarthy, Susan McQuiston, Robert H. MacTurk, Leon J. Yarrow, and Peter Vietze (1986)

Using Information Processing Strategies for Early Identification of Mental Retardation, Peter Vietze and Deborah L. Coates (1986)

Submissions from 1985

Prospective Study of Antecedents for Nonorganic Failure to Thrive, William A. Altemeier, Susan M. O'Connor, Kathryn B. Sherrod, and Peter Vietze (1985)

Social Mastery Motivation in Down Syndrome and Non-Delayed Infants, Robert H. Macturk, Fumiyo T. Hunter, Mary E. Mccarthy, Peter Vietze, and Susan McQuiston (1985)

The Organization of Exploratory Behavior in Down Syndrome and Non-delayed Infants., Robert H. MacTurk, Peter Vietze, Mary E. McCarthy, Susan McQuiston, and Leon J. Yarrow (1985)

The Role of Pavlovian Conditioning in the Acquisition of Food Likes and Dislikes, Paul Rozin and Debra Zellner (1985)

Rats Learn to Like the Taste of Morphine, Debra Zellner, Kent C. Berridge, Harvey J. Grill, and Joseph W. Ternes (1985)

Submissions from 1984

Prediction of Child Abuse: A Prospective Study of Feasibility, William A. Altemeier, Susan O'Connor, Peter Vietze, Howard Sandler, and Kathryn Sherrod (1984)

Timing and Transitions in Mother-Infant Gaze, David J. Messer and Peter Vietze (1984)

Early Prediction of Child Maltreatment, Kathryn B. Sherrod, William A. Altemeier, Susan O'Connor, and Peter Vietze (1984)

Child Health and Maltreatment., Kathryn B. Sherrod, Susan M. O'Connor, Peter Vietze, and William A. Altemeier (1984)

Opiate Withdrawal: The Result of Conditioning Or Physiological Mechanisms?, Debra Zellner, Robert J. Dacanay, and Anthony L. Riley (1984)

Submissions from 1983

The Psychological Causality Implicit in Language, Roger Brown and Deborah Ragin (1983)

Thematic Processing in Sentences and Texts, David Townsend (1983)

Conditioned Enhancement of Human's Liking for Flavor by Pairing with Sweetness, Debra Zellner, Paul Rozin, Michael Aron, and Carol Kulish (1983)

Submissions from 1982

Increased Child Abuse in Families with Twins, J. R. Groothuis, William A. Altemeier, Joyce P. Robarge, Susan M. O'Connor, Howard M. Sandler, Peter Vietze, and James V. Lustig (1982)

Mother–Infant Interaction and Child Development After Rooming–In: Comparison of High–Risk and Low–Risk Mothers, Susan O’Connor, Peter Vietze, Kathryn Sherrod, Howard M. Sandler, P. Susan Gerrity, and William A. Altemeier (1982)

Antecedents of Child Abuse, Richard W. Olmsted, William A. Altemeier, Susan M. O'Connor, Peter Vietze, Howard M. Sandler, and Kathryn B. Sherrod (1982)

Natural Units of Representation Interact During Sentence Comprehension, David Townsend and Thomas G. Bever (1982)

Response-Contingent Stimulation as a Treatment for Developmental Failure in Infancy, John S. Watson, Louise A. Hayes, and Peter Vietze (1982)

Submissions from 1981

Maternal Risk Factors as Predictors of Developmental Outcome in Early Childhood, Earladeen Badger, Donna Burns, and Peter Vietze (1981)

The Effect of Post-Conditioning Exposure to Morphine On the Retention of a Morphine-Induced Conditioned Taste Aversion, William Jake Jacobs, Debra Zellner, V. M. LoLordo, and Anthony L. Riley (1981)

Submissions from 1980

Ethanol Consumption of Rats in Individual, Group, and Colonial Housing Conditions, Paul J. Kulkosky, Debra Zellner, Richard L. Hyson, and Anthony L. Riley (1980)

Reduced Incidence of Parenting Inadequacy Following Rooming-in, Susan M. O'Connor, Peter Vietze, Kathyrn B. Sherrod, Howard Sandler, and William A. Altemeier III (1980)

The Role of Endorphins in Animal Learning and Behavior, Anthony L. Riley, Debra Zellner, and Heather J. Duncan (1980)

Children Can Learn to Communicate in a Word-Pair Task: Evidence Against Egocentrism, Ann L. Saltzman and David Townsend (1980)

The Development of Complex Sentence Processing Strategies, David Townsend and Norma Ravelo (1980)

Transactional Approach to Prediction of Child Maltreatment, Peter Vietze, Susan Falsey, Howard Sandler, Susan M. O'Connor, and William A. Altemier (1980)

Infant Sex Differences in Operant Fixation with Visual and Auditory Reinforcement, John S. Watson, Louise A. Hayes, Lynn Dorman, and Peter Vietze (1980)

Submissions from 1979

Prediction of Child Maltreatment During Pregnancy, William A. Altemeier, Peter Vietze, Kathryn B. Sherrod, Howard M. Sandler, Susan Falsey, and Susan M. O'Connor (1979)


Relationships Among Attachment Behaviors During Reunion At 13 and 32 Months of Age, Bette B. Marcus, Kristi Ruttle, and Peter Vietze (1979)

Social-Psychological Characteristics of Adolescent Mothers and Behavioral Characteristics of Their First-Born Infants, F. Joseph McLaughlin, Howard M. Sandler, Kathryn Sherrod, Peter Vietze, and Susan M. O'Connor (1979)

Attitudinal and Demographic Predictors of Breast-Feeding and Bottle-Feeding Behavior by Mothers of Six-Week-Old Infants., Lynne T. Switzky, Peter Vietze, and Harvey N. Switzky (1979)

Immediate Memory for Words from Main and Subordinate Clauses At Different Age Levels, David Townsend, David Ottaviano, and Thomas G. Bever (1979)

Bidimensional Sorting in Preschoolers with An Instrumental Learning Task., John S. Watson, Louise A. Hayes, and Peter Vietze (1979)

Discriminative Infant Smiling to Orientations of Talking Faces of Mother and Stranger, John S. Watson, Louise A. Hayes, Peter Vietze, and Jacqueline Becker (1979)

Submissions from 1978

Interpersonal Distance and Vocal Behavior in the Mother-Infant Dyad, Barbara J. Anderson, Peter Vietze, and Paul R. Dokecki (1978)

The Effect of Extended Postpartum Contact On Problems with Parenting: A Controlled Study of 301 Families, Susan M. O'Connor, Kathryn B. Sherrod, Howard M. Sandier, and Peter Vietze (1978)

Methylphenidate-Induced Conditioned Taste Aversions: An Index of Toxicity, Anthony L. Riley and Debra Zellner (1978)

Interclause Relations and Clausal Processing, David Townsend and Thomas G. Bever (1978)

Submissions from 1976

Four- and Six-Month-Old Infants' Visual Responses to Joy, Anger, and Neutral Expressions, Joseph D. LaBarbera, Carroll E. Izard, Peter Vietze, and Sharon A. Parisi (1976)

Do Children Interpret ‘Marked’ Comparative Adjectives as Their Opposites?, David Townsend (1976)

Submissions from 1975

Test Stimuli: Representational Level with Middle Class and Head Start Children, Marcia Selland Kierscht and Peter Vietze (1975)

Children's Strategies for Interpreting Complex Comparative Questions, David Townsend and Melinda Erb (1975)

The Effects of Stimulus Frequency On Subsequent Recall of Backward Associates, David Townsend and Eli Saltz (1975)

Submissions from 1974

Newborn Habituation to Visual Stimuli: A Sex Difference in Novelty Detection, Steven Friedman, Lois A. Bruno, and Peter Vietze (1974)

Children's Comprehension of Comparative Forms, David Townsend (1974)

A Portable System for Studying Head Movements in Infants in Relation to Contingent and Noncontingent Sensory Stimulation, Peter Vietze, Martha Foster, and Stephen Friedman (1974)

Response Differentiation in Infants: A Sex Difference in Learning, Peter Vietze, Martha Foster, and Steven Friedman (1974)


Non-Contingent Stimulation: Effects of Stimulus Movement On Infants' Visual and Motor Behavior, Peter Vietze, Steven Friedman, and Martha Foster (1974)

Submissions from 1972


The Competent Infant, Steven Friedman and Peter Vietze (1972)


Phrases vs Meaning in the Immediate Recall of Sentences, David Townsend and Eli Saltz (1972)