Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, are collected here.


Submissions from 2010


Locus of Control and the Age Difference in Free Recall From Episodic Memory, Paul Amrhein, Judith K. Bond, and Derek Hamilton (2010)


Markers of Marijuana Use Outcomes Within Adolescent Substance Abuse Group Treatment, Paul Amrhein, Brett Engle, Mark Macgowan, and Eric Wagner (2010)

Post-Transient Shifts in Auditory Lateralization: Effects of Target Level, Yoav Arieh and Lawrence E. Marks (2010)

Stressful Life Events and the Tripartite Model: Relations to Anxiety and Depression in Adolescent Females, Jeremy K Fox, Leslie F. Halpern, Julie L. Ryan, and Kelly A. Lowe (2010)

A Manual for ACT Facilitators : The Motivational Interviewing Companion Guide for the ACT/Raising Safe Kids Program, Milton A. Fuentes and Julia M. Da Silva (2010)

The Role of Religiosity in Stress, Job Attitudes, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Eugene J. Kutcher, Jennifer Bragger, Ofelia Rodriguez, and Jamie L. Masco (2010)

Impaired Geometric Reorientation Caused by Genetic Defect, Laura Lakusta, Banchiamlack Dessalegn, and Barbara Landau (2010)

Amphetamine Analogs Methamphetamine and 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) Differentially Affect Speech, Gina F. Marrone, Jennifer Pardo, Robert M. Krauss, and Carl L. Hart (2010)

The Fiber Laterality Histogram: A New Way to Measure White Matter Asymmetry, Lauren J. O'Donnell, Carl Fredrik Westin, Isaiah Norton, Stephen Whalen, Laura Rigolo, Ruth Propper, and Alexandra J. Golby (2010)

El Inventario De Fobia Social Y Ansiedadprimeros Resultados De Confiabilidad Y Validez Estructural En Adolescentes Chilenos, José Olivares, Pablo Vera-Villarroel, Ana I. Rosa-Alcázar, Walter Kuhne, Luis Montesinos, and José Antonio López-Pina (2010)

Conversational Role Influences Speech Imitation, Jennifer Pardo, Isabel Cajori Jay, and Robert M. Krauss (2010)

Impact of Metabotropic Glutamate 2/3 Receptor Stimulation On Activated Dopamine Release and Locomotion, Alan Pehrson and Bita Moghaddam (2010)

Negative Emotional Valence is Associated with Non-Right-Handedness and Increased Imbalance of Hemispheric Activation as Measured by Tympanic Membrane Temperature, Ruth Propper, Tad T. Brunyé, Stephen D. Christman, and Jessica Bologna (2010)


A combined fMRI and DTI examination of functional language lateralization and arcuate fasciculus structure: Effects of degree versus direction of hand preference Author links open overlay panel, Ruth E. Propper, Lauren J. O'Donnell, Stephen Whalen, Yanmei Tie, Isaiah Norton, Ralph O. Suarez, Lilla Zollei, Alireza Radmanesh, and Alexandra Golby (2010)

A Combined fMRI and DTI Examination of Functional Language Lateralization and Arcuate Fasciculus Structure: Effects of Degree Versus Direction of Hand Preference, Ruth Propper, Lauren J. O'Donnell, Stephen Whalen, Yanmei Tie, Isaiah H. Norton, Ralph O. Suarez, Lilla Zollei, Alireza Radmanesh, and Alexandra J. Golby (2010)

Retention of a Time Pressure Heuristic in a Target Identification Task, Stephen Rice, David Keller, David Trafimow, and Joshua Sandry (2010)

When Under Threat, We All Look the Same: Distinctiveness Threat Induces Ingroup Homogeneity in Face Memory, John Paul Wilson and Kurt Hugenberg (2010)

Increased Hedonic Differences Despite Increases in Hedonic Range, Debra Zellner, Ke'Nesha Jones, Jennifer Morino, Elizabeth S. Cogan, Emily M. Jennings, and Scott Parker (2010)

Art On the Plate: Effect of Balance and Color On Attractiveness Of, Willingness to Try and Liking for Food, Debra Zellner, Mia Lankford, Lisa Ambrose, and Paul Locher (2010)

Submissions from 2009


A Pilot Study of Bibliotherapy to Reduce Alcohol Problems among Patients in a Hospital Trauma Center, Paul Amrhein, Timothy Apodaca, William R. Miller, and Carol R. Schermer (2009)

The Utility of the MMPI-2 Criminal Offender Infrequency (Fc) Scale in the Detection of Malingering in Criminal Defendants, Virginia Barber-Rioja, Tina Zottoli, L. Thomas Kucharski, and Scott Duncan (2009)

Asthma and Social Anxiety in Adolescents, Jean Marie Bruzzese, Paige H. Fisher, Nadia Lemp, and Carrie Masia (2009)

Assessment of Relevant Parenting Factors in Families of Clinically Anxious Children: The Family Assessment Clinician-Rated Interview (FACI), Jill T. Ehrenreich, Jamie A. Micco, Paige H. Fisher, and Carrie Masia (2009)

An Investigation of Stereotype Threat in Employment Tests, Jean Powell Kirnan, Julie Ann Alfieri, Jennifer Bragger, and Robert Sean Harris (2009)

Spatial Representation Across Species: Geometry, Language, and Maps, Barbara Landau and Laura Lakusta (2009)

CBT for Anxiety and Associated Somatic Complaints in Pediatric Medical Settings: An Open Pilot Study, Carrie Masia, Laura C. Reigada, Paige H. Fisher, Amy L. Saborsky, and Keith J. Benkov (2009)

The Role of Verbal Repetition in the Development of Infant Speech Preferences from 4 to 14 Months of Age, Gerald W. McRoberts, Colleen McDonough, and Laura Lakusta (2009)

The Role of Sleep in False Memory Formation, Jessica D. Payne, Daniel L. Schacter, Ruth Propper, Li Wen Huang, Erin J. Wamsley, Matthew A. Tucker, Matthew P. Walker, and Robert Stickgold (2009)

The Role of M1 Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptors in the Discriminative Stimulus Properties of N-Desmethylclozapine and the Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Clozapine in Rats, Adam J. Prus, Alan Pehrson, Scott D. Philibin, Jesse T. Wood, Sarah A. Vunck, and Joseph H. Porter (2009)

Generalizing Kant's Distinction Between Perfect and Imperfect Duties to Trust in Different Situations, Stephen Rice, David Trafimow, Gayle Hunt, and Joshua Sandry (2009)


Men’s misperceptions about the acceptability and attractiveness of aggression, Joseph A. Vandello, Sean Ransom, Vanessa E. Hettinger, and Kevin Askew (2009)

Using Language to Navigate the Infant Mind, Laura Wagner and Laura Lakusta (2009)

Affective Forecasts of Future Positive Events are Tempered by Consideration of Details, Richard Wesp, Joshua Sandry, Anthony Prisco, and Pamela Sarte (2009)

Categorization Reduces the Effect of Context On Hedonic Preference, Debra Zellner, Megan C. Mattingly, and Scott Parker (2009)

Submissions from 2008

Cognition, Commitment Language, and Behavioral Change Among Cocaine-Dependent Patients, Efrat Aharonovich, Paul Amrhein, Adam Bisaga, Edward V. Nunes, and Deborah S. Hasin (2008)


Manual for the Motivational Interviewing Skill Code (MISC), Paul Amrhein, William R. Miller, Theresa Moyers, and Denise Ernst (2008)


Cross-modal interaction between vision and hearing: A speed—accuracy analysis, Yoav Arieh and Lawrence E. Marks (2008)


Cross-modal interaction between vision and hearing: A speed—accuracy analysis, Yoav Arieh and Lawrence E. Marks (2008)

Psychology's Response to Managed Care, Dorothy W. Cantor and Milton Fuentes (2008)

Mixed-Handed Persons are More Easily Persuaded and are More Gullible: Interhemispheric Interaction and Belief Updating, Stephen D. Christman, Bradley R. Henning, Andrew L. Geers, Ruth Propper, and Christopher L. Niebauer (2008)

Mental Health Checkups for Children and Adolescents: A Means to Identify, Prevent, and Minimize Suffering Associated with Anxiety and Mood Disorders, Jeremy K Fox, Leslie F. Halpern, and John P. Forsyth (2008)

Positive and Negative Hedonic Contrast with Musical Stimuli, Scott Parker, Jesse Bascom, Brian Rabinovitz, and Debra Zellner (2008)

The Effects of Acute and Repeated Nicotine Doses On Spontaneous Activity in Male and Female Sprague Dawley Ratsanalysis of Brain Area Epibatidine Binding and Cotinine Levels, Alan Pehrson, Scott D. Philibin, Daniel Gross, Susan E. Robinson, Robert E. Vann, John A. Rosecrans, and John R. James (2008)

Acute Nicotine Reduces and Repeated Nicotine Increases Spontaneous Activity in Male and Female Lewis Rats, Adam J. Prus, Robert E. Vann, John A. Rosecrans, John R. James, Alan Pehrson, Mary M. O'Connell, Scott D. Philibin, and Susan E. Robinson (2008)

Defining the "Community" in Community Consultation for Emergency Research: Findings from the Community VOICES Study, Deborah Ragin, Edmund Ricci, Rosamond Rhodes, Jennifer Holohan, Margaret Smirnoff, and Lynne D. Richardson (2008)

An Innovative Treatment Approach for Children with Anxiety Disorders and Medically Unexplained Somatic Complaints, Laura C. Reigada, Paige H. Fisher, Cynthia Cutler, and Carrie Masia (2008)

Interventions to Stimulate Group Learning in Organizations, Valerie Sessa and Manuel London (2008)

Masculinity/Femininity of Fine Fragrances Affects Color-Odor Correspondences: A Case for Cognitions Influencing Cross-Modal Correspondences, Debra Zellner, Amy McGarry, Rachel Mattern-McClory, and Diana Abreu (2008)

Submissions from 2007


Phonological facilitation through translation in a bilingual picture-naming task, Paul Amrhein and Aimee Knupsky (2007)

Post-Transient Shifts in Auditory Lateralization, Yoav Arieh and Lawrence E. Marks (2007)

English and French Speakers' Perception of Voicing Distinctions in Non-Native Lateral Consonant Syllable Onsets, Catherine T. Best, Pierre A. Hallé, and Jennifer Pardo (2007)

The Phenomenology of Carryover Effects Between Show-Up and Line-Up Identification, Ryann M. Haw, Jason Dickinson, and Christian A. Meissner (2007)


Students' Perception of Value of Interactive Oral Communication as Part of Writing Course Papers, Meredyth Krych Appelbaum and Joanna Musial (2007)

How Groups Learn, Continuously, Manuel London and Valerie Sessa (2007)

The Development of Group Interaction Patterns: How Groups Become Adaptive, Generative, and Transformative Learners, Manuel London and Valerie Sessa (2007)

Treating Adolescents with Social Anxiety Disorder in School: An Attention Control Trial, Carrie Masia, Paige H. Fisher, Patrick E. Shrout, Snigdha Rathor, and Rachel G. Klein (2007)

Multicultural Personality Dispositions and Psychological Well-Being, Joseph G. Ponterotto, Catarina I. Costa-Wofford, Karen Elizabeth Brobst, Dorota Spelliscy, Jaclyn Mendelsohn Kacanski, Jennifer Scheinholtz, and Danielle Martines (2007)

Home-Recorded Sleep Architecture as a Function of Handedness II: Consistent Right-Versus Consistent Left-Handers, Ruth Propper, Stephen D. Christman, and Sarah Olejarz (2007)

Effect of Bilateral Eye Movements On Frontal Interhemispheric Gamma EEG Coherence: Implications for EMDR Therapy, Ruth Propper, Jenna Pierce, Mark W. Geisler, Stephen D. Christman, and Nathan Bellorado (2007)

Is Television Traumatic? Dreams, Stress, and Media Exposure in the Aftermath of September 11, 2001, Ruth Propper, Robert Stickgold, Raeann Keeley, and Stephen D. Christman (2007)

The Categorization Effect in Hedonic Contrast: Experts Differ from Novices, Lauren M. Rota and Debra Zellner (2007)

Providing Live Supervision Via Teleconferencing Improves Acquisition of Motivational Interviewing Skills After Workshop Attendance, Jennifer L. Smith, Paul Amrhein, Adam C. Brooks, Kenneth M. Carpenter, Deborah Levin, Elizabeth A. Schreiber, Laura A. Travaglini, and Edward V. Nunes (2007)

Contextual Influences On Liking and Preference, Debra Zellner (2007)

The Effect of Stress On Men's Food Selection, Debra Zellner, Shin Saito, and Johanie Gonzalez (2007)

Submissions from 2006


Differential effects of stimulus context in sensory processing: Effets différentiels du contexte de présentation des stimuli sur les processus perceptifs, Yoav Arieh and Lawrence E. Marks (2006)

The Structured Interview: Reducing Biases Toward Job Applicants with Physical Disabilities, Ellyn Brecher, Jennifer Bragger, and Eugene Kutcher (2006)

Increased Interhemispheric Interaction is Associated with Earlier Offset of Childhood Amnesia, Stephen D. Christman, Ruth Propper, and Tiffany J. Brown (2006)

Psychosocial and Pharmacological Treatment for Pediatric Anxiety Disorders, Paige H. Fisher, Jonathan L. Tobkes, Lauren Kotchern, and Carrie Masia (2006)

Group Feedback for Continuous Learning, Manuel London and Valerie Sessa (2006)

Bringing Evidence-Based Child Mental Health Services to the Schools: General Issues and Specific Populations, Carrie Masia, Douglas W. Nangle, and David J. Hansen (2006)

On Phonetic Convergence During Conversational Interaction, Jennifer Pardo (2006)

Discriminative Stimulus Properties of the Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Clozapine in Rats Trained to Discriminate 1.25 Mg/Kg Clozapine Vs. 5.0 Mg/Kg Clozapine Vs. Vehicle, Adam J. Prus, Scott D. Philibin, Alan Pehrson, and Joseph H. Porter (2006)

Factor Structure of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale for Children and Adolescents, Eric A. Storch, Carrie Masia, Amanda D. Heidgerken, Paige H. Fisher, Donna B. Pincus, and Michael R. Liebowitz (2006)

Análisis Y Terapia Del Comportamiento En Chileorígenes, Estado Actual Y Proyecciones, Pablo E. Vera-Villarroel, Luis Montesinos, and Arturo Prieto (2006)

Hedonic Contrast and Condensation: Good Stimuli Make Mediocre Stimuli Less Good and Less Different, Debra Zellner, Dawn Allen, Monique Henley, and Scott Parker (2006)

Food Selection Changes Under Stress, Debra Zellner, Susan Loaiza, Zuleyma Gonzalez, Jaclyn Pita, Janira Morales, Deanna Pecora, and Amanda Wolf (2006)

Submissions from 2005


Tracking the time to recovery after induced loudness reduction (L), Yoav Arieh, Karen Kelly, and Lawrence E. Marks (2005)

Work-Family Conflict, Work-Family Culture, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Among Teachers, Jennifer Bragger, Ofelia Rodriguez, Eugene J. Kutcher, Lisa Indovino, and Erin Rosner (2005)

Back to the Future: A Comment On the Use of Anatomical Dolls in Forensic Interviews, Jason Dickinson, Debra A. Poole, and Maggie Bruck (2005)

Reasons for Returning to Abusive Relationships: Effects of Prior Victimization, Sascha Griffing, Deborah Ragin, Sheena M. Morrison, Robert E. Sage, Lorraine Madry, and Beny J. Primm (2005)

Depression and Glycemic Control in Hispanic Primary Care Patients with Diabetes, Raz Gross, Mark Olfson, Marc J. Gameroff, Olveen Carasquillo, Steven Shea, Adriana Feder, Rafael Lantigua, Milton Fuentes, and Myrna M. Weissman (2005)

Social Anxiety Disorder in Primary Care, Raz Gross, Mark Olfson, Marc J. Gameroff, Steven Shea, Adriana Feder, Rafael Lantigua, Milton Fuentes, and Myrna M. Weissman (2005)

Separating Similar Effects of Conjunction and Intonation in the Resolution of Lexical Ambiguity, Scott Jackson, David Townsend, and Thomas Bever (2005)

Color Enhances Orthonasal Olfactory Intensity and Reduces Retronasal Olfactory Intensity, Brian J. Koza, Anna Cilmi, Melissa Dolese, and Debra Zellner (2005)

Starting At the End: The Importance of Goals in Spatial Language, Laura Lakusta and Barbara Landau (2005)

Noncardiac Chest Pain and Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents, Joshua D. Lipsitz, Carrie Masia, Howard Apfel, Zvi Marans, Merav Gur, Heather Dent, and Abby J. Fyer (2005)

School-Based Intervention for Adolescents with Social Anxiety Disorder: Results of a Controlled Study, Carrie Masia, Rachel G. Klein, Heather C. Dent, Paige H. Fisher, Jose Alvir, Anne Marie Albano, and Mary Guardino (2005)

Serotonin Receptor Mechanisms Mediate the Discriminative Stimulus Properties of the Atypical Antipsychotic Clozapine in C57BL/6 Mice, Scott D. Philibin, Adam J. Prus, Alan Pehrson, and Joseph H. Porter (2005)

A Mixed-Handed Advantage in Episodic Memory: A Possible Role of Interhemispheric Interaction, Ruth Propper, Stephen D. Christman, and Keri Ann Phaneuf (2005)

Generalization to Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs Depends On Training Dose in Rats Trained to Discriminate 1.25 Mg/Kg Clozapine Versus 5.0 Mg/Kg Clozapine Versus Vehicle in a Three-Choice Drug Discrimination Task, Adam J. Prus, Scott D. Philibin, Alan Pehrson, and Joseph H. Porter (2005)

Generalization Testing with Atypical and Typical Antipsychotic Drugs in Rats Trained to Discriminate 5.0 Mg/Kg Clozapine from Vehicle in a Two-Choice Drug Discrimination Task, Adam J. Prus, Scott D. Philibin, Alan Pehrson, Chad L. Stephens, Rhiannon N. Cooper, Laura E. Wise, and Joseph H. Porter (2005)

Shocking a Community Into Action: A Social Marketing Approach to Cardiac Arrests, Deborah Ragin, Jennifer A. Holohan, Edmund M. Ricci, Chelsea Grant, and Lynne D. Richardson (2005)

Reasons for Using the Emergency Department: Results of the EMPATH Study, Deborah Ragin, Ula Hwang, Rita K. Cydulka, Dave Holson, Leon L. Haley, Christopher F. Richards, Bruce M. Becker, and Lynne D. Richardson (2005)

Research Without Consent: Community Perspectives from the Community VOICES Study, Lynne D. Richardson, Ilene Wilets, Deborah Ragin, Jennifer Holohan, Margaret Smirnoff, Rosamond Rhodes, Gary Winkel, Maggi Rodriguez, and Edmund Ricci (2005)

A 19th Century Predecessor of the Token Economy, Jose Olivares Rodriguez, Luis Montesinos, and Juan Preciado (2005)

Psychometric Evaluation of the Social Experience Questionnaire in Adolescents: Descriptive Data, Reliability, and Factorial Validity, Eric A. Storch, Heather Crisp, Jonathan W. Roberti, Daniel M. Bagner, and Carrie Masia (2005)

Peer Victimization and Social Anxiety in Adolescence: A Prospective Study, Eric A. Storch, Carrie Masia, Heather Crisp, and Rachel G. Klein (2005)

Understanding and Reporting Child Abuse: Legal and Psychological Perspectives - Part Two. Emotional Abuse and Secondary Abuse, James A. Twaite and Ofelia Rodriguez (2005)

Submissions from 2004

How Does Motivational Interviewing Work? What Client Talk Reveals, Paul Amrhein (2004)


Brighter noise: Sensory enhancement of perceived loudness by concurrent visual stimulation, Yoav Arieh, Eric C. Odgaard, and Lawrence E. Marks (2004)